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Swimming.. records broken!

Were havin' fun now!!!

 #3 son did not get to swim the 500, which to me was a let down. But coach wanted him in the relays so… then they broke the school record for the relay! It was set in 1984 and they finally beat it!

#3 cheering on his team mates

 Our schedule is full but not too full to spend the evening watching swimmers. It was an adventure with Mom but she lasted the whole meet!

#3 off the block

 See! His feet aren’t together! How’s that for critical ? Actually this is a pretty good off the block. His times were impressive in that he would not swim all summer. Maybe that’s why coach wouldn’t let him swim the 500 tonight?

Still no quilting but I did get to visit Dad today! He loves Rehab and is getting stronger everyday!  It is so awesome to visit him! I’m doing a happy dance

Mom is getting rest and eating (under duress) but still has a way to go. She has all her medications so I hope to see improvement soon!

Thanks everyone for the continued prayers! Pockets of Joy were found everywhere today! Hope your joy was as easy to find!


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I’m tired so this will be quick..


This Post-a-day 2011 is starting to really get to me! I’m on post 301.. do you think I’ll ever get there? OYVEY!

Dad had another excellent day at rehab. Mom not so good.. our doctors appt was a bit stressful in that her BP was HIGH! Scary high. SO it finally went down (after medication) but she argued about everything. Nurses make the worst patients!

I made it back just in time to finish getting ready for the swim team meeting. The first swim meet is tomorrow.. whoo hoo! Mom will be in attendance.

No quilting got done today. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m going to be a quilter anymore. I’m beginning to feel defeated but I’m sure it’s because I over did it again to make sure I had some time with everyone. I’m sure everything will work out. Hugs to you all! Thanks so much for everything! I’m calling it a night!



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Miracles happen everyday!

Hummingbird in Ohio

Here is another Hummingbird picture I snapped while I was in Ohio. I was shocked that I got one of him sitting in the tree.

Miracles happen around us everyday! As most of y’all know my Dad (okay he’s my step Dad but to me he is so much more than that) is now in a rehab facility. One we did not want him to go to. But let me tell you .. he went from being a combative and non communicative patient to the life of the party! He went from not being able to hold a conversation to talking to everyone!  Okay, he doesn’t know where he is and not even his wife’s name but… he really seems to be enjoying himself. In the last twelve hours his blood sugar is now good and he can have ice-cream, his blood pressure is perfect and he has lost twenty pounds in one week!!

My Mom is taking it hard. “Why doesn’t he do that for me.”… but we have now found that it is common with Alzheimer’s patients to behave this way. He still has a few medical issues to deal with but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So now we need to concentrate on Mom. We have appointments throughout the next few weeks and she has to start eating. My brother has started helping and maybe I won’t have to get help from my sister who has always done so much. She can step back and be the back-up instead of the first line to call.

SEE?! Miracles! My step-sister ( I learned so much from her) went home today but in her wake I have the tools to get things done without having to call in my big sister (the one I share giggle fits with).. My big sister has always had to get the ugly stuff done but now I feel equip so she doesn’t have to be the bad guy all the time.

I did get a couple dozen one inch diamonds hand pieced while waiting for doctors. But I kept wondering how much more I could have gotten done if I had quilt in a box like has set up! If only I was that organized! Maybe in my next life!

Tomorrow is another busy day. I’m hopeful I will get some more stitching done in the midst of everything else.


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Another day another disappointment..


Another twelve-hour day. I am just exhausted by the medical community. It matters not what you think is the best treatment plan for your loved one. It only matters what the doctors want to do. What is convenient to them.

Nurses and nurses aides are under paid and over worked.  I have not met one who did not truly care about the patient in this experience. My spirit is buoyed by these people!

On the other hand my father has been sent to one of the leading rehab inpatient treatment centers that do not have services for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. He was transferred against our wishes at 9 pm at night. We followed by car and when we got there we were expected to stay to watch him, we were told by the hospital that transferred him that we could only visit one hour a day. When we got there they told us he would have to push a button for help, they checked on patients every two hours.

Wait for it.. the transfer stated that there was no hip surgery he was transferred for strengthening. The staples are still in his hip. Well, the staples he hasn’t already pulled out are still there and yes, he pulled the drainage tube out too!

We don’t live in an area that only has one rehab facility. They are everywhere! I mean come on! We live in Florida! The one the doctors insisted on is the one that did not have services … Sorry I am on a rant. I’m frustrated and saddened that this has happened.. I’m sitting here waiting for the phone to ring.

Thank you all for the prayers.. I am sure they are the only reason we are still putting one foot in front of the other.



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24 of 48

Logo of Alzheimer's Society.

Image via Wikipedia

I’ve spent 24 of the last 48 hours in the hospital with my step-dad. My mom thinks I’m mean because I keep making her eat and she doesn’t want to. I’m tired but she is just plain worn out. Alzheimer’s and dementia are cruel things to those that have to deal with it. He will be on a plane bound for Memphis on Monday. Twenty seven years ago he purchased a lifetime care policy at a Alzheimer’s care facility there.

Because we know what he wants to do it makes these decisions a little easier but they hurt just the same. He can’t tell us when he is in pain. We have to watch for signs. He doesn’t know he has broken his hip or that he has had surgery. Last night after we left he pulled a staple out.

The nursing staff is amazing. But I really don’t know what people who don’t have family that can take shifts helping do?

 This has been a difficult week but I know there will be more. Mom is left behind in Florida and he will be there in Tennessee. Her life has been as a caregiver for years now. She will have too much time on her hands. She has neglected herself for so long and it will be a climb to get her back to where she will take care of herself again.

I’m sad yet I still have hope. I find my joy in that.


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Red and White Quilt 2 | Virtual Quilter

In my opinion this woman is the Electric Quilt Queen!

About Virtual Quilter

I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.

Mix up a collection of red and white 9 patch blocks and see what happens.


via Red and White Quilt 2 | Virtual Quilter.

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See what I had to do to make it fit in here?

In my spare time I sold my commercial embroidery machine! I am so close to owning my Duetta I can hardly stand it!  Aren’t you excited for me? No, I don’t really need it. I want it! So I’ve saved up for a year now and taadaa!

My Step-Dad had his first day of physical therapy today after having his hip pinned. We’re hopeful he won’t have to have the entire ball replaced. His dementia has worsened due to the meds and the trauma so it has been a difficult time. Thank you all for the prayers and support. Mom is having a hard time but is still holding out hope.

I’m going to push to move my quilting machine into the apartment over the garage. It would give me so much more room to sew and when it’s time to quilt it will be easier to load them and quilt them. Seriously, I won’t move into the apartment! I’ll keep my sewing machines here in the quilt room and that would be a “studio“. YEAH! That’s it! The family doesn’t think they will never see me again.



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This Awesome Urn Will Turn You into a Tree After You Die | Design for Good | Big Think

I apoligise that this is again a non-quilt related post.. and it is super strange.. hope to be quilting by the weekend!

I thought of this as weird but then.. I wish they had something like this for my dogs that have died!

You don’t find many designers working in the funeral business thinking about more creative ways for you to leave this world (and maybe they should be). However, Spanish designer Martin Azua has combined the romantic notion of life after death with an eco solution to the dirty business of the actual, you know, transition.

His Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn made from coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose and inside it contains the seed of a tree. Once your remains have been placed into the urn, it can be planted and then the seed germinates and begins to grow. You even have the choice to pick the type of plant you would like to become, depending on what kind of planting space you prefer.

via This Awesome Urn Will Turn You into a Tree After You Die | Design for Good | Big Think.


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Just when you think it’s safe to get something done!

I was on my third load of laundry.. had the backing to the wedding quilt almost big enough for the table and then … the phone rang! Yesterday was the first day of school so we were up at 5:30am.

she tried to keep a bored expression but failed!

Actually the phone rang off the hook all day! But I got the call that my step father had fallen and broke his hip. SO I rushed to the hospital and talked surgery, rehab with the Doctor then talked to my Mom and step sister..  I got back in time to see the kids , #3 son started his online class and I got dinner on the table.

I was back at the hospital by 7:30am  today did some errands for Mom.. waiting to see if  surgery would be today. Found out late this afternoon it’s tomorrow! WHOOHOO! I did get Mom to eat something. So that was a huge feat!
Meanwhile back in the quilt room.. the wedding quilt is calling to me! I’d love to say I’ll have it on the table tomorrow but it seems like it’s going to be a few more days. The shower needs to be caulked and drywall is still waiting to be finished. DH did get the pieces inside the stall area finished. SO there’s still a list of projects on my plate but I promise I’ll get to them!
Finding joy in the small tasks I’ve been able to get done!

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Curved Piecing by Hand — Lots of Photographs « Quilt Obsession


You have to check out her blog and don’t forget to take a look at her patterns! All of her piecing is by hand! She is amazing! 

Curved piecing is a lot easier than it looks — at least by hand it is. I have never tried it on the machine, but then we all know how little I use the machine! I’m told it is just as easy on the machine. All the pictures in this post can be clicked on for larger versions so that you can see the detail a bit better.

I thought I’d do a little tutorial on hand piecing curves. Lester is here to exert his calming influence.

As I have oodles of apple cores printed for the Red Delicious apple core quilt, I chose two of those for this.

I think on this next picture, if you click on it to make it bigger, you will be able to see the lines. There is the one long slightly curved concave line which is the stitching line, and which matches a curved line on the convex curve on the black piece to which I will be joining this white piece. The other little lines are the matching points — and they are also matched on the black apple core. The first thing I do is clip between the matching points on the piece with the concave curve, almost to the stitching line but not quite.

via Curved Piecing by Hand — Lots of Photographs « Quilt Obsession.

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