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6 Quilts 6 Weeks.. can it be done?

On Feb. 11th I posted the next quilt.. here it is at the end of the month and no next quilt! So today I embark on a challenge  of six quilts in six weeks. I have the first three quilts’ fabrics pulled and stacked. I’m doing this to jump-start my quilting.. I am suffering from Quilters block.

Starting next weekend I am also in a paint the house challenge.. I did not volunteer.. I nagged my way into that one. We have been here for 18 months.  The front of the house has gotten no attention. To say it looks rough is the understatement of the world! We have had the paint for six months and blast it .. it needs paint! We’re painting white with black trim. Simple colors I know but it’s a farm style home. We had little choice to new roof colors so it’s what I thought would look best at the time. (I don’t have the picture up yet, will before lunch time)

I’m starting with the pineapple quilt I had all the fabric pulled for. I’m using the simplicity ruler instead of paper piece this time. I love the colors so the excitement is high for me.

Pineapple Pallette

I pulled out that second fabric from the left added another orange and another yellow.  Today I am the driver for a dear friend,  she has a doctor’s appointment so I’ll have a  late start but yes I will take pictures each day when I stop and yes, I’ll upload them the same day. I’ll be a bit slow off the block, falter in the middle but I have not yet missed a deadline line… pray for me…

I’m probally the only one who hasn’t seen this but just in case.. here’s a link Quilt Film Short. It’s fun to watch even if you’re not a quilter.


Here’s the update picture!  Not much done but it’s started..


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Importance of being prepared or in my case the ability to punt…

Graffiti in Bangkok, Thailand (Tag on upper le...

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SO? No body gave me any good excuses to get out of the challenge… I was really counting on y’all! Poor little chickens won’t have Mom to play with… okay I get it, chickens aren’t cute and cuddly enough for ya. I’ve got the patterns picked (mostly) okay! I still only have four.  Y’all are really hard!

Dinners have been planned and the crock pots are at the ready. Now all I gotta do is pull the fabric for the first three quilts. The first is a batik bubble, then floral diamond, then blue boxes… obviously those aren’t the real names, it’s just what I’m callin’ them now. I’ll get pictures uploaded of the fabrics and patterns after church.

Oh yeah, we’re going to Lowes on the way home. Picking out moulding for the front door, finally!  Did I mention I get to paint the house starting next weekend? Oh happy day! Still haven’t figured out how we’re gonna paint the upper stories. The sixteen foot ladder does not come close… so it looks like my six week challenge includes painting this house! (I heard those giggles!)

You know you can’t wait to hear those stories! AND my DH said I can paint a quilt block on the barn! I’m also lookin’ for some graffitti  artists to help me paint the back of the garage. He said I could tag it since you can’t see it from the road. That’s what the picture up there is about, it’s the style I’m looking for but I want mine in english…

It’s time to get ready for church, and since I spent four hours with DD at the beach yesterday that could be a problem. I failed to put on sunscreen. (hey, are you laughing?)  I’m sure there’s a loose fitting dress in there..

updates picts for two of the quilts to be with patterns or sketches batik bubbles is only a sketch.. I’m still trying to figure out the background fabric

floral diamonds.. I'm changing the pattern a bit but this gives you the idea


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But the Chickens need me…

My Girls..

So far I’ve chosen three twin patterns and one lap size. Only two more to choose and then time to pile up the fabric. By the time this is over it will actually be spring.. April 11th. I’ve spent some time trying to find a way out of this ya know.

I’ve tried to make this simple by following patterns. That way I won’t be having to second guess myself . Measure, cut and sew.. that’s what I gotta do..  I may end this with a scrap quilt, at least that’s my thought at this moment. But by then I may not have the brain cell necessary to pull that off.

I’ve spent time looking at other blogs to see if there are other quilts I might use for this challenge. I need inspiration here peeps! ARGH! I’m not up to this task! What was I thinking? It’s gardening season and the chickens need me!

See I’ve really sunk to an all time low here. I ‘ve got to do this!


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Quilters’ Block..

Quilt pile

Image by qusic via Flickr

You’ve heard of writers’ block? Well I have Quilters’ block. Yet consensus is that no, I am not a real hoarder of fabric. And since I don’t have any more room for huge purchases ( I like huge purchases, don’t you?)  I do need to start a challenge for myself. I did this three years ago after Thanksgiving and really had a blast. (What can I say I am easily entertainable)

Starting Monday I will attempt to make six quilts in six weeks. No smaller than 48 X 48 and no larger than 80 X 80. I must use a pattern of sorts not uniform blocks. Finished block size no larger than 12 inches finished. I can not purchase fabric for these quilts they must all come from my stash. They all must be quilted with binding attached and at least half must be bound with labels.

When I did this before I used the quilts as Christmas gifts. It’s too bad I don’t have loads of baby fabric because I know so many people expecting babies! Of course the prize (the grand prize) is a shopping trip to re stock my stash. I mean what is a better motivator? The problem is that I have really hit a creative wall. Even with the new and improved quilt room I am just sitting here looking at fabric.

Seriously, you know it’s bad when I re-organize and clean rather than quilt! I still have to get that Bieber Quilt pattern done too. My DD keeps asking when? SO here I go, the prep is simple. I have to get food ready. Yep, I still have to cook these weeks I’m quilting and yes I have to do my chores too. By sunday night I will have six piles of fabric at the ready and six patterns on top of them.

By starting this I hope that by telling y’all I’ll be held accountable. It’s out there now, I have to do it. I’m already sitting here thinking of reasons I shouldn’t publish this. Isn’t that sad?


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Quilting Blogger

Oh no, here come the Bloggers

Image by Brett L. via Flickr

There are four days left in my second month here.

I set out to verbalize my thoughts and connect with others like me.. or at least who could tolerate me.  I am amazed by the amount of bloggers out there that are doing it. Each day to its fullest and putting one foot in front of other. They are artists and parents and grandparents. There’s cat lovers and dog lovers but we all share one goal. To grow… in our art, in our lives. I just wanted to thank each of you that visited and are visiting now.

So am I a quilting Blogger or a Blogging quilter? Naw, it doesn’t really matter. I just made it through a hard week here. Physically hard. I’m not really done but sharing the details actually did help ease the burden. I love my new quilt room. The dogs love it too, I’ll get pictures this weekend.

 But seriously y’all are actually reading. My goal was to have one hundred “hits” a month. I don’t have any idea what the average is. Well I passed my goal two months running! This isn’t really todays blog I’ll get to that in the morning I am just sitting here beside myself. My family worries what is going to make it into the next blog. This is great and thanks to all of you I’m no longer the old woman hiding in her quilt room.

(BTW.. You just know I’ve got to get that t-shirt!)

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Fabric.. how much is too much???

Wow, ya know I have some fabric. I kept most of it in totes since the move here and only new fabric went into the cabinets. I still have one of those plastic three drawers full of crazy quilt fabric.. brocades, velvets, and the like. I also pulled all the bolts out of the closet where before I couldn’t get to them. The window has a seat but since I can’t get to it that is the new home for all the bolts of fabric. Lolita (my Doxie) may argue when I take that quilt down as she likes to sit there and stare out the window looking for cats.I put the quilt up for winter.. and it’s getting warm now.

Which brings me to my question of the day… How much is too much fabric? Is there such a thing? DH was in here putting the shelves up when I was unearthing my stash and putting it in the cabinets. He has now seen all three cabinets full plus all the bolts. Can I rationally tell him I need more?

 Until now I thought of those women with fifty pairs of shoes as extreme, obsessed even. I’m starting to think maybe they aren’t… I got a catalog yesterday of new fabric lines and man, I really want some of them. There are some designers that I could just put in a standing order for their new lines each year. And then there are the sales.. those just kill me! I really have a hard time resisting a sale.

 I don’t think I’ve crossed over from building a stash to hoarding. Though it may be time for my twin quilt challenge. How many twin quilts can you make without buying any fabric… last time I made seven including backing fabric.. I might be able to make more than that now


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Quilt Room Finale

So I got really far today.  Just a few odds and ends, sweep, mop and taa-daa.

All my fabrics.. even the bolts

Flannel and supply cabinet & design wall

Computer Desk with shelves.. still have more supplies to put away

Okay, okay, I still have to load all the programs on my computer. Oh and put up my wall of shame.. I keep a collage of photos taped to the side of my desk but I’m putting them on the side of my book shelf this time.  I also have some of that paint you can paint on the wall to make it a dry erasable wall. And time to organize my sewing accessories on the rack on my sewing table.

 So I have more room and can find everything. It doesn’t get any better than that!


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Quilt Room Tornado Part 2…

NCIS: Los Angeles title card

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Humble Bragging..I love that term! I heard it on NCIS LA last night. It’s my new favorite!

So here goes! The computer is up and running, though I did get help loading the network drivers. The design wall is actually on the wall! And the sewing table is in place. I now have two laundry baskets full of office supplies and computer programs and no place to put them. I’m working on that. (actually DH said he will put up shelves for me tomorrow)  I did start moving fabric around though I am nowhere near even half way done.

Why is it I expected to be further along? Well at this point I’m grateful that  I got this much done…I’ve gotta remember I did walk around the Fair yesterday and my body is NOT happy about that, seriously not happy.

All this cleaning and organizing is actually pretty exciting. It’s almost like getting a new and improved quilt room! DH is pretty excited too though I’m no too sure it’s not more excitement that I’m not in his territory. It will never be a bigger room but it will be a place that is used to its fullest potential.

Ya know it’s actually not my doing. Not really. I’ve surfed yalls blogs and seen your space. I’ve gotten so many encouraging comments that help keep me inspired. I’m really trying to emulate y’all. So this will be our room.. to talk and laugh and yes, even cry. Thanks!


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A photo of a cup of coffee.

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I have routines for just about everything.They’ve become pretty important to me. I actually get irritated when my routines are messed up. Not to mention  ugly things happen.. have you forgotten to put the carafe into coffee maker before ?(now, that’s ugly) Not having my haven to escape to has been really rough. My DH seemed to be the least effected or so I thought . We are together 24/7/365 and I’ve witnessed routines that don’t make any sense to me. He gets up and  turns on the computer then starts the coffee then back to the bathroom. I mean seriously he does the potty dance every morning cuz he has to stick to the routine (this is actually pretty fun to watch). I did get an answer to why though, cause he doesn’t like to wait.

Which leads me to look at my routines. How many things do I do that really don’t make sense? Probably a whole bunch. I’m not going to admit them all but I will highlight a few I’ve noticed in the midst of re-organizing the quilt room. My stash is not organized by color, instead I have it organized my fabric type (Batik, floral, solids,etc.). I mix these fabrics in my quilt but not in my stash?  I don’t organize my threads but have little groups of them all over the room. My rulers and templates are also hung in different places all over the room.

I’m trying  to objectively look at this and do things right this time. I know it won’t be perfect but it would really be nice to set up a space that helps and doesn’t make more work. I know there will be things that look silly to others but make perfect sense to me. The problem I’m running into is that I want it done now. I need my routine back!

Ya know it’s funny cuz I’m not the only one thrown for a loop here.  My kids have walked straight past me and into the quilt room looking for me. My DH has actually offered to help set up the room, he said “I can set up your computer so you can get back in there”. Turns out that my invasion of his space is throwing his routines off too. Not to mention giggling at his potty dance was kinda insulting

(BTW I have permission to include the potty dance story as long as it helps get me back in there to finish… what’s he trying to tell me?)


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Quilt Room Tornado (part 1)

My quilt room looks like a tornado hit it.       It was me!





I finally tore down that computer hutch and put in the new desk (remember the one that’s been in the closet for 18 months?) I’ve got the new computer still in the box and the old one is waiting on the floor in the hall so I can transfer data. I also  got the wire baskets out of the closet where I couldn’t use them but haven’t finished moving my sewing table. Actually if I want to be completely honest, I didn’t finish anything yesterday. Yes, seriously! Nothing! But really, I don’t want to be honest… it’s too depressing so let me see… I got the tomatoes and green peppers planted and watered the cukes then checked on the chickens. Then I tackled the computer hutch pulling out two laundry baskets of computer and office supplies. And I tore down the old computer and cleaned off the new desk. Then after sitting in the porch swing watching my DD weed the flower bed I made dinner.

So today here I sit in the family room with my DH behind me talking to me while I try to blog. It started something like this

  • DH: So, are you writing your blog?
  • Me: Yep, trying to…
  • DH: Have you read this?
  • Me: (with my back still to him) nope
  • DH: (reads the entire article about the race yesterday, and the interviews to me)
  • Me: How ’bout that

I’ve started chanting in my mind “must install computer, must install computer“. However today is a holiday and we’re taking the kids to the state fair, it’s the last day. Which means I will be hurting so bad I can’t think by the time we get home and that means no computer again tomorrow. AARRGGHH!

 I know I’ll fire up the lap top and sit in there anyway!


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