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Ireland Bound?? I wish!

(LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)”][Howth and Ireland's Eye. County Dublin, Irela...The count down is now 85 days until the Quilt Show! I mean seriously who wouldn’t want to go? I know it’s a lifelong dream of mine to go to Ireland. I don’t have any definitive reason but hey, if there’s a Quilt Show, tell me.. whats a better reason?

Even McCall’s has a quilting Ireland tour! SEE!! It’s not just me. Other people see quilting as a reason to go to Ireland. But wait even Ricky Tims is going to be there.. I’ve always wanted to meet Ricky Tims! I guess that’s another reason to go, right? (Shhhh… these are reasons not excuses! And I’m not done!! ) I’ve gotten all but two of the Irish Quilting Magazine since it’s premiere issue. The quilts are so beautiful. The pictures just send my imagination wild with possibilities!

 Unfortunately it’s not in my budget but it doesn’t stop my dreaming about it! It’s a romantic notion and I enjoy looking into it each year.. you know, just in case my Dreamz Happen! So if you go please take pictures and tell Ricky “Hi” for me!



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Making Bubbles

Another 6 am wake up.. I’m gonna be (more ) silly stoopid if this keeps up! I told you about my grand dog (the one with Addison’s.) She’s staying here for the next few weeks BUT she thinks it’s time to get up when she hears any noise!  I have five (yes, real-life) dogs sleeping in my bed and it is a very delicate balance to keep them all sleeping.

I’m heading back to the quilt room to play with thread. I finally got the pebbles down but they are time-consuming. I think it’s worth it though.. I love the look of them! I still have to figure out the metallic bubbles, I may spend some time looking at bubbles today!

It’s getting a bit frustrating trying to figure out what I need to do to get this concept into the thread.  But then I saw this (the pink bubbles) and I SEE!  Do you see what I see? I can do this!

Oh, the needle changes have become second nature now.. although I did have to put nail polish on them to color code them.. I kept forgetting which was which. I won’t tell you how many times I put the same needle back on that I took off!

Well I’m missing yet another quilt show this weekend but it can’t be helped. I looked into going to the Paducah Show but finding a hotel room this late was impossible. I guess it ‘s not going to be my year for quilt shows. No worries, I’ll use my free time to make more quilts!


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Image by Margriet PR via Flickr

Don’t tell anyone but the wedding quilt is coming off the table today! Then of course its binding time.. my least favorite part. But seriously I can’t tell you just how relieved I am! I was thinking it may never get finished!

OH wait! I went fabric shopping yesterday! WHOOP, WHOOP! There is nothing like a little fabric therapy (my sister does retail therapy, that’s when she buys stuff for no reason) to get the juices flowing! I got the focus fabric for the blue quilt. How amazing is that?  I stopped to figure out what the pattern is and how many blocks so I’d have a basic idea for what I needed to cut. But the Memory quilt is first and yes I even figured out a pattern for that.  All on the back of an envelope while waiting at the orthodontist for my DD. Bwaahaahaa, I am giddy about cutting fabric!

I sat and watched DD tie dye a bunch of shirts yesterday.. I gave her two of mine to do too. She had a ball! I can’t wait to see how they turn out.. they are still in plastic bags waiting to be rinsed and washed.

Quilt Skipper posted some AMAZING pictures of quilts in the Pacific International Quilt Festival y’all have to see them!

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Red Pepper Quilts: Australasian Quilt Convention ~ 2011

Here’s another … I love the colors in these quilts!


Australasian Quilt Convention ~ 2011

The Australasian Quilt Convention is on in Melbourne from April 14 to April 17, 2011 at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens; it is one of my favorite quilt shows and of course I have been counting down the days …

… and it was everything I hoped for. As is tradition, I spent this day with my sister and mother. We had a fantastic time enjoying the company of fellow bloggers, like minded quilters and fabric addicts. Quite some time was spent gazing at stunning quilts. For those of you who couldn’t be there I thought I would share with you some of my color, pattern and quilt inspiration:

via Red Pepper Quilts: Australasian Quilt Convention ~ 2011.

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I’m posting link to several blogs about Quilt Shows.. There’s loads of pictures but you must visit the blog to see them all!



Last weekend, Hubby and I went to Waco, Texas, home of Baylor University, Texas Rangers Museum (the law enforcement agency, not the baseball club), and the Dr. Pepper Museum. We didn’t stop to visit any of these sites, but we did attend the quilt show hosted by the Homespun Quilters’ Guild at the Waco Expo Complex. Here are photos of just a few of our favorites.


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Paducah or Bust

Do you think a sign like that would work? Maybe I could hitch a ride… I’ve got two weeks to get there right? It could be an adventure! Since I’m already busted I guess not… and with my luck there really are quilt police and I’d get arrested! But it could be a really funny story!  

I got to meet my Hero!

I may have really blown it by going to Paducah first.  That place is Disneyland for Quilters. The shuttles, the shops.. downtown.. everyone was so happy and friendly. Not to mention there is fabric.. literally everywhere! And Eleanor (Burns) is there too! Eleanor is my BQF ya know! Well, she doesn’t know it but I call her that.. when she accepted my Facebook friend request last year I went on a rant about her being my best quilting friend. I have all her shows burnt to DVD and I’ve almost got them memorized. Before joining the Guild I was all alone in my quilting world and Eleanor was the only quilter I knew! I did see Alex (Anderson) but she taught like I was already a quilter. My Guild friends thought I was nuts. I cried when I saw her!

I’m still hoping for Knoxville this year. So I guess I’d better get to work to make that happen. And to all of you who not only are going to Paducah but are IN the show!! I want to see pictures!! (and tell my BQF, I said “Hi!”)


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Joanna S. Rose Will Display All Her Quilts in N.Y.C. – NYTimes.com



Pat Sloan has links to pictures of all the quilts.. they are awe inspiring!

The first thing that Joanna S. Rose said was, “I’m not a collector.”

It was an interesting way to begin a conversation about 651 red-and-white quilts that she has — what? — amassed since the late 1950s.

“We used to say I’m an accumulator,” said Mrs. Rose, who was the longtime chairwoman of Partisan Review magazine, “but I’m a treasure hunter. A collector is always bettering what he has. I only have accumulations of things.”

Six hundred fifty-one quilts: If laid end to end down Park Avenue, they would go from the Park Avenue Armory, between East 66th and East 67th Streets, to at least the old New York Central building at East 46th Street, and probably on into Grand Central Terminal. (They are not all the same length, so this kind of back-of-the-envelope calculation can go only so far.)

It turns out that Mrs. Rose has never seen them all at once. But now she will, and so will lots of other people. From Friday through Wednesday, all 651 will be displayed, not stretched down the avenue but inside the armory. The exhibition — note that word — is coordinated by the American Folk Art Museum. Clearly, Mrs. Rose had a hand in the preparations, from interviewing design firms that could hang the quilts in the armory to writing part of the full-color brochure. Only once in the brochure is there a mention of “Mrs. Rose’s collection,” and not in the part she wrote.

The brochure refers to only 650 quilts. No. 651 made it into the exhibition when Mrs. Rose looked at the design for the display and said, “You’re missing a quilt.” She was thinking of a favorite that bears the Lord’s Prayer. There was a search. It turned up in a closet.

And it was Mrs. Rose who suggested the title of the exhibition: “Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts.” She said the inspiration was a line from Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra”:

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale

Her infinite variety …

So the quilts’ appeal is that they have retained their “infinite variety.” They have not turned “stale” with age.

The armory display was a birthday present for, and from, Mrs. Rose, who turned 80 several months ago. “My husband asked me what I wanted,” she said, referring to her husband, Daniel, the chairman of Rose Associates, a real estate development company. “I told him, two things: something I had never seen before, and a gift for New York City. I thought, one thing I’ve never seen is these quilts all at once.”

Mrs. Rose said she had no idea she had so many. “Someone asked, and I said, ‘Maybe

via Joanna S. Rose Will Display All Her Quilts in N.Y.C. – NYTimes.com.


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It’s all in the details

Gallery of the International Quilt Study Cente...

Image via Wikipedia

Quilting is so much more than cutting and sewing pieces of fabric together. It’s more than following a pattern and getting seams to match. It’s more than the quilting pattern you choose to pull all those things together.

How many of us step back when we see a quilt and notice all the decisions that the quilter made along the way? Unless you’re a quilter you don’t understand or see each decision. Too often I punt when I face a decision. That to me is the difference between a pretty quilt and a breath taking one. I am also afraid to take the chances when faced with a safe choice and a radical one.  

I’m glad others don’t because they are what inspires me. They have the gift of seeing three dimensions.. They can see fabrics working together before they start to cut. I’m still working on the mechanics and they have shown me there are no limits.

Quilt Shows are humbling. I am thankful for each of the quilters who enter.. they show me that each decision can make a difference. None are too small to affect the outcome. Also that yes, sometimes the radical choice is better!


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Home Again..

I know it was like I never left, right?

My chickens are happy and so are the dogs, though the dogs will may me pay for leaving them for a few days yet.

It was a nice get away but everything must come to an end. The trip home was like a mini shop hop! Two different quilt shops and yes, I bought fabric! It’s the law ya know!

Besides it was only six and a half yards total. I did find the last two fabrics for the wedding ring quilt I have wanted to make forever so that was like a double bonus! I was also gifted two tickets to the quilt show in Lakeland today. So you know where I am!

Hope y’all have a wonderful day!


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Little ol’ Quilt Maker Me…

A gift for my Sister

Thirty-four degrees! Are you kidding me? This is truly nuts!

I’m  hiding in my quilt room today. I may even get done with the 9 patches!

 When I designed Batik Bubbles I thought the 4.5 inch blocks might be too big. Then after counting how many it was going to take I thought too small. But now that the majority are made I’m back to thinking they’re too big. I should have gone with 3 inches, oh well can’t change it now.

So many decisions go into the design of a quilt. Too many for someone of my limited brain cell count. However that doesn’t stop me from trying. I can’t help it! I play the “what if” game with almost every quilt I make. Most changes I make I’m happy with so I’m sticking with my process.

Now I think I’m ready to enter a juried show. (you didn’t see that one coming did you?) I’ve spent a lot of time hiding from the quilt police. Ducking when I feared they were near. Our guild is having a show next spring so I am going to enter! Now that I’ve told someone I have to do it. (that’s how I roll) Of course I now have a case of “what was I thinking” panic taking hold. But how else am I going to document my progress? I need a group of my peers, I can not improve in a vacuum.

I’ve made at least a hundred quilts. With each of them I can to this day show you every mistake I made on them. Every point that was not perky or seam that did not match. It has taken me time to realize that perfection is not a goal that will be attained easily or maybe even in my lifetime. But sometimes I get really close.

I’ve noticed blogs of some out there that made into Paducah this year. Their quilts are amazing. I am years from that level … I have to get my feet wet first. Baby steps. I’ve heard of quilters first entry in the quilt world going to National level, that’s soo not me. At my guilds’ last show I can honestly say they were light years from my quilting. But maybe I’ll get some pointers. Which of the areas I haven’t thought of improving.

I think it’s time to stop hiding and just listen to what they have to say. I can always go back into hiding….


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