I’m ready for Spring!

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Winter is my worst time of the year and just when I think we’re nearing the end of it. Well it’s 34 here this morning. This is just ridiculous! I had the doors open yesterday. This morning my car was covered with ice!

I didn’t get back from taking Mom & Dad to breakfast till mid-afternoon yesterday. She had things she needed done while I was there. So maybe a Quilt Show today? I don’t see that happening though. Sundays well, they are Sundays. In fact it’s nearly noon and I haven’t had a moment to sit and write.

Today I have the big part of my quilt room organization. Get rid of this computer hutch. I have a super-duper computer on its way here to bring me into this century’s’ technology. It’s blam-o fast with tons of cache. So all I have to do is tear this one down and get the new desk out of the closet.

I love that phrase.. “all ya gotta do is___” . It sounds so easy, simple even. But rarely does it work out that way. So I will be computer-less until Tuesday sometime. I’ll be stuck on a lap-top or one of my kids computers. EWWW!

On the plus side I will be able to do two things at once without crashes losing tons of data. I will also be able to learn Electric Quilt which I haven’t even been able to load on this dinosaur. So there ya go…

That’s all I’ve got for today..


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One response to “I’m ready for Spring!

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog today. Found you through a note from WordPress that said you liked mine. Welcome to the blogging world. And good luck on your pineapple quilt. It has been about -6 F. here in Chicago for a week or so with 20 inches of snow…..but like you we have about 40 F. today and we are loving it. Guess if I lived in FL I’d want it hot as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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