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Last quilt of 2017

camera-134.jpgAlthough it wasn’t the “year of the quilt” I did get a few quilts finished last year. I made nine baby quilts, two memory quilts and finished four twin size UFO’s. My favorites are always the crazy/memory quilts. One of which happens to be the last quilt of the year.

My daughter didn’t know what to get for her in-laws and wanted it to be something memorable. Last year she made them a crochet blanket and it was a hit. So I suggested a memory quilt. Unfortunately where we live now there are quilt stores but not fabric stores. Quilt stores do not carry Jacquard, brocades, faux suede or velvets. The closest fabric store is one and a half hours away! And we had less than two weeks to make it and get it shipped! So ordering online was out of the question!

I did find some of the fabrics I needed in my stash ( imagine that!) And a Wal-Mart a half hour away had a few I could use. So I made the drive to the fabric store and guess what! They were out of suede in the color I needed! The only thing close was a burn out one so I had to use a second fabric behind it. On the front I chose a blue to match the squares and on the back I chose a gold lame’. The suede was stretchy so gone was the quick and easy sewing, I instead had the slow and careful.

On top of the suede issue I had a thread issue. I have Madeira, Sulky and Coats and Clark threads on hand in gold. (I use Madeira on my long arm for thread painting) Unfortunately my favorite (Coats and Clark) I only had half a king spool. I generally use one full king spool for a quilt this size. So I tried using the others. HUGE mistake!  My Brother machines do not like the other brands of metallic thread. They break and get bound in the tension discs. My husband found one large spool at Wal-Mart (the last one they had). I had about two yards of thread left when I finished! We didn’t get to embellish it as much as I would have liked, we ran out of time.

We finished literally on the last day to mail it to be received before Christmas about four hours before USPS closed! Whew!


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So much life has happened, I can’t even wrap my head around it all most days. But I’m returning to my main loves (writing and quilting) with a few others thrown in for good measure.

I’ve missed being here and sharing the threads of my life. Have you noticed after finishing a quilt how many pieces of thread are literally everywhere? For weeks I find pieces in every room of the house and somehow also in the car! I finished working on a memory quilt my daughter and I made together for her in-laws. We used gold embroidery thread. Now that’s a blog unto itself! I’ve got serious opinions about metallic threads now! But before I go off on a tangent.


Long story short.. #1 son and wife now have two sons, #2 son has two daughters, #3 son served five very long years in the Marine Corps and in eight days is going into the Army as a Sargent, and my baby girl met and married the love of her life and three months ago had a son. My Father, Sister in law and Mother died.  We sold our home in Florida and moved to the mountains in North Carolina. Of course that leaves a lot out but I’m sure I’ll cover it in time.

Oh yes, there have been quilts and new sewing machines and new old sewing machines. I also learned to crochet. And fell in love with tunisian crochet.

So many threads woven so beautifully into the tapestry that is my life. New threads added and some old ones no longer…


January 2, 2018 · 1:10 pm

Photo updates..

So here’s a few quick pictures..

The Diamond Blues…

Metallic Bubbles.. first try at “thread painting” .. still got a lot to learn! Not to mention I have to change needles and thread between quilting cotton thread and metallic!

I’m gonna get back at it.. more updates tomorrow! I gotta figure out the whole needle change thing! I’m planning on pebbling everything outside the metallic thread.



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Doin’ a little jig..

I’ve got all pictures ready for printing for the memory quilt. One is a really bad quality picture but I’m sure it was chosen for a reason. So I smoothed out the grainy.. I had to take a few days off from sewing ( I know, already?) I did something and my arm/hand swelled right up on me. DH is convinced it was all the sewing that did it. But I think I slept on it wrong. Whatever it was it is better now.

Today I’m going to lunch with two childhood girlfriends. I’m just amazed by how small the world has gotten with the internet. Friends lost in our youth can be found again! So in an hour or so I’m off for Margueritas and laughter..  I’m the one on the right in the picture above..

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for #3 son. The District swim meet.. it’s an all or nothing type thing. Last year he missed eighth place by a half second. He has to place in the top eight to go to Regionals. This is his last year so the pressure is high.. though I think his Dad and I are more nervous than he is! Ya know in the grand scheme this isn’t really that big. After this he signs his letter for the Navy, that’s when the ‘fun’ really begins!

I’ll be back sewing on sunday and should have the blocks through the first phase. I also picked up some new metallic thread to try.. it comes in a big spool so I’m hopeful it lays down like the Coats n Clark I love. I liked this color. Have you seen their thread choice chart?  I wish I had seen it years ago! 

It’s time to get dressed and start my day.. I’m running a bit behind already!



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Only seven blocks to go…

The memory quilt is coming along. I was having thread issues and broke four needles last night. That was very frustrating! If I hadn’t made so many unintelligent mistakes I’d be further along. But that comes with the territory! Fortunately I have a gross of needles on hand just for this type of emergency. I figured out what caused it and no, it wasn’t the thread.

I use Coats and Clark (don’t roll your eyes at me!) metallic gold. It lays down like liquid gold. I’ve tried other brands and they really aren’t the same. There is such a visual difference I’m sticking with them. It was the thread stand, yep it’s behind the machine and the thread had fallen off the stand. It only took four needles to figure it out!

 Mo-Jo and Lola have settled into their ear chewing routine this morning. They are not adapting well to the return to the quilt room! I’ve already had to rescue two spools of thread. Why do they think thread spools are chewies?

It’s been a good couple of days. I’m hopeful for more but grateful for what I have! It’s time to feed the critters and start my day!


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Getting there…

Four more bubbles then its time too attach them!!

I’ve got one more set of bubbles and then I start to attach all the circles. Then I do a bit of thread work. Jenny Lyons the Quilt Skipper, had an awesome idea for the circles I’ll be thread working and I can’t wait to try it!  But I will have to practice a bit before I start.. now is not the time for a major goof. Of course I have already had the major goof so I don’t want another. Some of the thread work will be done on just the top then I’ll do more once I get it on the table and sandwiched. It’s finally coming together…

So, I ran out of iron on stabilizer when I was making the circles so I just used what I had and added fusible web. I’ve used it before and it’s a neat trick.
And look what got here yesterday! Yep, the metallic needles for my Tin Lizzie!!
So I’m gonna get outta here and see if I can get a little more done today. Hoping y’all have a beautiful day and find small treasures that make you smile.


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Thoughts from a Junkyard

junkyard - car dump - Autofriedhof three

Image by ifranz via Flickr

Don’t you just love junkyards? That picture is one of the new ones not likethe ones I remember.  Today my DD is going for her first trip to the junkyard and it’s bringing back memories. I use to go to them a lot ‘back in the day’ lookin’ for one part or another. I would make up all sorts of stories about each car (in my head, I didn’t share them that would have been strange) where it had been, who had driven it. Of course that was back when cars were sexy. But that’s an entirely different subject.

Now that made me think of memory quilts and crazy quilts. Or as I like to call my Crazy Memory Quilts.. bits of fabrics framed in metallic embroidered thread. The most important aspect is texture to me. I never envisioned these to be on the wall instead of on my lap. I planned to feel my way across them more than look at them. But I love the sparkle of metallic threads.

Look at all the pretty colors!!!

Which brought me to thread painting.. see how my mind works? I know scary! I don’t have the top finished in case you heard the rumor that it might have been. I worked around the house all day yesterday then spent the afternoon sitting on the porch swing talking with the kids. Thread.. thread painting and metallic thread.. I’ve used about a ba-zillion cones of the gold and half a ba-zillion of the silver but I picked up some of that turquoise looking metallic #3022. Now with my thought process what it is.. I’m thinking about doing some thread painting around the bubbles with it! That brought me back to those new batik stacks and how perfect those colors would be with that thread.. isn’t this fun?


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