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One more thing..

There always seems to be just one more thing to deal with or get done. Right now I’m trying to concentrate on one thing at a time. Okay, actually I have two on my plate right now. I almost put another thing on my plate but stopped just in the nick of time! Yes, I still have the master work list but my list has this quilt and painting the dining room. DH & #2 son are adding to the garage. Somehow a four car garage isn’t quite big enough.. he’s going for five! That’s happening next week, with the concrete truck coming on saturday. We already have more garage than house!

Middle bay is a pull through.. he's adding another under the apartment!

I had planned on finishing the painting today but ya know, I’d rather quilt. I’m really excited about this quilt! You know I changed my mind fifty times on the pattern. Then I came up with this one, I wanted to make a diamond quilt for some time. Sooo, that’s how I ended up back at the fabric store yesterday. I didn’t buy enough sashing fabric for this design! DH thinks Kona solids are expensive!  HaaHaa! If he only knew how much $$ I really have in fabrics! (note to self: Don’t take DH fabric shopping again!)

I’ve got all the strip sets cut and all but eight are ready to sew into nine patches. This seemed to be the quickest way to piece this quilt. Though I could be wrong. Hopefully I will get the colors mixed enough. I only have twelve fabrics not including the border. probably should have had more but again, I planned on a different pattern.

This is the quilt that inspired me. It’s a Fons and Porter Quilt from the Jan./Feb 2011 issue. I didn’t use the pattern from the magazine but I really like the way the diamonds float on the background. I’m hopeful mine will have the same effect..

I’m finding my joy in the little achievements! One diamond at a time! There’s more to the diamond story but I’ll get to that later!!!




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Black Friday came and went…

It was a fun time had by all.. I just love people watching on Black Friday! Okay I did spend about $100 but it was on sale! I got a 15 yard roll of batting and nine yards of flannel. Okay! Maybe a couple other things!

We also put the tree up and decorated it and yes even the front of the house got a little sprucing up! The cats love the lights!

So let’s see… I finished the memory quilt and shipped it today. I also started on the quilt for my niece.

So all in all it’s been a pretty good few weeks. Of course I would love to have gotten further but I also had to stop and clean up the quilt room from all the scraps from the memory quilt. I also set up a cutting station in my bedroom so I could get it done quicker. Last I figured it will take 408 diamonds to complete this quilt. I’m using 60 degree diamonds.

Have you noticed how delicious a new blade on the rotary cutter is?  I don’t know why I wait so long to change them. I also need to clean the cutting mat I think that’s probably where a lot of my problems arise. Anyone have ideas on how to freshen up a cutting mat? Guess I’ll look it up on Yahoo.

I’ve got a pot of ham bone and bean soup in the crock pot and I’m thinking it’s a good night for some cheesey corn bread..

What project are you working on? I’m planning on making some placemats but nothing due till after Christmas!


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So here is the full quilt assembled. I’ve got it set up on the machine for quilting now.

I tried to get a picture of the title embroidery but you really can’t see it well.

Here’s a few more of the blocks but ya know I really need a better camera!

Alas, we’re at the count down to black friday and getting pretty excited! DD and I love to go people watching as each of the stores open. It’s our entertainment for the year! Last year our winner of the evening was a man who was so excited over getting a set of plastic bowls for five bucks he was jumping around! Oh and those who get mad about line cutting are a hoot too!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family .. I am so thankful for each of you. May your day be blessed!


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Pain as a motivation..


I’m not sure why but it seems the more painful an event is the more I’m motivated. I’ve been absolutely floored by the events happening around me and it makes me want to do something. It seems I’ve been on my knees for so long now that I crave creativity.

I spent the day assembling the top for the memory quilt and of course adding some embellishments. Just a little lace and pearls here and there. I only have my little embroidery machine so I really can’t do the other embroidery I may want. Oh well, I’ll get some close up pictures of the blocks when my camera is charged. I will be doing a little embroidery on the top border today. Then of course the label and it’s time to quilt! The picture really doesn’t do the colors justice.. I love the look and feel of this quilt!

It’s good to be back.


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So little time…

Dried green paint

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Quick update.. the wedding quilt is finished and shipped. The memory quilt is still in the works and I haven’t gotten another thing done. (No huge surprise there!)

We went with #3 son to the conference, regional and district swim meets. He placed fifteenth in the last. His 5:33 in the 500 was his personal best. He took the ASVAB on friday and will go back and talk to the recruiter again when the results are in. Hopefully he does well enough the first try to be offered a contract. Then the serious training will begin! We had his 18th birthday party yesterday.. in fact the boys are still up playing video games! Do you remember what you did on your 18th birthday? Well I wasn’t hanging out at home playing video games. (okay there wasn’t any video games waaayyy back then, but still!) There’s a story there but I’ll get back to that later…

I finally got the drywall finished in the rec room. We still have to tile the bathroom and put in the new cabinet and sink then finish off the closet upstairs. But I did get the walls painted too. The dining room has two coats of paint on three walls (one to go… ) but I also have to paint the molding in there. We have wicked crown molding!

My Mom is doing a little better but not out of the woods yet.  We’re still taking that one day at a time.  There are still so many ‘what ifs’ there that we have to deal with. Huge story here too but again more on that later…

So as you can see life has interrupted again. My first Grand dog (Twinkie) died suddenly she was only 10 and it has thrown our world off kilter. Isn’t it amazing how much dogs impact our lives? It just takes my breath away. As y’all know my “precious” died two days before the wedding last year and somehow that is again haunting me. Some dogs are special and even though I have three other dogs at home now there is still a void.

My "Precious"

None of this has to do with quilting. Except that it does. These are the stories behind the quilts. They inspire and motivate me, they drive me into the quilt room for therapy and the quilts that are made become my memories of these times.  


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Time to ready the fabric for printing!

I use Bubble Jet 2000 to treat the fabric I print on. All the blocks are ready and it’s time to applique the pictures.. aren’t you excited? I sure am! I’ve been hand attaching the binding on the wedding quilt and I think  may have to finish it with the machine… my hand is swollen and sore and  I’m only a quarter of the way done!


I treated the fabric last night and it’s dry and ready for ironing. Now it’s on to cutting the wax paper and ironing it on to the fabric so I can put it through the printer.

I still have to square up the blocks and cut the sashing and borders too but it’s getting close!


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Rice Bag Feet Warmer

This would be a perfect holiday gift for neighbors, friends, or teachers. it’s fast it’s cheap and essential for the cold weather!

what you’ll need:
one bag of rice (I used a 1 lb 12 oz bag) one fat quarter of muslin and one fat quarter of really cute fabric.


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