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Empty Nest Part Duex

Two years ago when my baby girl moved to California I had my first empty nest. Then seven months ago she moved back in when her husband deployed. Followed shortly by #3 son who had down time between leaving the Marines and starting in the Army. In four days my son leaves for the Army and in about 25 days BG leaves for California with my grandson when her husband returns. I’m going to miss them. No really, I will. Her take on the move…


I do look forward to getting my quilt room back. And I won’t have to use my kitchen island for cutting and dining table for sewing. That’s not entirely true. I got a new portable Brother sewing machine at Christmas. Model XR3240 was on sale for $95 with free shipping! I couldn’t resist!  My husband has been using my long arm quilting almost as fast as I piece. We started a ministry making baby quilts for the local pregnancy center and for all the expected babies at church. So sewing at the table will be necessary when he is quilting. I’ll also get my spare bedroom back to set up my cutting and ironing stations.

We’ll also have to go back to cooking for two. That’s a lot harder than you’d think.




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Still stitching…

So here it is.. the top and back are ready.. still waiting for a name!

I’ve also still been hard at work making pebbles. As you can see I still need a lot of practice!!I’m trying to make sure the pebbles aren’t all the same size but some are coming out oval instead of round..  Oh well.. maybe I did that on purpose? HAH!

Yesterday was full of cooking instead of quilting. I made three gallons of spaghetti sauce and four gallons of Chili. I freeze it in one gallon increments so it’s ready for the days I don’t want to or can’t cook.  I should have made more spaghetti sauce but didn’t have enough italian sausage.  

My grand dog made it through his neutering and it has been close to impossible to keep him calm since coming home. He wants to play! It makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it! One more day in the life.. My zucchini is blooming and so are the green beans.. I’m eating strawberries as fast as they ripen and snack on radishes as I weed the rows.  The yard cats have killed two of my tomato plants or at least I think it’s them.. I’ll set a trap to find out tonight! They broke the top of the plants off! I may have to look into putting naphtha out there but I’d rather not .(It stinks!)

Hoping this finds you getting through your days with pockets of joy found in places that surprise you!

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Spring Ahead

But, what if I didn’t want to spring??? There’s probably a good reason for the time change to still be messing with our internal clocks. I don’t know what it is but I’m sure there’s a reason. Even the dogs seem off their game today.

I’m going to spend some quality time today watching the garden grow.  It’s very relaxing. Of course I want to spend some time in the quilt room too. I’ve gotten a pretty good rhythm going. It get almost hypnotic.

I cut the fabric for the puppy quilt and am starting to sew my strips. I changed direction on the pattern.. lets see if I like how it turns out. More quilty pictures tomorrow.. that is if I actually get anywhere!  I’ve found I can only sit and quilt for about fifteen minutes at a time before the spasms start so I have a couple of projects going so I move a little in between.

Go ahead and Spring.. you’ll get used to it!


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There ya go..

We got all the title and registration paper work done and a new set of tires for the new car so DD is one Happy Camper! Of course she owes us slave services for the next six months but now she’s happy with that. We’ll see in a few months if she’s still as happy.

I’m hopeful I can return to the quilting room today though I’m not holding out too much hope. It could happen! I decided on the puppy quilt. I hope my Duetta gets here before I’m ready to quilt so I can get the embroidery done.. the only problem I see encountering is that the new puppy has no name yet! #1 doesn’t name his dogs until he’s been with them for a day. 

Here’s our adopted boy we got in January. He’s eight pounds of love! Harry brings us back up to four dogs in the house. He’s got a way to go though.. he wants to eat the chickens! He’s half their size! On Harry’s first day here #3 son heard my screams and came running  .. Harry got into the chicken run I was trying to catch him..but #3 couldn’t help because he was laughing so hard.. I thought the chickens were going to eat him!! I was frantic! (okay, it was a funny sight)

I got a vet appointment in an hour.. my GrandDog Moomie has Addison’s and has to get an injection once a month. Today I get to learn how to give the injection.. doesn’t that sound like fun? I gave myself injections for three years so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Starting my day.. hope yours is full of  happy surprises!

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GOOD Morning!

Yesterday was not a very productive day for me personally.. DH and I found a new (previously owed) car for DD and we drove the hour there to see it then a half hour testing etc. ..yada yada.. bought the car and came home. All the searching came after I sold her truck yesterday morning. Home by 5:30 pm and got dinner on the table by 6 pm.

Somehow I did fit a trip to the fabric store in the middle of all that! I didn’t have the right purple for my grand puppy’s quilt!  At the cutting table the salesperson asked what I planned for the fabric and I told her I was expecting a grand baby. She was excited for me! DH had come in with me (whether to hurry me along or to see what I was spending, it’s hard to say) But he had to correct me and tell her it wasn’t a baby it was a puppy. I don’t think he gets it.  This is practice for when there are babies! See, I knew y’all would get it!

Now all I gotta do is pick a pattern.. So far I’m looking at these two.

I’d like the middle available to embroider her name but I can do that on the border.

Today there won’t be much accomplished as it is errand day. Hoping y’all find pockets of joy throughout the day!


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I spent Yesterday Surfing!

Thunder is not my friend!

I woke today at 4 am to Mo-Jo-ho-witz panicked by a thunderstorm. Poor little dude is terrified by thunder. We adopted him last year from my niece in Ohio. So now he’s here in the Thunderstorm Capital! I kept thinking he  would adjust to it in time. But I’m beginning to see that is not going to happen.

I didn’t get a thing done yesterday. Seriously, nothing! I guess it’s not too big a deal it was only one day, right?

 But I did get to visit a bunch of blogs! There are some seriously breath-taking quilters out there. (did you notice how many times I say seriously? that’s just weird!) Anyway, I’m going to share some links again today. You’ve got to visit these to see what I’ve seen!

Quilt Obsession You also need to visit the InkLingo site.. she makes you a believer!

Dena Crain Published Author, teacher who is so active in her community it seems like she’s everywhere at once! 

Virtual Quilter This is an Electric Quilt expert.. her designs are amazing and she still insists that one day I will learn EQ! (I’m starting to believe her!)

Quilt Skipper Jenny K Lyons, she is a teacher and award-winning quilter. She just received her acceptance into Paducah this year. You’ve got to see the quilt! On top of all that she’s an absolute doll!

Quilt Inspiration This one is an inspiration… lots of quilt pictures.. color ways .. yep inspiring!

Quilt Dad Now that his arm has healed, keep an eye out for more exciting fabrics and quilts to appear!

Sew Inspired Her’s is a slice of life and a fun read.. I love her year-end collage of all her projects of the year. What an awesome idea!

Garden2day I don’t think there are enough adjectives to describe her .. Talented, inspiring and multi-talented are a few.

Well I could keep this up for hours.. trying to list them all but there’s few. I really have to find a better way to keep track of them! If you have favorites please share! I can’t seem to get enough! 

I’ll have my regular posting up later… after the storm… it’s hard to write with trembling dogs staring at me!

(Sorry.. had to update becuz I forgot to tag this blog…)


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Quilters’ Block..

Quilt pile

Image by qusic via Flickr

You’ve heard of writers’ block? Well I have Quilters’ block. Yet consensus is that no, I am not a real hoarder of fabric. And since I don’t have any more room for huge purchases ( I like huge purchases, don’t you?)  I do need to start a challenge for myself. I did this three years ago after Thanksgiving and really had a blast. (What can I say I am easily entertainable)

Starting Monday I will attempt to make six quilts in six weeks. No smaller than 48 X 48 and no larger than 80 X 80. I must use a pattern of sorts not uniform blocks. Finished block size no larger than 12 inches finished. I can not purchase fabric for these quilts they must all come from my stash. They all must be quilted with binding attached and at least half must be bound with labels.

When I did this before I used the quilts as Christmas gifts. It’s too bad I don’t have loads of baby fabric because I know so many people expecting babies! Of course the prize (the grand prize) is a shopping trip to re stock my stash. I mean what is a better motivator? The problem is that I have really hit a creative wall. Even with the new and improved quilt room I am just sitting here looking at fabric.

Seriously, you know it’s bad when I re-organize and clean rather than quilt! I still have to get that Bieber Quilt pattern done too. My DD keeps asking when? SO here I go, the prep is simple. I have to get food ready. Yep, I still have to cook these weeks I’m quilting and yes I have to do my chores too. By sunday night I will have six piles of fabric at the ready and six patterns on top of them.

By starting this I hope that by telling y’all I’ll be held accountable. It’s out there now, I have to do it. I’m already sitting here thinking of reasons I shouldn’t publish this. Isn’t that sad?


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