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Under the weather..

It feels like months but it’s only been a few weeks.. I’ve finally rounded the corner and am improving a bit. Of course I slept almost 18 hours yesterday.. maybe I’ve been tired too? Sick and tired?

I have been pebbling away on the bubble quilt and I’ve got about 4 inches by 12 inches left to finish the inside  quilting.. I decided to decide on the borders after the quilting . (isn’t that just like not deciding?)Honestly I just couldn’t decide about the borders..

I haven’t gotten to see my new grand-pup but once. Too sick to even finish her quilt but that’s in the works for this weekend. Maybe I’ll get to puppy sit while he works? They decided on her temporary name. It will be months before we really know what we’re going to call her. Now It’s Tunechi.. I know, right? His first dog was named Twinkie, wait for it.. Her real name turned out to be “My Butt”. So things could still be worse!

The garden is doing great! Corn is knee-high.. broccoli is heading up.. beans and zucchini are producing great and cucumbers and almost ready to start picking. I planted Okra for the first time and the plants look good but I have no idea when to expect or how much so that’s a wait and see. Blackberries and strawberries are producing and the tomato and green pepper plants are loaded! It’s very relaxing just sitting out there!

I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your blogs even when I couldn’t write.. hope your day is full of happy surprises!



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Still stitching…

So here it is.. the top and back are ready.. still waiting for a name!

I’ve also still been hard at work making pebbles. As you can see I still need a lot of practice!!I’m trying to make sure the pebbles aren’t all the same size but some are coming out oval instead of round..  Oh well.. maybe I did that on purpose? HAH!

Yesterday was full of cooking instead of quilting. I made three gallons of spaghetti sauce and four gallons of Chili. I freeze it in one gallon increments so it’s ready for the days I don’t want to or can’t cook.  I should have made more spaghetti sauce but didn’t have enough italian sausage.  

My grand dog made it through his neutering and it has been close to impossible to keep him calm since coming home. He wants to play! It makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it! One more day in the life.. My zucchini is blooming and so are the green beans.. I’m eating strawberries as fast as they ripen and snack on radishes as I weed the rows.  The yard cats have killed two of my tomato plants or at least I think it’s them.. I’ll set a trap to find out tonight! They broke the top of the plants off! I may have to look into putting naphtha out there but I’d rather not .(It stinks!)

Hoping this finds you getting through your days with pockets of joy found in places that surprise you!

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Black Friday came and went…

It was a fun time had by all.. I just love people watching on Black Friday! Okay I did spend about $100 but it was on sale! I got a 15 yard roll of batting and nine yards of flannel. Okay! Maybe a couple other things!

We also put the tree up and decorated it and yes even the front of the house got a little sprucing up! The cats love the lights!

So let’s see… I finished the memory quilt and shipped it today. I also started on the quilt for my niece.

So all in all it’s been a pretty good few weeks. Of course I would love to have gotten further but I also had to stop and clean up the quilt room from all the scraps from the memory quilt. I also set up a cutting station in my bedroom so I could get it done quicker. Last I figured it will take 408 diamonds to complete this quilt. I’m using 60 degree diamonds.

Have you noticed how delicious a new blade on the rotary cutter is?  I don’t know why I wait so long to change them. I also need to clean the cutting mat I think that’s probably where a lot of my problems arise. Anyone have ideas on how to freshen up a cutting mat? Guess I’ll look it up on Yahoo.

I’ve got a pot of ham bone and bean soup in the crock pot and I’m thinking it’s a good night for some cheesey corn bread..

What project are you working on? I’m planning on making some placemats but nothing due till after Christmas!


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A few hours to myself…

Taken by User:Husond.

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What to do? What to do?

I’m thinking quilting.. you know me! Okay, this is where I start rationalizing with myself.  You know, I did get a lot of painting done last week. Not to mention I have leftover spaghetti for tonight’s dinner I just have to make garlic bread. I could even throw some clothes in the washer while I’m quilting. That would be getting something done that’s on my chore list too! Wait, I know… I’ll start the eggs, clean both bathrooms downstairs, throw the clothes in the wash then start quilting! Yeah! I win!

We both knew I would win. The only question was how far I was gonna push it.

Besides this quilt is on my to-do list too. I didn’t think it would take this long to get it done. I had no idea that my schedule would become so full so fast.

Some seasons in my life are like that. When I look back I’ll  second guess myself. But today I’m satisfied.. today there will be time for quilting.

Finding joy in the silly things..


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Play Day and Prep | Quilt Skipper

You’ve got to go visit this site… right now! I’ll wait.. okay did you see her kleenex box motifs?  Is she the most inspirational person ever or what!?

It was so nice to have a play day. I’ve been working hard to prepare for two upcoming events. I’ll be presenting my qualifications on July 20 at the Northern California Quilting Council’s Meet the Teachers Day, where there will be a room full of guild program chairs, shop owners and others who are looking to hire teachers and presenters. I hope they like me and hire me!

I’ll also be doing a demonstration at International Quilt Festival-Long Beach during the Saturday Night Sampler on July 30. I’m going to be demonstrating “Ordinary Objects, Fabulous Fills”. That is all about looking at ordinary objects in your everyday life, finding designs in them that please you, and making those designs into free motion motifs.

One of the richest sources of fabulous design I’ve found is…Kleenex boxes! Those Kleenex people must have a talented staff of design people to come up with those pretty boxes. Here is just one example of a pretty fill using the Kleenex motif as inspiration.

via Play Day and Prep | Quilt Skipper.

Today is a nap day…I took off two days in a row and I follow it with a nap day!  Well that’s what happens! All that fun is tiring!

Okay I’ll get back on the thread mill of life on monday.. I did check a few things off my list this morning so that’s something. Oh and our church service was great this morning!  The kids went with Grand to a water park so I’m off the hook! Good thing since I got a quite enough sun yesterday!

Dinner is in the crock pot and I’m off to bed!


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Redwork can be green, right?


So what do you think? Red work can be green.. I mean they also do it blue so why not green? I just found this design at Quilting Bee Designs. I’ve been looking for something to work on while I have to watch TV in the evenings. I think I should be able to do this without too much trouble (my hands should cooperate). I thought it would make a pretty center for a wedding quilt and as it turns out I have yet another wedding to attend this summer! Of course the other quilt doesn’t have to be green but I’ve already made her a red and white quilt so maybe blue.

Yes, I have an embroidery machine but hand stitching is just.. well you can tell the difference. Not to mention I have got to find something to settle me while I watch TV with DH. I’m one of those people that would rather read a book. I’ll tell ya though when I’m hand stitching a binding onto a quilt while watching TV he gets a bit put off sometimes. “Aren’t you ever gonna put that down?” It’s hard to explain, why I like to keep my hands busy, or crawl into a book.

Well I’ve got errands again tomorrow and about a ba-zillion loads of laundry to do today. I got up at 3am so it will most probably be a nap day.  But yes, I will sew on at least three more circles!


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Still stitching away..

attaching circles

I’m still attaching the circles.. I may be at this for another week! It’s slow going.. but still soothing to hear the sound of Vern humming along… Oh my word there are a bunch of circles! What was I thinking? HAH! I like the way it’s looking so far and I guess that’s what matters at his point. I’m still playing with quilting ideas along with thread painting.

I’ve got to get started on that wedding quilt soon. I’ve got enough fabric so I don’t have to go shopping. I just can’t seem to decide which one will be quickest.. or has the most bang. I have loved the celtic knot and it doesn’t look too complicated to piece as long as I do it by chain piecing. I shouldn’t get too confused as I go along. And I also adore Irish Chains! They’re quick to piece.. Decisions, decisions.. I could also go scrappy and do a bow tie set in circles.. greens and white.. If I keep this up I’m not going to decide in time!

Well it’s a decision for next week! I have too much on my plate right now! #3 son is moving the rest of his ‘stuff’ today  :(… , #1 DD has a check-up tomorrow and I’ve got to get my car in for service  the A/C died and this is FLORIDA!  4000 miles past warranty (of course) .. house A/C is getting serviced today and if they have any bad news… I’m quitting!

Prayers for you and yours .. Consider it pure joy, when you face hardships…

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