Thinking outside the box…

If you do things right the first time you generally don’t have to re-do them. Maybe you’ll tweak them a bit to perfect them, but you don’t have to un-do it.

I make mistakes. BIG HONKING mistakes. The stomach sickening kind. But I’m humble enough to admit them and go from there. Okay so now what do I do? What can I do to fix this? That’s where I am with this Quilt Room. I’m not afraid of thinking outside the box. (yes, like cutting a chunk out of the wall) So how do I make the most of this limited space to do the things I need to do to get my quilts made?

If I could remove everything and start over what would I do different? Well it’s obvious the quilt table can only fit where I put it and that’s a just barely. The cabinets are delicious so those I won’t change but the other side of the room? How bout under the table? Something so I won’t have to keep sliding it back and forth? The sewing table? Am I using it to it’s true potential? Would it be better if it was higher? I am abnormally tall and I find I have to stoop to do things and stooping is not a comfortable position.

When I designed my kitchen I raised it to fourty inches. Yes short people come in and hate it. It is very obvious to them. But for the rest it takes a while for them to notice. When they do, it is an AH-HAA moment. We get so used to being uncomfortable that when we aren’t we can’t quite place what has changed. When I design I want it to be custom to my needs.

Other than expanding the space what can I do to improve it? What space is not being utilized? Do I want to be able to shut the door or should I get rid of it altogether? The window seat is a waste of space shouldn’t I put shelves there? Should I remove the entire closet?

This is where my thought process has taken me today. Organization and design are of equal value for me. Wonder where I’ll end up?



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2 responses to “Thinking outside the box…

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope your organization (or re-organization) is going well. Take care!


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