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Time to think Christmas

Almost time to drag the tree back out!

Oh yes I did!  I said it!!

I just noticed this year is now days from being halfway done. I’m still not used to writing 2011! For those who plan to make quilts and gifts this is the time to have a plan.

Yes I know, I do tend to wait until the last-minute but this year I have to do better! I only made three quilts as gifts last year. I have two I have to finish before I start Christmas gifts but I need a plan. Come on, humor me! I have a grand-niece that hasn’t gotten a quilt since her birth. I’ve got to make one for her! One of my nieces needs a new quilt to replace one I made a few years back and a nephew who got a little one and really needs a big one.  Then another niece who seems to have lost custody of the quilt I made for her. Those are the must make quilts. I have one grand-dog who has never gotten a quilt. That just doesn’t seem fair. Okay so that’s five.

So? Is that it? Five seems like a do-able number. I also need a Christmas tree skirt pattern. I promised DD that this year we would decorate big time for Christmas. So I guess that means placemats and a table runner too.

But wait!! I’ve wondered if I could make quilt rugs. Has anyone ever tried this? I know quilting cotton won’t hold up well but I’ve seen some decorator fabric that seemed pretty sturdy. Besides I’m not talking a huge amount of traffic and it would be a holiday type thing.

Whoa! I’ve gone off the deep end! Maybe I’ll rein myself back in and get those quilts done before I try anything new? But if you’ve got a pattern….


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Summer Cleaning..

Toilet cleaning supplies.

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Somehow I missed spring.. I’m not sure how I missed it. I’m sure I was here I just didn’t get any spring cleaning done. So here it is the beginning of summer and I’m still stuck in spring cleaning mode. Sad but true.

Nope, even guilting myself didn’t get me to get much done.

I made it to the fabric store and got the pieces to finish the wedding quilt. I didn’t get my correspondence finished yet but I do have have the final draft. Maybe I’ll go over that tonight? So maybe I can get to the post office in the morning getting both checked off my list? We’ll see.

I got side-tracked by my sisters’ blog. It had me in tears! She actually likes me?! Can you even imagine? You’re still pondering that we both have blogs aren’t you? Okay, so maybe it’s a hereditary thing.. we both love to have the last word? Or maybe we both love to talk and our DH’s and kids are tired of listening to us? Whatever the reason, it is what it is!


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Details take time..

Detail of sun quilt

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Details, they are the things that trip us up or make projects stand out. But why is it the details take more time than the projects?

I spent over eight hours driving around and doing errands yesterday. There’s little wonder I slept so well! I still have loads of details to get checked off my list today too. DD has a project to hopefully keep her busy much of the day. It turns out I’m gonna need about three more pinks for the wedding quilt so a trip to the fabric store is in order.. aww shucks, isn’t that just a shame?

But seriously, I will be starting the cutting and piecing and hopefully decide on the backing fabric too. Once I get the blocks laid out I’ll know more about what else I can add to it. Besides, I can’t wait to read the blocks!  Sure I looked at a couple of them but as I sew I will read them. The other signature quilts I made were finished quilts that I then had people sign. I won’t do that again as I had to rip out blocks because people messed up or wrote the wrong names.. (yes they forgot who they were writing to!).

On a side note I was just informed about a “leetle” project my Sis needs help with. She says little in such a way that you usually know you’re in for some trouble. But at least I know it going in and can prepare for it. I’ve got a few months to prepare and this time, I’m bringing my tools!


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Work Lists have a life of their own..

Have you ever started writing up a work list and it just kept growing? One thing leading to another until the list is so long it is overwhelming? So overwhelming in fact that  you no longer wanted to do anything on it?

DD and I just got back from my sisters and DD has it in her head that we need to get some projects done while the boys go out-of-town (they’ll be gone for 4 days).  We aren’t talking small little girlie projects either! Finish painting the house, paint her room and change the upstairs furniture with the downstairs furniture. I also have to finish the drywall in my room and paint and get the dresser in from the garage. Yeah right, I woke up with my back hurting  just writing the list!  But then there are things I wanted to add to the list like wainscoting for the dining room wall. I’ve wanted that done since we started the remodeling process. Oh and the tray ceiling really needs a new coat of paint.

We’ve got errands today so that leaves us three days to work. No to mention we have to clean up after our projects so there is no mess when they get back. So we’ll be off today to get supplies from our favorite store.. Lowes! Since we’re forcasted for rain the next few days painting outside is on hold for now. 

I guess I’ll have to take it one check at a time. Might as well check out the beaded paneling while I’m there…


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Summer Quilt Whisperer 101 Class Offered! « Feathered Fibers

Visit Feathered Fibers Site for the rest of the story…

By popular demand, another session of my Quilt Whisperer 101 Online Class will be taught from July 11, 2011- July 30, 2011. Course description and details are below.

Registration begins on Monday, June 27 at 7:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. Details will be posted on this forum, my blog and by email by signing up for my class info newsletter.

Quilt Whisperer 101 Online Class

This is a quilting design class created by professional machine quilter, Carla Barrett, which features 3 weekly online lessons, creative exercises, videos, live meetings, and an interactive forum to learn Carla’s unique method for “quilt whispering” or designing a quilt top for the quilting. In addition, Carla shares her favorite feather designs, fills, sashings, and borders designs, too. This class is jammed packed with helpful information about quilting and how to approach and design any quilt top! In addition, you will have access to the class and course material for at least 6 months once the class is finished.

Bonus!!: Students may send quilt top pictures to Carla to design and include in Lesson 3. Details are provided upon registration.

Quilt Whisperer 101 is a class for beginning to advanced Quilters, Art Quilters, and Machine Quilters. Class is appropriate for domestic machine or home quilters, as well as machine quilters with a stand up quilting system.

via Summer Quilt Whisperer 101 Class Offered! « Feathered Fibers.

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Signature Quilt

The instructions told them to stay inside the blue lines

 The day of the Wedding I put stacks of blank blocks with pens on the sign-in table. The sign on the block instructed them to stay inside the blue lines.I was a little nervous about this signature quilt.

Maybe it was a little old-fashioned? I couldn’t stand there.. how was I to make sure people knew what the squares of fabric were for? I made a sample block and had my nieces and nephews sign it I told them it was a fake block that would not be in the quilt, they didn’t even have to use their names. They had fun with that.After most everyone was seated I had a chance to run by the table and was amazed! Lots of people had signed a block! Not only that, they really seemed to get into the spirit of it, drawing pictures and sharing stories. By the end of the reception almost everyone had signed a block (only one person had gone outside the lines). I put out forty blocks and although three disappeared there were thirty-six full of signatures!

However someone had put out a bunch of sharpie markers in assorted colors (for the sign-in book) and most used those instead of the fabric markers. I was a little nervous about it but I’ll heat-treat and bubble wash the squares. The colors may fade a bit and yes they did run but it will work out.Some really got into the spirit!

Some really got into the spirit!

I got a Facebook message that someone forgot to sign a block so I am mailing out a few to them. So I guess the signature quilt wasn’t such an old-fashioned idea!  WHOO-HOO! Aunt Julie isn’t completely out of touch after all! The bride chose pink as the color of the quilt.. I started to try to talk her into picking two colors but stopped. It’s not my quilt. So I’ve got about twenty different fabrics in different shades of pink. I’ll start cutting strips and laying it out next week. The Groom just graduated from college and is in the Air Force, they are moving  from Ohio to Mississippi. 

Hopefully by the time they are back from their honeymoon and moved to their new home I’ll have it done. So that they will be wrapped in the prayers and blessing so many of their friends and family expressed in words for them.


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Wedding Update

The Happy Couple

The wedding was beautiful.. the weather held out and the sun even came out! It was a picture perfect day! I think this picture says it all!

There were so many truly touching moments throughout the day. I am blessed to have been able to be there to see these two people start their life together! But y’all want to hear the funny parts.. that’s why you’re still reading, right?

Okay, it starts with nearly gale force winds.. and this strange woman who insisted that the arbor they were using had to have tulle and chiffon to decorate it along with flowers! That woman said, and I quote “wouldn’t you like just a splash of color on it?” It had rained for three days and the forecast was for rain and high winds… The arbor blew over once and a skilled guy (thanks, Adam) got fishing line and anchors to keep it in place. Now as I told you earlier the weather was perfect for the wedding.. but not for the set up. That woman.. okay so it was me.. was nearly blown off the chair trying to set everything with double stick tape! I sincerely hope I didn’t show up in any of the pictures because my hair was blown into the most ghastly hair-do you can imagine and when you’re the quasi-coordinator there is no time to look into a mirror until after everything is done!

During her speech the Matron of Honor presented the groom with a plaque that has now become a tradition in family weddings it reads: “Happy Wife.. Happy Life” now how perfect is that? I want one of those plaques to go up next to my “if momma aint happy aint nobody happy” sign. The Best man told stories on himself admitting to leaving his little brother behind and saving himself when confronted as small kids by dogs. I have it on good authority it took the best man hours to write his speech and I’ll admit, it was a very moving speech. Of course both speeches had just as many teary eyed moments..

Mom and Bride sharing a laugh..

Sometimes you can’t contain happiness!

As you can see there was tons of laughing and let’s face it.. that’s the best way to start a life together!


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