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An Empty Nest again..


Photo courtesy of Jerry Kiesewetter @jerryinocmd

We’ve gone the full circle twice now. This time it was my daughter and grandson leaving to have their “military homecoming” with her husband who just returned from deployment. It was bittersweet and yes, tears fell watching her walk away. She stayed with us during this deployment because she was pregnant and would need a support system. Watching my grandson Micah grow each day for the last four months was a time I will always treasure!


photo courtesy of Max Sulik

And now the house is so quiet. It’s still an awful mess and I’m probably going to be walking around picking up tiny socks and baby items left behind and putting them all into boxes to ship soon. But Now I’m just taking it all in..  This time I’m giving myself a little time to both grieve and rejoice. I grieve because I miss them and rejoice that they are together as a family. I grieve that Micah won’t remember me but I rejoice that his father will be getting that 5am bottle instead of me. (haha)

In the coming weeks I’ll be packing and shipping and getting my quilt room back into shape. I’ll have “their” room converted back into my ironing and cutting station. But now tears fall onto newborn booties and my heart is full.

BOOM-BOOM Ckickata!


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