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I know, right?


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Drama is not fun. Getting old is not fun. Parents getting old? Well that just shouldn’t happen. I know, life should be more like a musical!

My sister makes up songs on the fly.. about whatever she’s doing. She even sings to her dog! Her #4 DD posted one of her diddies on Facebook and the tune stuck with me the rest of the day. It was and still is very funny! 

 Did your fleas all die? Are they hiding on your side? Are they biting you a lot? Are they gone or are they not? (in the tune of do your chains hang low )

See!? It’s catchy! I’ve had a few really funny moments in the last few days. They have carried me through the rough spots. Also some crushing moments but I’m wading through them too. Maybe if I could sing through them it would be a little bit easier? Maybe not easier for who is around me though since I can’t carry a tune.

Our #3 son has decided to join the Navy when he graduates this summer. His goal is to become a Navy Air Rescue Swimmer. As his Mom I couldn’t think of a better suited goal for him. It suits his personality (helper) and his temperament (dedicated) along with his joy (swimming). So why is my heart hammering thinking about it? A sweet ‘sister’ of mine described to me her son joining the Police force with the same issues. So many mothers have children in dangerous professions that I immediately feel like a wimp.

I’m singing through my pain.. just singing through my pain, what a ….. see? I’m already stuck! Maybe I’m just not cut out for musicals?

Finding joy in the silly moments.. hope you are too!



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Picture Day


Getting ready to paint the last two walls!



Well I did get loads of cleaning done yesterday. Not to mention some organizing. The back wall there will be a cherry red when I’m done. Just cause I love red!

As you can see still lots of work to be done!

We had planned to go to Sams today to stock the freezer but our front door knob broke.. the kids stood there looking at Dad.. saying it won’t open. He looked at it and said “it’s broke”. So they asked ” we have to go out the back door?” Haahaahaa! Duh? No, I think you’re stuck here for the rest of your lives.. in this house! Now that’s just funny! It turns out, you can get in but you can’t get out. Oh stop it, you know he let them go out the garage!






You’d think with these mousers around we wouldn’t have a rat problem? These are not my cats on the front porch. They came from two separate litters and they showed up out front. There is also a gray mottled one, that one is a girl. These are all boys. I actually got to pet one yesterday. They usually run away.

This is the Hen House. There is a door and window cut in the side that leads to their run.

Walking around the house was daunting yesterday. It reminded me of all the things that need to be finished or re-finished. Now we start a list of fixing things we already replaced? Isn’t home ownership fun!?

The hot tub is cleaned and has bromine.. DH finally got it hooked up in June. But as you can see he hasn’t finished the benches and tables around it. No matter the water is hot.. that is what really matters!

I’m off to get something done today.. hope you find new ways out of where ever you end up today.

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5am is not the new 7am

Close-up of chicken wire used in a chicken coop.

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What is it with 5am? Why does my body think that is the time to get up, even when I’m not rested? Well I showed it! I stayed in bed for another two hours anyway!

My list today is long but then when isn’t it. I hope to get some pictures so I can post them tomorrow. Both the quilt off the table and maybe a couple of the garden in the process. But it’s monday which means house blessing day. Dust and straighten the rooms. That’s high on my list as I have neglected it for so long.

Did I also mention I have rats invading my chicken coop? #3 son and I caught about twelve of them and re -homed them about a mile away in the woods. But now we must find the rest of them and get them outta here. I am getting one of those sonic repellant thingys. I’ll let ya know how it works. I’m also gonna put out more moth balls.. it turns out they don’t like them. That must be what kept them away so long. I put them out for the first year we moved here to keep the cats outta the yard.

But onto happier news my sister is coming! YEAH for me! She’s a fixer and planner and gets stuff done. Gotta love that! 

Looking for joy in the everyday tasks..


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Hot Tubs

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Okay, so I hurt a little.. okay, not so little. I got up at 5 am this morning and got right into the hot tub. But you should see how far we got! I’m satisfied but there is still a way to go yet. It seems I can’t finish a project in a day anymore. That is just sad! DD got some of my painting done too! Yesterday was a pretty good day.

Maybe just maybe some of these chores will get finished before it’s time to do them again? I know, fantasyland again.

Today is a lazy day nothing much planned. Had an awesome bible study with DH this morning. Maybe a little quilting this afternoon. Shaping up to be another good day!

Hope yall find time to relax a bit today. Finding joy in the stillness.

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Garden Time again..


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It’s time to ready the veggie bed again. You should’ve seen the look that statement got from #3 son. He was not happy to hear that phrase! Since I don’t see him turning down any of the fresh veggies, I’m putting him to work. It’s time to work some more clay into the soil. Maybe one day it will be soil instead of the sand we have here!

The chickens love garden time since they also get their share. They’ve just about finished molting. At least I hope so! They look pitiful!

I know, I have a few things on my “to do” list . Why put one more on there? I just can’t help myself! I love fresh veggies and getting my hands in the soil is another form of therapy for me.

I’m hoping to get the wedding quilt finished up this weekend or at the least off the quilting table. Then to clean the quilt room and start on the ordered quilt. It’s a pictorial memory quilt this time. Yes, I still have to finish painting inside.. and drywall upstairs.. and yes the outside of the house sides and back.. and now the garden.. guess I should get off the computer and do something!



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Finding my Happy Place..

The Creation of the Two Trees figured in Tolki...

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Oh My Word! Reality is sometimes not what we need to be hit smack in the face with twenty-four hours a day. How ’bout some fantasy for a change?

My fantasy world has a huge quilt room with a delicious cutting station that has an ironing surface. My “Timmy” has room all the way around him so I can do pantographs if I want to. My design wall is king-sized. It’s the same house (I secretly love this house, shh.. don’t tell anyone) but all the painting is done.

The alarm on my phone isn’t going off every six hours telling me to take my meds. In fact my phone is not ringing at all. My kids do their chores without me nagging. My DD is in a good mood and makes her wonderful meatloaf as a surprise.

My DH comes in from the garage that finally has the additional concrete floor poured and finished. He is beamin’ because his “Sally” has a new space. All his “stuff” is organized and he has his floor fan. He now has his ‘man space’.

Okay, that’s enough fantasy. Other than the meatloaf dinner and alarms only time and effort stands in the way. I know, my quilt room isn’t going to expand over night but I will move Timmy to the apartment and yes, there’s tons of room then.

Finding joy in dreaming…

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A few hours to myself…

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What to do? What to do?

I’m thinking quilting.. you know me! Okay, this is where I start rationalizing with myself.  You know, I did get a lot of painting done last week. Not to mention I have leftover spaghetti for tonight’s dinner I just have to make garlic bread. I could even throw some clothes in the washer while I’m quilting. That would be getting something done that’s on my chore list too! Wait, I know… I’ll start the eggs, clean both bathrooms downstairs, throw the clothes in the wash then start quilting! Yeah! I win!

We both knew I would win. The only question was how far I was gonna push it.

Besides this quilt is on my to-do list too. I didn’t think it would take this long to get it done. I had no idea that my schedule would become so full so fast.

Some seasons in my life are like that. When I look back I’ll  second guess myself. But today I’m satisfied.. today there will be time for quilting.

Finding joy in the silly things..


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