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So little time…

Dried green paint

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Quick update.. the wedding quilt is finished and shipped. The memory quilt is still in the works and I haven’t gotten another thing done. (No huge surprise there!)

We went with #3 son to the conference, regional and district swim meets. He placed fifteenth in the last. His 5:33 in the 500 was his personal best. He took the ASVAB on friday and will go back and talk to the recruiter again when the results are in. Hopefully he does well enough the first try to be offered a contract. Then the serious training will begin! We had his 18th birthday party yesterday.. in fact the boys are still up playing video games! Do you remember what you did on your 18th birthday? Well I wasn’t hanging out at home playing video games. (okay there wasn’t any video games waaayyy back then, but still!) There’s a story there but I’ll get back to that later…

I finally got the drywall finished in the rec room. We still have to tile the bathroom and put in the new cabinet and sink then finish off the closet upstairs. But I did get the walls painted too. The dining room has two coats of paint on three walls (one to go… ) but I also have to paint the molding in there. We have wicked crown molding!

My Mom is doing a little better but not out of the woods yet.  We’re still taking that one day at a time.  There are still so many ‘what ifs’ there that we have to deal with. Huge story here too but again more on that later…

So as you can see life has interrupted again. My first Grand dog (Twinkie) died suddenly she was only 10 and it has thrown our world off kilter. Isn’t it amazing how much dogs impact our lives? It just takes my breath away. As y’all know my “precious” died two days before the wedding last year and somehow that is again haunting me. Some dogs are special and even though I have three other dogs at home now there is still a void.

My "Precious"

None of this has to do with quilting. Except that it does. These are the stories behind the quilts. They inspire and motivate me, they drive me into the quilt room for therapy and the quilts that are made become my memories of these times.  



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Ugly all day..

“Ugly Quilt”

Some quilts are just ugly. No matter how well they are made they just end up ugly. Some start with ugly fabric and end up pretty. And the weird part is that it is the ugly fabric that makes the quilt work.

When I was making the disappearing nine patch quilt above .. it was plain hideous. But wait I planned it that way! I wanted it to be ugly so I could finally keep one of my own quilts. Surely no one would want this as ugly as it is. Then as I put all those ugly fabrics together.. they worked! What are the odds? Over a hundred seriously ugly fabrics and poof! It works? (I know you’re clicking on the close-up to that quilt now.. see they’re ugly...)
 Well I’ve also made quilts that I planned on being pretty and they turned out.. not so pretty. Not quite hideous but close enough that I didn’t spend the time to quilt them. I bring them out now and then to see if maybe they lost some of the ugly while in storage.. or maybe some thread painting will fix them? Nothing has come to mind yet so they’re packed up so I don’t see them.
But with each quilt I start those quilts come to mind. I usually don’t plan a quilt around a fabric collection. It’s not that I’ve never .. honestly I usually buy fabric on sale, Clearance is my friend.
I’ve been really hooked on cake stacks lately.. they’re like junk food. Most of the work has been done for you.. I don’t have to worry about the fabrics coordinating.. I just sew. But today it is again time to pull out fabric for two quilts and I’m worrying about ugly again. It was years ago that I made those quilts. I hope I’ve learned what it was that didn’t work. On the other hand I hope I’m not playing it too safe either.. because one thing I’ve learned.. sometimes ugly is quite beautiful.


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Miracles happen everyday!

Hummingbird in Ohio

Here is another Hummingbird picture I snapped while I was in Ohio. I was shocked that I got one of him sitting in the tree.

Miracles happen around us everyday! As most of y’all know my Dad (okay he’s my step Dad but to me he is so much more than that) is now in a rehab facility. One we did not want him to go to. But let me tell you .. he went from being a combative and non communicative patient to the life of the party! He went from not being able to hold a conversation to talking to everyone!  Okay, he doesn’t know where he is and not even his wife’s name but… he really seems to be enjoying himself. In the last twelve hours his blood sugar is now good and he can have ice-cream, his blood pressure is perfect and he has lost twenty pounds in one week!!

My Mom is taking it hard. “Why doesn’t he do that for me.”… but we have now found that it is common with Alzheimer’s patients to behave this way. He still has a few medical issues to deal with but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So now we need to concentrate on Mom. We have appointments throughout the next few weeks and she has to start eating. My brother has started helping and maybe I won’t have to get help from my sister who has always done so much. She can step back and be the back-up instead of the first line to call.

SEE?! Miracles! My step-sister ( I learned so much from her) went home today but in her wake I have the tools to get things done without having to call in my big sister (the one I share giggle fits with).. My big sister has always had to get the ugly stuff done but now I feel equip so she doesn’t have to be the bad guy all the time.

I did get a couple dozen one inch diamonds hand pieced while waiting for doctors. But I kept wondering how much more I could have gotten done if I had quilt in a box like http://quiltobsession.wordpress.com/2011/08/10/stormy-seas-6/ has set up! If only I was that organized! Maybe in my next life!

Tomorrow is another busy day. I’m hopeful I will get some more stitching done in the midst of everything else.


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Everything Changes..

a bird nest

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Obvious statement I know, but so many times we fight the changes. We like things to stay the same. It’s not that things are perfect it’s just that we’ve adapted to this time in our life.

I’m one of those people who change my physical environment often. In the last sixteen years I’ve owned and renovated five homes. But the emotional changes I didn’t adapt to very well. I seem to fight those, sometimes to a fault.

I’m facing one of those times now. #Three son is turning 18 and graduating from High School this year. This is the year of decisions for him. And the year of last times for me. For him the beginning and for me the end of an era. He is starting his first year at College while still in high school to get a jump on his degree. I’m both proud of the man he has become and missing the boy he was. I’m not sure if it is a mom thing or a parent thing. I’d like to think I’m getting better at this.. he is number three. But truthfully, it hurts the same. Not to mention number four graduates the following year and I just turned fifty!

First Day of School.. 2010

The saving grace is my husband. Bless his little heart! The changes are just as difficult for him. Yet, he soldiers on and pulls me kickin’ and screaming along. He sees each change as a new beginning for us and tries to keep me grounded in reality. Of course he also cheats and offers to get me a new puppy…


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One of THOSE posts..

A photo of The Thinker by Rodin located at the...

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Yep, it’s going to be one of those posts that truly have no substance. Somehow before you know it, you have consumed two-hundred words and feel none the wiser for it. If I had time I would camouflage the truth of that statement but I don’t as once again I am late, late, late. I’m not sure, maybe I did fall down a rabbit hole. I assure you that, if that could happen then it has happened to me!

By now, you know the drill. I have one quilt on the table ready for quilting, one at the machine ready for piecing and half a dozen in my head all screaming to be born! All these thoughts are swirling around until I grab onto one thought and POOF! a blog is born for the day. Sometime’s I can’t stop at one thought and spew thoughts until I am relieved and once again think clearly.

Right now, I am unable to spew thoughts as I have one thought and one thought only. GET THIS QUILT DONE. Stop dilly-dallying and start sewing. Lock the door, crank up the music and put the hammer down!

Total word count 205, Was I right or was I right?

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Are they quilt-worthy?

I’ve made quite a few quilts for wedding gifts. It’s a occassion right up there with babies that seems to require a quilt. But I’ve found that some people don’t understand the gift. So I’ve now cut back to making quilts for who I think actually want one. I have seen a quilt I spent a year making become a dog bed and I’ll tell ya.. it was sickening!

Don’t get me wrong, I make quilts for dogs too. My grand-dogs have all gotten quilts. Of course my grand-dogs are perfect so maybe that’s different. I also know that babies become toddlers and drag quilts around with them so, no that’s not the point either. I’m talking ripped up, stained and never washed. A velvet, satin and brocade crazy quilt with over 80 hours of embroidery dog bed. I know that I can’t control what happens after I gift a quilt .. this quilt in question was taken from who I gifted it to and they called me and asked me to repair it when they found it and got it back.

How do you decide who is quilt-worthy? I think all babies are definitely quilt worthy.. although some of the parents don’t always qualify. When I make a baby quilt I try to make it as sturdy as possible. I made quilts for a set of twin boys and I’ll tell ya (they were over a year old at the time) and I’ve never seen such a reaction. They loved those quilts! Hugged them, dragged them around traded them to each other and showed them to everyone. If those quilts get worn out it’s because they were well loved and to me that’s what a quilt is for. I’m probably gonna make those boys quilts for their big boy beds too!

I’ve started the wedding quilt and have been thinking about the couple I’m making it for. Yes, I did pick a quick and easy pattern because I had other quilts I was making and I admit just plain forgot. But the fabrics, colors and love I’m putting into this quilt is important to me. I’m sure it will be used and loved.. that for me is quilt-worthy!


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Each quilt has a story line….

Coming Home

Image by Images by John 'K' via Flickr

Have you been to the airport at midnight? It’s actually pretty entertaining. I enjoy watching people see each other for the first time in a long time.. the tears of joy, the hugs. That time of night it’s only people arriving so it’s mostly about happiness. You see the good part. The reunion. That’s only part of the story though.

Making a quilt has snap shots like that. Good parts you can take a picture of and see and enjoy. But there is so much being done that you don’t see. There are parts you experience in the process that you really can’t take a picture of. And even some you don’t want to take pictures of… the not good parts. Those are the things that make up the whole story.

Every quilt maker has their own favorite tasks and least favorite tasks. The snap shots different for each of them. Attaching the binding used to be my least favorite, now it’s one of my favorites. I used to love cutting up all the fabric to ready for a quilt now it’s one of my least favorite parts. The first completed block is still the best to me. The mistakes we make, sometimes we share those sometimes we remake to eliminate them. The parts we don’t share that make up the whole story are the same for each quilter I would think. It’s the decisions we make along the way.

It’s hard to quantify and break down each decision and the order we make the decisions in. Sometimes it’s the fabric that helps the quilt design along. Sometimes it’s a block that chooses the fabric. I’ve seen some quilts that look like they were designed around a quilting pattern. Through the unseen parts you come to the snap shot .. the moment it all comes together and works yet even then, still not the whole story.


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