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Celebrating Moms’ Birthday without her…


Mommas’ 80th Birthday

My Mom left too soon. She had 80 love filled years but at the end she wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready either. She was such an amazing person. She worried about everyone and wanted to “fix” all their problems. She was a Nurse by profession until she was 70 and it was truly her calling. She died April 19, 2016.

Today is her birthday. I miss her so much it still hurts my heart. Every funny thing that happens I want to tell her about. Every scary thing I need her comfort. Every challenging thing I seek her support. She was such a huge presence in my daily life that there is still a hole. We were more than Mom and daughter, we were friends. 

momma and her momma

Momma and her Momma

She wasn’t perfect by any means. I remember the hard, demanding and opinionated person she could be too. Do I have scars, yep. But then so did she. I made her cry and hurt her feeling a lot. If she pushed, I’d push back twice as hard. She wanted the world for my brother, sister and I. She expected us to attain greatness. She got to see them attain it before she left and she was so proud, telling complete strangers about them. I was just “Doo”, I always joked my nickname meant “do this, and do that”.

MoM and girls

She could make anyone laugh. We spend many nights laughing until our sides hurt. When she saw the movie about Patch Adams it spoke to her. She believed humor and laughing would cure most of the worlds ills. So today I choose to laugh and make others laugh too! (Well maybe not on this post… :/ )

My eulogy for her was:

Today I’ve lost one of the anchors in my life. Someone whose life is so entwined in mine and the threads woven so beautifully that I sit here wondering how this tapestry of my life could ever be the same. How can an artist complete a painting never using one its main colors to finish or a musician never using a chord in the foundation of the chorus in the song. I know it can be done and that God’s plan is perfect, yet as I stand in the eye of this storm I have so many questions. “Why is it that…” Tomorrow or some day soon I will have to dream different dreams and set different goals. But now I sit in this grief and reflect on the lessons it is teaching me. I know I am only one thread and she was the artist who taught me to weave my life around those I love. I am honored to have her as my Mother. And blessed she was my friend.


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My kids “get” me!



What could be more perfect? A gift basket of all my favorite things! Quilting Magazine, tequila with a new shot glass, chocolate, and a Jo-anns gift card! Turning fifty-one was a lot more fun than fifty! All my kids and my Mom and the best dinner ever.. Yep Kentucky Fried Chicken!

The only drawback to the day was tropical storm Debby. We were right in her path and she was dumping TONS of rain all day long! We got about twenty inches! Fortunately for us we remained high and (almost) dry but I can’t say the same for some of our neighbors. The river crested and flooded neighborhoods and many had to grab their pets and run.

A leaking roof.. that’s the worst we suffered. We were blessed! Not to mention I had enough KFC for breakfast the next morning! I love cold fried chicken!

I’m going back into the Quilt room today.. hoping to get the blocks finished but ya know, I just don’t see finishing today. I’ve got about twenty more blocks to go and I may be having puppies today!

Oh, did you see how I just slipped that in there!  Yes, PUPPIES! Well maybe, she has woke me up at the crack of dawn yesterday and today. Now I’m having one of those “what was I thinking” moments! My stomach hurts and I’m a nervous wreck! Just the thought of having puppies in the house again!

You just know she’ll get into my batting scrap pile. Maybe I should use this nervous energy to clean the quilt room? Naw, I’d rather quilt!

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