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Quilt Skipper does it again!

 If you’re interested in either Free motion quilting or longarm quilting you just have to visit Jenny’s Blog! She’s the Quilt Skipper and her work is breath-taking! Today her post is about Diane Gaudynski and the class she took from her.

All I can say is WOW! The pictures and information is of the don’t miss this variety!

I’m on my way out the door for the swim meet… WHOOHOO!


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Doin’ a little jig..

I’ve got all pictures ready for printing for the memory quilt. One is a really bad quality picture but I’m sure it was chosen for a reason. So I smoothed out the grainy.. I had to take a few days off from sewing ( I know, already?) I did something and my arm/hand swelled right up on me. DH is convinced it was all the sewing that did it. But I think I slept on it wrong. Whatever it was it is better now.

Today I’m going to lunch with two childhood girlfriends. I’m just amazed by how small the world has gotten with the internet. Friends lost in our youth can be found again! So in an hour or so I’m off for Margueritas and laughter..  I’m the one on the right in the picture above..

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for #3 son. The District swim meet.. it’s an all or nothing type thing. Last year he missed eighth place by a half second. He has to place in the top eight to go to Regionals. This is his last year so the pressure is high.. though I think his Dad and I are more nervous than he is! Ya know in the grand scheme this isn’t really that big. After this he signs his letter for the Navy, that’s when the ‘fun’ really begins!

I’ll be back sewing on sunday and should have the blocks through the first phase. I also picked up some new metallic thread to try.. it comes in a big spool so I’m hopeful it lays down like the Coats n Clark I love. I liked this color. Have you seen their thread choice chart?  I wish I had seen it years ago! 

It’s time to get dressed and start my day.. I’m running a bit behind already!



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Only seven blocks to go…

The memory quilt is coming along. I was having thread issues and broke four needles last night. That was very frustrating! If I hadn’t made so many unintelligent mistakes I’d be further along. But that comes with the territory! Fortunately I have a gross of needles on hand just for this type of emergency. I figured out what caused it and no, it wasn’t the thread.

I use Coats and Clark (don’t roll your eyes at me!) metallic gold. It lays down like liquid gold. I’ve tried other brands and they really aren’t the same. There is such a visual difference I’m sticking with them. It was the thread stand, yep it’s behind the machine and the thread had fallen off the stand. It only took four needles to figure it out!

 Mo-Jo and Lola have settled into their ear chewing routine this morning. They are not adapting well to the return to the quilt room! I’ve already had to rescue two spools of thread. Why do they think thread spools are chewies?

It’s been a good couple of days. I’m hopeful for more but grateful for what I have! It’s time to feed the critters and start my day!


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Inspiration from Paula Benjaminson

Inspiration from Paula Benjaminson.

Doodle Quilts?  I love this! If you’re in Kenya sign up for the class.. if not take a minute to look at these quilts!


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No surprise..

As you can see I stuck with the familiar. I’ve got two of the crazy quilt blocks sewn. One has embroidery neither have embellishments. Of course there will be lace and pearls! I am really liking the fabrics I’ve chosen for this one! The fabrics don’t show real well in  pictures as they reflect light so it throws some of the color off. Once the picture is appliqued with the framing I’ll cut the excess from the behind. But first all the blocks will be squared up. Only ten more to go!

Yes, the wedding quilt is waiting at my recliner to hand sew the binding.  I also got the blue fabrics ironed and ready for the cutting table! I am moving right along! AND ….wait for it…. I didn’t even have to turn off my phone!

The sashing borders and backing will be faux suede. I’ll break out my old Singer embroidery machine (Cindy, she’s the only girl machine I’ve owned but she’s a beast!) to do some lettering and a few small embroideries. There has to be a spider web and a bumble bee hidden somewhere. (I think that’s a federal law.)

Yesterday was a very good day! I have snippets of thread all over the house and all over me. The smell of starch is in the air.. it just doesn’t get any better than that! Hoping today is half as good


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Yeah for me!!

I finished quilting the wedding quilt and it is off the table! Two more sides to attach the binding and it’s time to sit and sew! Oh yea! It’s really happening! Can you tell I’m excited? Oh yeah, look at my shirt!! DD got them all rinsed and washed!

While I attach the binding I’m thinking about the next quilt.. you know, the photo memory quilt. I’ve just about got all the details worked out. I had to get more fabric to print the pictures on. But I think the design will work out well. I always did crazy quilt style with loads of embroidery but I think I may do a pieced traditional for this one.

Well it’s been almost three months since chaos broke loose around here and other than completing one pink and brown quilt for a dear friend I haven’t spent much time around fabric. In fact my quilt room is seriously trashed! #3 Son has been doing his college work in here and I can admit that his mess is nothing compared to mine! Oh my word! How did I let it get this nasty in here?  Should I stop to straighten up? Naw… that can wait, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to sew. And I sure don’t want to waste any precious time cleaning!

As soon as I get the binding ready I’ll start pulling fabrics for the memory quilt. I’m still going over it in my head and really need to get some graph paper out and doodle some more. If only I could figure out how to use Electric Quilt! But since these are all different size blocks it’s too much to try to learn now.


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Image by Margriet PR via Flickr

Don’t tell anyone but the wedding quilt is coming off the table today! Then of course its binding time.. my least favorite part. But seriously I can’t tell you just how relieved I am! I was thinking it may never get finished!

OH wait! I went fabric shopping yesterday! WHOOP, WHOOP! There is nothing like a little fabric therapy (my sister does retail therapy, that’s when she buys stuff for no reason) to get the juices flowing! I got the focus fabric for the blue quilt. How amazing is that?  I stopped to figure out what the pattern is and how many blocks so I’d have a basic idea for what I needed to cut. But the Memory quilt is first and yes I even figured out a pattern for that.  All on the back of an envelope while waiting at the orthodontist for my DD. Bwaahaahaa, I am giddy about cutting fabric!

I sat and watched DD tie dye a bunch of shirts yesterday.. I gave her two of mine to do too. She had a ball! I can’t wait to see how they turn out.. they are still in plastic bags waiting to be rinsed and washed.

Quilt Skipper posted some AMAZING pictures of quilts in the Pacific International Quilt Festival y’all have to see them!

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