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Just one stitch..

I’m putting the last border on the New Grand Puppy quilt. #1 picks her up Sunday so I have to wait until then to embroider the name. But it’s a two-day drive home so it will be ready before she gets here! I got a couple more throat widths done on the Bubble Quilt. First the background then the metallic thread. I am so happy I got the tension problem fixed! Quilting life is good here again!

Today is already stacking up to be one of those days! I took my other grand dog to get neutered this morning. It has my stomach so upset! I can’t pick him up until 3 pm. So today I’ll worry all day! Meanwhile I will quilt.. it is the only relaxing thing I can think of!

Also I spent some time with my Mom this morning.. it’s hard. Everytime I think it’s going to get better she slides back three steps. Everything that happens seems to be a personal attack on her worth as a person.  I’m frustrated trying to convince her that not only is she loved but she is lovable.

 Taking it one stitch at a time today.. hope your day is un-eventful!



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Trying to finish up..

I’m almost done with all the diamonds for the quilt top! Isn’t that exciting? Of course I still have to get the borders cut but this is the exciting part when the top comes together. I’m not in any real hurry as I can’t ship it until after Christmas anyway. I’m excited none the less!

I just bought a used Babylock Ellegante. It should be here next week and I’m pretty excited about having another embroidery machine. I may play with it and whip out some simple Christmas presents. I wanted a Duetta but the price stayed just out of my reach.. Oh well, I adjusted.

DH and #2 son have remodeled the man cave for the last two days and having #2 here has been wonderful! Those two are so alike sometimes scares me!

Well I’m off to get things done.. hope this finds you treasuring the moments of joy!


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Black Friday came and went…

It was a fun time had by all.. I just love people watching on Black Friday! Okay I did spend about $100 but it was on sale! I got a 15 yard roll of batting and nine yards of flannel. Okay! Maybe a couple other things!

We also put the tree up and decorated it and yes even the front of the house got a little sprucing up! The cats love the lights!

So let’s see… I finished the memory quilt and shipped it today. I also started on the quilt for my niece.

So all in all it’s been a pretty good few weeks. Of course I would love to have gotten further but I also had to stop and clean up the quilt room from all the scraps from the memory quilt. I also set up a cutting station in my bedroom so I could get it done quicker. Last I figured it will take 408 diamonds to complete this quilt. I’m using 60 degree diamonds.

Have you noticed how delicious a new blade on the rotary cutter is?  I don’t know why I wait so long to change them. I also need to clean the cutting mat I think that’s probably where a lot of my problems arise. Anyone have ideas on how to freshen up a cutting mat? Guess I’ll look it up on Yahoo.

I’ve got a pot of ham bone and bean soup in the crock pot and I’m thinking it’s a good night for some cheesey corn bread..

What project are you working on? I’m planning on making some placemats but nothing due till after Christmas!


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No surprise..

As you can see I stuck with the familiar. I’ve got two of the crazy quilt blocks sewn. One has embroidery neither have embellishments. Of course there will be lace and pearls! I am really liking the fabrics I’ve chosen for this one! The fabrics don’t show real well in  pictures as they reflect light so it throws some of the color off. Once the picture is appliqued with the framing I’ll cut the excess from the behind. But first all the blocks will be squared up. Only ten more to go!

Yes, the wedding quilt is waiting at my recliner to hand sew the binding.  I also got the blue fabrics ironed and ready for the cutting table! I am moving right along! AND ….wait for it…. I didn’t even have to turn off my phone!

The sashing borders and backing will be faux suede. I’ll break out my old Singer embroidery machine (Cindy, she’s the only girl machine I’ve owned but she’s a beast!) to do some lettering and a few small embroideries. There has to be a spider web and a bumble bee hidden somewhere. (I think that’s a federal law.)

Yesterday was a very good day! I have snippets of thread all over the house and all over me. The smell of starch is in the air.. it just doesn’t get any better than that! Hoping today is half as good


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Toyota Commercial 6 needle Embroidery Machine

I was selling it for my Duetta Fund...

I’m designing the quilt label for the wedding quilt today. I’ll set it up to stitch out while I finish quilting the quilt. Yep I’m one of those cheaters who have the embroidery machine stitch out my sentiments for me. No one ever bought my Toyota so it will stitch out faster than it takes me to design it. Did I ever tell y’all about listing it on Craig’s List?

Oh y’all have to hear this.. it is one of the big commercial 6 needle machines, yes it is old but it runs great. I listed it for a steal .. it’s a great backup machine for a small shop. But I listed it too low, least that’s what DH said. I had a bunch of emails and calls. I had an 70 something woman come and she had never run this type of machine or used the programs that digitize embroidery. (What was she thinking?) She was here over an hour .. lessons, demos and nope too loud and too complicated.  She was one of five who said it was too loud and a few more too complicated. Then there were the ones who didn’t like the demo! I didn’t go over everything on the machine, or I didn’t give instruction on the computer program used. The Ad stated that I would NOT train on the computer program or machine, it would be  a demo only. I included the computer, the programs on the computer over 15,000 already digitized designs, but the monitor was NOT included. That was exactly how I bought it. I told them all on the phone it was loud.. I even had them listen on the phone to the machine running. One woman would only buy it if I gave her the monitor.. that was the last straw. I asked her to leave.

So I started filtering the ones that called… only if you have used this type of commercial machine. I will set it up to run ten thousand stitches. No other demos or instruction, as is where is… they kept emailing and calling yet not one knew how to use it. I ended up pulling the ad, I had demoed enough designs to make a really nice quilt.

At that point I figured I should keep it.. it runs great and I can make any size design I need up to 20 inches. It runs 50%  faster than any home embroidery machine. Now all I gotta do if find a way to fit that monster in my quilt room.

Two days of rest and I’m still sick!  Is that wrong or what?  It’s not fair! I feel like stomping my feet and crying.. but that would take way too much energy.  I have a quilt to finish!

 Hoping you find pockets of joyfilled moments today!


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Busy Busy and getting nothin’ done..

Did you ever have one of those days? You’re in constant motion from dawn to dusk but you really don’t have anything to show for it? Yesterday was one of those days. I told y’all about selling my Toyota, well the ad started and so did the phone calls. WHEW! Maybe I priced it too low? Naw, it’s a good machine for a good price and there are lots of people out there who think they want to get into the embroidery business. Problem is they don’t know much about commercial machines so it was like giving lessons over the phone. Y’all already know about my lack of brian cells so you can imagine how difficult that was for me. I had one woman come by and she thought is was too loud. I told her it was loud when she called… anyhoo, I stopped answering the phone after that. It was 7:30 pm.

This one won.. now it's time to do the soak test and see how that yard reacts to being washed!


So it’s saturday morning and I am hopeful I can get something done for ME today. My agenda… oops I spoke too soon.. DH just hollered from the other room! ARGH!!!! Whew, I think I may have just ducked in time.. I finally got the other computer off the floor in here… DH set it up to transfer all the files over to this computer and left it there.  I also got all my tax paperwork filed after doing my taxes. So once again my quilt room is less office and more quilting. That makes it so much easier to get to the quilt zone.

That’s where I want to be right now. But I must be very, very quiet lest someone notice I’m here and make different plans for me! SHHHH!

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Crazy Quilt or Crazy Quilter?

Center for a Crazy Quilt?


Or this one???

After two days of not being able to turn on my sewing machine or use my computer I am rethinking the hand sewing thing. I know, my stitches are not what they once  were but a little hand embroidery when people don’t know what it’s supposed to look like I could probably get away with now and then.

In my past life I did some amazing crewel work, candle wicking and needlepoint. In fact it was crazy quilting that started my love affair with quilting. So I was thinking that there’s no reason I can’t have a project that I can work on when I can’t sit in front of the machine. Not one that has to get done in this lifetime but a fun project like doodling!

I know my limitations and can use the machine in areas that require an exact stitch. Vern has all those stitches not to mention I also have an embroidery machine (okay two). So I decided I can do this! The last few days have been a wake up for me. I have an old (1980) crewel picture I did of an Indian Chief. I had it framed and on the wall for years but have since taken it down and rolled it up into storage. It would make a beautiful centerpiece for a quilt. Of course I don’t have any american indian deco in my home anymore but who cares it’s just for fun and it’s not like it will ever be complete.

So instead of stacks of magazines by my chair I can have abit of busy work. Of course I can already hear the fam. They really don’t like it when I stitch binding and watch the TV with them. They always want me to put it down. Why is that? I am in the room with them, I comment on the show, laugh at the right spots..

Well I couldn’t find the indian chief but I found a few other ones I think might work.. I’m going to stew on it a few days..

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Happy Anniversary!

Well I’ve been married for 15 years today. WHOO_HOO! Can you believe someone intentionally stayed with me for that long? We’ve actually been together  for 19 years and Ya know what’s really funny? This is the first anniversary in ten years that we actually remembered! It’s usually not until April one of us thinks of it. I only remembered it because Facebook reminded me. But don’t tell him that!

Well I didn’t get a new sewing/embroidery machine… financially not in the cards. I’m selling my Toyota 6 needle single head embroidery machine to add to my savings fund for it though. The dream doesn’t die here! That’s how I got my Tin Lizzie (Timmy).. just kept saving!

Selling for my Duetta Fund

What’s on our agenda? He’s working on cars and I’m quilting! Do we get each other or what? Oh yeah my “baby” got her first car actually it’s a truck. She is very excited to have a way to escape from here!

DD's new Truck


Today is a good day. Hope y’all enjoy it too! I’ll try to catch up with yall later!


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I spent Yesterday Surfing!

Thunder is not my friend!

I woke today at 4 am to Mo-Jo-ho-witz panicked by a thunderstorm. Poor little dude is terrified by thunder. We adopted him last year from my niece in Ohio. So now he’s here in the Thunderstorm Capital! I kept thinking he  would adjust to it in time. But I’m beginning to see that is not going to happen.

I didn’t get a thing done yesterday. Seriously, nothing! I guess it’s not too big a deal it was only one day, right?

 But I did get to visit a bunch of blogs! There are some seriously breath-taking quilters out there. (did you notice how many times I say seriously? that’s just weird!) Anyway, I’m going to share some links again today. You’ve got to visit these to see what I’ve seen!

Quilt Obsession You also need to visit the InkLingo site.. she makes you a believer!

Dena Crain Published Author, teacher who is so active in her community it seems like she’s everywhere at once! 

Virtual Quilter This is an Electric Quilt expert.. her designs are amazing and she still insists that one day I will learn EQ! (I’m starting to believe her!)

Quilt Skipper Jenny K Lyons, she is a teacher and award-winning quilter. She just received her acceptance into Paducah this year. You’ve got to see the quilt! On top of all that she’s an absolute doll!

Quilt Inspiration This one is an inspiration… lots of quilt pictures.. color ways .. yep inspiring!

Quilt Dad Now that his arm has healed, keep an eye out for more exciting fabrics and quilts to appear!

Sew Inspired Her’s is a slice of life and a fun read.. I love her year-end collage of all her projects of the year. What an awesome idea!

Garden2day I don’t think there are enough adjectives to describe her .. Talented, inspiring and multi-talented are a few.

Well I could keep this up for hours.. trying to list them all but there’s few. I really have to find a better way to keep track of them! If you have favorites please share! I can’t seem to get enough! 

I’ll have my regular posting up later… after the storm… it’s hard to write with trembling dogs staring at me!

(Sorry.. had to update becuz I forgot to tag this blog…)


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Cook, Paint and Quilt

Mini Shabby 8.5 by 10 Crazy Quilt

Image by peregrine blue via Flickr

I love Victorian Crazy quilts. The embroidery, lace ,beads and pearls. They seem to be both a tactile and visual celebration of fabric. But the best part to me is … no pattern to follow! The embroidery and embellishments take weeks and are so much fun! It may just be time for me to make another one!

As you know that won’t be for a while… I’ve embarked on this Challenge of 6 in 6 and let’s not forget this is also the weekend I am to start the painting the house challenge. ( I heard those giggles!)

My Mom is having more visitors today. This seems to be a time for extended family to visit Florida. I can’t imagine why.. high 80’s low 60’s? Could that be it? Well whatever the reason  This morning DD has to go and mop her house and change sheets and I have to “bring on the food“. Not as hard as you would think. Actually I credit it to loving food and having seen my sister feed her family a time or two I caught on real quickly.

I only have four kids but my sister, you remember the young-looking older sister, she has nine . Well when we get together that’s a bunch of people! No one in their right mind wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking when they have visitors soo.. I have six crock pots. They have to be the best invention ever! I set them up in the morning and taadaa you have only to make a salad! She wanted meatloaf one day so DD is making that today  so all she has to do is put it in the oven. DD specializes in Meatloaf.. I mean it is superb!

I’ll have my update this evening. I hope I hope I hope… that there is a update.

Cook, paint and quilt… that’s all I gotta do!


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