Quiltz Happen

I have found that I often think up more quilt projects that are possible in one life time. So This is the new and improved project file for me.  Feel free to borrow any you may want to add to your list or throw some of yours my way! The Wedding Ring quilt is still really high on my list of “I gotta do that one” while the “Rob Peter to pay Paul” has dropped down.

  1. Hunters Star
  2. Around the World
  3. Wedding ring
  4. Apple Core
  5. Storm at sea
  6. Day N Night (Eleanor Burns)
  7. Drunkards Path
  8. Rob Peter Pay Paul
  9. A blue & white Quilt
  10. Chicken Quilt
  11. A Block of the month
  12. Applique (Baltimore style)
  13. A Ricky Tims Medallion Quilt

2 responses to “Quiltz Happen

  1. Have you ever seen the pattern Hunter’s Rainbow? It’s like Hunters star, but the corner triangles are three strips. I finally did one, and i love it…. just needs to meet up with the quilting machine.


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