Hi! Thanks for stopping by, grab yourself a cup of coffee!
If you landed here you probally typed quilt into the search box.
Yes, I’m a Quilter. But first I’m a wife, a mother to four of the strangest children you’ll ever meet, a granny to five of the most perfect children and a Dog Mom to the most needy canines in the WORLD!

I quilt because I have to.. it’s a lot cheaper than therapy.. I blog because I love to talk but no one here listens to me anymore!

It was just brought to my attention I haven’t formally introduced myself! Sometimes, okay most of the time, I’m a bit slow (I think my spirit animal is a Sloth!).. My name is Julie Ramech and I live in Franklin North Carolina.


16 responses to “About

  1. You’re a hoot! I love your blog, your quilts and your humor!


  2. Love the chicken bit……. can’t wait to spend more time on your site.


  3. I found you via The Laughing Housewife. What a lovely blog. I’m a quilter and a poet, and started blogging last April with a poem a day challenge, so there are more poems than quilts on my blog. Do you belong to the BQL (a Yahoo group)?


    • No I don’t belong to any online groups. Actually I’m not sure how I ended up here on WordPress. I have always loved putting pen to paper but blogging was hard. This is my third attempt. Actually I’m having fun with it, although my family no so much, they’re afraid of appearing in my blog


  4. Hi, I see that you liked the “Saratoga Finishing School” post. I have somewhat lax of late in regards to my BLOG…so I hope to remedy that in the next few weeks with some new and interesting quilts that are on the “Burner”. I just love your humour when writing…very clever…I will be back.


    • Yes, I did! Having quilt friends is very important to our mental health… they’re the only ones who understand our stash habits and yes they help with color choices too! I can’t wait to see the quilts in your future blogs.


  5. You liked my post about how quilting changes women’s lives. Do you have a story to tell? Would love to hear it!

    Dena Crain


  6. I am so glad that you dropped by my blog, so I found YOURS! A delightful set of posts, I will return often. – Mary


  7. atchworkpay

    Thanks for dropping by my newish blog and leaving a comment. I look at lots of quilting/knitting/crochet blogs but hadn’t found yours before. I’ll be checking back often to see what great things you have to say/show. –Kelly at atchworkpay


  8. BCQuilter

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Always nice to meet other quilters. I’ve had a brief visit and enjoyed your blogging, and your quilts.



  9. Hello again, (we chatted ever so briefly awhile back about crazy quilting teachers) I work with a London based crafting and cancer charity and i was wondering if we could talk about linking our websites, as we love your work, and would love to be associated with you.

    Here’s and example of one of our quilt articles as well:
    thanks! shelton@stayabreast.co.uk


  10. Thanks for stopping by my site! Quilting is the root of my crafting. I made my first quilt when I was 14 and there wasnt bedding in the JC Penny catolage that I liked! I dont quilt in the traditional since now, but I can make nearly anything I put my mind to. If I have any techinal questions on a fabric project I know who to ask now!!


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