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Repair Process.. it’s like a virus

Here's Timmy! See the micro handles DH made for me..

Shhhh.. Don’t tell anyone, but I have nothing to say. Isn’t that the strangest thing?

I didn’t finish anything, didn’t start anything.. Didn’t even decide anything.

Yesterday was a day filled with car repairs… takin ’em in… pickin’ ’em up.. not to mention the one DH is workin’ on in the garage. There are six cars in our yard and we have one that is running.. actually two  after yesterday. One of those is my Moms car that she lets us drive (that’s the one that was in the shop). One is DH’s project car (I call her the other woman), DH has a truck that the front end needs fixing, DD’s truck is in the process of new brakes and struts, DS#3’s convertible, actually I think his is running now.

I can’t think of a way to tie up all that with a quilting thought. Wait I think I’ve got it!! Okay, Okay okay.. I bought my Timmy (Tin Lizzie 18) 3 years ago, there are no local dealers or service. It came from California. Yesterday I was finally told how to fix it! The dealer from California called and explained it to me! See, it takes anywhere from 2 – 10 extra stitches when you needle up. You know like trying to bring up the thread tails.. there was no way I was shipping it back for something that small that I knew they could tell me how to fix. I just figured I would live with it until I could nag them into telling me. It only took three years! I don’t blame them, they wanted to fix it and if you do anything wrong in this adjustment you can in fact fry the thing. No, I didn’t fry it and now TA-DAA! I can bring the tails up! WHOO HOO!

I understand things break and wear out and at times need adjusting. But have you noticed how it’s like a process.. when one gets fixed another breaks or one goes into the shop then another needs to go too? The last thing I wanted was the sewing machines to start that process!


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Round and round I sew..

When I’ll be done nobody knows! 

and this doesn't count the yards I have mixed else where!

Turning the quilt round and round to blanket stitch all the circles is not as easy as you would think. I have now decided I need a larger flat surface all the way around the machine. I made an extension table out of 1/4 inch plexiglass when I first bought the machine but it doesn’t extend far enough to the left. Maybe it’s time to make a bigger one of them, I do like the height. I’ve priced them and it’s much more cost effective to buy a plastic jig saw blade and a sheet of  lexan. Not to mention I can use the scraps to make some guides for the longarm. If I can get the scroll saw unearthed out there I might even be able to make circles.

That project is for another day though. I have quilts to make! I’m still enjoying these circles, the colors playing off each other.. I just love batiks!

So I’m gonna stick with the Disappearing 4 patch for the wedding quilt though I may stick a few of the disappearing four patch pinwheels in there just for kicks if I have enough time.. I’ve glanced at my stash and I’ve got quite the assortment of greens in there.. so I may end up going scrappy. But in addition to the green stack I have yards mixed in with my stacks that are set up by where I purchased them. I have a delicious green from Ohio and one from Tennessee!

But at this point I don’t have to decide yet. I’m just trying to not go buy more fabric.. I don’t need it! I even have enough for the backing too! We’ll see how long that lasts…  Another project for another day… time to start going round and round!

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Yep.. still at it!

This is the picture from Quilt Fever...

This is her D4p sashed! It looks awesome!

It’s almost 10 am and I haven’t posted yet.. is that a sign or what? Jenny ( AKA: Quilt Skipper) suggested an idea for THE wedding quilt and I agree.. it’s the perfect easy/quick pattern from QuiltFever that was on my favorites or to be tried list. So I wanted to see any quilts out there that were finished to see if a scrappy green and white or a two color quilt was best. And look what I found! Another take on the disappearing four patch! It would work for a scrappy pattern but again.. What do you think?

 I’m waiting for permission from Quiltforme to post her tutorial. This is her picture. As the Pattern suggests it starts from a constructed 4 patch! This gives me a whole new use for charm packs!


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Still stitching away..

attaching circles

I’m still attaching the circles.. I may be at this for another week! It’s slow going.. but still soothing to hear the sound of Vern humming along… Oh my word there are a bunch of circles! What was I thinking? HAH! I like the way it’s looking so far and I guess that’s what matters at his point. I’m still playing with quilting ideas along with thread painting.

I’ve got to get started on that wedding quilt soon. I’ve got enough fabric so I don’t have to go shopping. I just can’t seem to decide which one will be quickest.. or has the most bang. I have loved the celtic knot and it doesn’t look too complicated to piece as long as I do it by chain piecing. I shouldn’t get too confused as I go along. And I also adore Irish Chains! They’re quick to piece.. Decisions, decisions.. I could also go scrappy and do a bow tie set in circles.. greens and white.. If I keep this up I’m not going to decide in time!

Well it’s a decision for next week! I have too much on my plate right now! #3 son is moving the rest of his ‘stuff’ today  :(… , #1 DD has a check-up tomorrow and I’ve got to get my car in for service  the A/C died and this is FLORIDA!  4000 miles past warranty (of course) .. house A/C is getting serviced today and if they have any bad news… I’m quitting!

Prayers for you and yours .. Consider it pure joy, when you face hardships…

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THE ROOKIE QUILTER… « tccartoons

This is just FUNNY! Thought I’d share…







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As an artist, I notice tools of the trade wherever they are. I was walking in the house today from the garage and noticed a pencil on the kitchen counter that looked like one of my colored pencils. I immediately wondered how it got there and picked it up to see which set (I have several) it belonged to.

It didn’t look like it was from one of the sets of colored pencils I owned and I noticed advertising on it. Printed in bold letters was “MATERIAL GIRL Quilt Shop, Traverse City, MI.” Now I knew it wasn’t mine! However, what caught my eye next generated the cartoon idea. It looked like a brown, colored pencil with thick lead but on the portion where it normally (on MY pencils) listed the color, it said, on one line: “WASHABLE” and “FABRIC PENCIL” on the next line. I immediately wondered, with the few working brain cells assigned to cartoon ideas, “Why would they have to wash the pencil?”

Then, it struck me. Because of the advertising, there wasn’t enough room on one line for what they meant to say, “WASHABLE FABRIC….PENCIL”. Imagine the confusion it might cause if there were any quilting cartoonists out there… or, more likely, ROOKIE QUILTERS.

Living with an avid, accomplished quilter, I’ve heard the stories they like to tell about “Rookie” mistakes made before they knew what they were doing. Or, at least, before they understood the unique and foreign I might add, language of Quilting. It took me a while to not be insulted when they talked about “Fat Quarters” in my presence… until I realized it wasn’t my physique they were referring to but pieces of pre-cut material.

I am amazed at what the are able to do with a myriad of patterns, scraps and colors. Quilters are a special breed. However, they do have one thing in common with me as a cartoonist… You can NEVER have too much stuff!!!

via THE ROOKIE QUILTER… « tccartoons.

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Quick Wedding Quilt

Celtic Wedding quilt?

Okay, this just in! I forgot (yes, I know I always forget) I have to make a wedding quilt for a friends wedding. It’s an old friend or someone who used to be a friend. So I have a little bit of an excuse to forget.

So on to the real problem.. Irish chain or celtic knot or Quilt in a Days Lovers Knot? It’s got to be fast.. don’t ask when I have to have it by that part is depressing.. but I can do this!
Not sure why I want to make a quilt I just got it into my head when I remembered.. it’s got to be green and white, it’s an Irish thing.. they are of Irish heritage and using that as a theme. 
Any ideas would be helpful! I’m planning a lap sized not king sized. Quilting all over pattern nothing intricate. probably shamrocks or just lines.


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Getting there…

Four more bubbles then its time too attach them!!

I’ve got one more set of bubbles and then I start to attach all the circles. Then I do a bit of thread work. Jenny Lyons the Quilt Skipper, had an awesome idea for the circles I’ll be thread working and I can’t wait to try it!  But I will have to practice a bit before I start.. now is not the time for a major goof. Of course I have already had the major goof so I don’t want another. Some of the thread work will be done on just the top then I’ll do more once I get it on the table and sandwiched. It’s finally coming together…

So, I ran out of iron on stabilizer when I was making the circles so I just used what I had and added fusible web. I’ve used it before and it’s a neat trick.
And look what got here yesterday! Yep, the metallic needles for my Tin Lizzie!!
So I’m gonna get outta here and see if I can get a little more done today. Hoping y’all have a beautiful day and find small treasures that make you smile.


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Have any of yall used this stuff? What an inspiring idea! I think this is in my range of abilities! Usually I’m trying to remove rust stains now I can just add more!! This woman is a genius!! Visit her blog or her store to see more pictures of quilts made using these techniques!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Here in my technique for instant rust.

1. Push gel medium through a stencil with a putty knife.

I like to use Earth Safe Finishes Gel Medium because it has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). You can read more about VOC on this page:

2. Sprinkle on iron filings to cover the gel medium.

3. Get the excess filings back into the container but funneling them in with a folded piece of paper.

4. When the gel medium is completely dry, (I like to wait until the next day), spray it with straight vinegar. Keep it moist by respraying it.

5. With in 3-4 hours the iron filings will turn the color of rust. (They are gray to start with.) The vinegar will make an iron liquor that will dye the background rust color.

The shirt above and the ginkgo leaves below were made with stencils from The Crafters Workshop. The shirt was made using a stencil called Capricious, one of their 12″ x 12″ stencils.

The ginkgo leaves are made from one of their 6″ x 6″ stencils.

via Rust-Tex.


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Recycle your stash..

 Here’s another site to recycle your stash.. although you may end up adding to your stash in the long run!

My Sewing Booty


Welcome to My Sewing Booty

– your best place on the Internet to recycle the stash from your sewing room that is no longer as wonderful as it once was and make room for new loot!

Classified Ads – list the old stuff you have for sale. Check out what others have for sale while you are here – you might just find a treasure!

Directory – information on your favorite quilt shops and fabric stores so you can buy new wonderful stuff with the money you got from listing your old stuff for sale

Events – information of upcoming quilting and sewing related events.

Have fun!

via Quilting and Sewing Classified Advertising.

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Back at it!!

All the kids made it!Easter was wonderful! All the kids were here.. not sure if there will be many more like that. Soon I will have to start doing the traveling to them. Of course that means I won’t be the one cooking or cleaning up so it won’t be all bad.

 Quilt City is gearing up for the show in just a few days. I can hardly wait to see the quilts!  Once the shows over I’ll be ordering one of the show CDs so I can look at them all. It’s not the same as being there but I just can’t pass up the opportunity to see them all.

Meanwhile I’m getting back at it. One stitch at a time, or one circle at a time. Maybe.. just maybe I can get-r-done this week. Now wouldn’t that be something? Well that’s only if nothing else comes up this week. I just don’t know how everyone else does it. Getting all those quilts finished..


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