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Spring Ahead

But, what if I didn’t want to spring??? There’s probably a good reason for the time change to still be messing with our internal clocks. I don’t know what it is but I’m sure there’s a reason. Even the dogs seem off their game today.

I’m going to spend some quality time today watching the garden grow.  It’s very relaxing. Of course I want to spend some time in the quilt room too. I’ve gotten a pretty good rhythm going. It get almost hypnotic.

I cut the fabric for the puppy quilt and am starting to sew my strips. I changed direction on the pattern.. lets see if I like how it turns out. More quilty pictures tomorrow.. that is if I actually get anywhere!  I’ve found I can only sit and quilt for about fifteen minutes at a time before the spasms start so I have a couple of projects going so I move a little in between.

Go ahead and Spring.. you’ll get used to it!



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No surprise..

As you can see I stuck with the familiar. I’ve got two of the crazy quilt blocks sewn. One has embroidery neither have embellishments. Of course there will be lace and pearls! I am really liking the fabrics I’ve chosen for this one! The fabrics don’t show real well in  pictures as they reflect light so it throws some of the color off. Once the picture is appliqued with the framing I’ll cut the excess from the behind. But first all the blocks will be squared up. Only ten more to go!

Yes, the wedding quilt is waiting at my recliner to hand sew the binding.  I also got the blue fabrics ironed and ready for the cutting table! I am moving right along! AND ….wait for it…. I didn’t even have to turn off my phone!

The sashing borders and backing will be faux suede. I’ll break out my old Singer embroidery machine (Cindy, she’s the only girl machine I’ve owned but she’s a beast!) to do some lettering and a few small embroideries. There has to be a spider web and a bumble bee hidden somewhere. (I think that’s a federal law.)

Yesterday was a very good day! I have snippets of thread all over the house and all over me. The smell of starch is in the air.. it just doesn’t get any better than that! Hoping today is half as good


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Ugly all day..

“Ugly Quilt”

Some quilts are just ugly. No matter how well they are made they just end up ugly. Some start with ugly fabric and end up pretty. And the weird part is that it is the ugly fabric that makes the quilt work.

When I was making the disappearing nine patch quilt above .. it was plain hideous. But wait I planned it that way! I wanted it to be ugly so I could finally keep one of my own quilts. Surely no one would want this as ugly as it is. Then as I put all those ugly fabrics together.. they worked! What are the odds? Over a hundred seriously ugly fabrics and poof! It works? (I know you’re clicking on the close-up to that quilt now.. see they’re ugly...)
 Well I’ve also made quilts that I planned on being pretty and they turned out.. not so pretty. Not quite hideous but close enough that I didn’t spend the time to quilt them. I bring them out now and then to see if maybe they lost some of the ugly while in storage.. or maybe some thread painting will fix them? Nothing has come to mind yet so they’re packed up so I don’t see them.
But with each quilt I start those quilts come to mind. I usually don’t plan a quilt around a fabric collection. It’s not that I’ve never .. honestly I usually buy fabric on sale, Clearance is my friend.
I’ve been really hooked on cake stacks lately.. they’re like junk food. Most of the work has been done for you.. I don’t have to worry about the fabrics coordinating.. I just sew. But today it is again time to pull out fabric for two quilts and I’m worrying about ugly again. It was years ago that I made those quilts. I hope I’ve learned what it was that didn’t work. On the other hand I hope I’m not playing it too safe either.. because one thing I’ve learned.. sometimes ugly is quite beautiful.


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Curved Piecing by Hand — Lots of Photographs « Quilt Obsession


You have to check out her blog and don’t forget to take a look at her patterns! All of her piecing is by hand! She is amazing! 

Curved piecing is a lot easier than it looks — at least by hand it is. I have never tried it on the machine, but then we all know how little I use the machine! I’m told it is just as easy on the machine. All the pictures in this post can be clicked on for larger versions so that you can see the detail a bit better.

I thought I’d do a little tutorial on hand piecing curves. Lester is here to exert his calming influence.

As I have oodles of apple cores printed for the Red Delicious apple core quilt, I chose two of those for this.

I think on this next picture, if you click on it to make it bigger, you will be able to see the lines. There is the one long slightly curved concave line which is the stitching line, and which matches a curved line on the convex curve on the black piece to which I will be joining this white piece. The other little lines are the matching points — and they are also matched on the black apple core. The first thing I do is clip between the matching points on the piece with the concave curve, almost to the stitching line but not quite.

via Curved Piecing by Hand — Lots of Photographs « Quilt Obsession.

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Time to think Christmas

Almost time to drag the tree back out!

Oh yes I did!  I said it!!

I just noticed this year is now days from being halfway done. I’m still not used to writing 2011! For those who plan to make quilts and gifts this is the time to have a plan.

Yes I know, I do tend to wait until the last-minute but this year I have to do better! I only made three quilts as gifts last year. I have two I have to finish before I start Christmas gifts but I need a plan. Come on, humor me! I have a grand-niece that hasn’t gotten a quilt since her birth. I’ve got to make one for her! One of my nieces needs a new quilt to replace one I made a few years back and a nephew who got a little one and really needs a big one.  Then another niece who seems to have lost custody of the quilt I made for her. Those are the must make quilts. I have one grand-dog who has never gotten a quilt. That just doesn’t seem fair. Okay so that’s five.

So? Is that it? Five seems like a do-able number. I also need a Christmas tree skirt pattern. I promised DD that this year we would decorate big time for Christmas. So I guess that means placemats and a table runner too.

But wait!! I’ve wondered if I could make quilt rugs. Has anyone ever tried this? I know quilting cotton won’t hold up well but I’ve seen some decorator fabric that seemed pretty sturdy. Besides I’m not talking a huge amount of traffic and it would be a holiday type thing.

Whoa! I’ve gone off the deep end! Maybe I’ll rein myself back in and get those quilts done before I try anything new? But if you’ve got a pattern….

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Yep.. still at it!

This is the picture from Quilt Fever...

This is her D4p sashed! It looks awesome!

It’s almost 10 am and I haven’t posted yet.. is that a sign or what? Jenny ( AKA: Quilt Skipper) suggested an idea for THE wedding quilt and I agree.. it’s the perfect easy/quick pattern from QuiltFever that was on my favorites or to be tried list. So I wanted to see any quilts out there that were finished to see if a scrappy green and white or a two color quilt was best. And look what I found! Another take on the disappearing four patch! It would work for a scrappy pattern but again.. What do you think?

 I’m waiting for permission from Quiltforme to post her tutorial. This is her picture. As the Pattern suggests it starts from a constructed 4 patch! This gives me a whole new use for charm packs!


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Recycle your stash..

 Here’s another site to recycle your stash.. although you may end up adding to your stash in the long run!

My Sewing Booty


Welcome to My Sewing Booty

– your best place on the Internet to recycle the stash from your sewing room that is no longer as wonderful as it once was and make room for new loot!

Classified Ads – list the old stuff you have for sale. Check out what others have for sale while you are here – you might just find a treasure!

Directory – information on your favorite quilt shops and fabric stores so you can buy new wonderful stuff with the money you got from listing your old stuff for sale

Events – information of upcoming quilting and sewing related events.

Have fun!

via Quilting and Sewing Classified Advertising.

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