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Ireland Bound?? I wish!

(LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)”][Howth and Ireland's Eye. County Dublin, Irela...The count down is now 85 days until the Quilt Show! I mean seriously who wouldn’t want to go? I know it’s a lifelong dream of mine to go to Ireland. I don’t have any definitive reason but hey, if there’s a Quilt Show, tell me.. whats a better reason?

Even McCall’s has a quilting Ireland tour! SEE!! It’s not just me. Other people see quilting as a reason to go to Ireland. But wait even Ricky Tims is going to be there.. I’ve always wanted to meet Ricky Tims! I guess that’s another reason to go, right? (Shhhh… these are reasons not excuses! And I’m not done!! ) I’ve gotten all but two of the Irish Quilting Magazine since it’s premiere issue. The quilts are so beautiful. The pictures just send my imagination wild with possibilities!

 Unfortunately it’s not in my budget but it doesn’t stop my dreaming about it! It’s a romantic notion and I enjoy looking into it each year.. you know, just in case my Dreamz Happen! So if you go please take pictures and tell Ricky “Hi” for me!



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Who knew?

Sewing the rows took a lot longer than I thought! Of course it’s so big I had to lay it out on the floor and sewing diamonds is a little trickier than blocks. OY VEY! So it’s not perfect but then none of the quilts I make are anywhere close to perfect so that makes it just right!

Squaring it up and attaching the borders are next. I’m trying to make sure it’s not done by Christmas.. it’s not a Christmas present.. it’s a replacement quilt for the one I had already given my niece that wasn’t my best effort.

I really like the look of it.. and I think the borders will set it off nicely.  I’ve decided on an all over quilting pattern. But as yet I haven’t decided which one.. any ideas for me? Next time I won’t make one quite so big! It will end up to be a queen/ full size!

What’s next you ask? Well since I finished painting the dining room I am clear until Christmas! I got my Ellegante two days ago and have played with it.. loads of fun but yes a bit of a learning curve! Looks like I will be making the Christmas tree skirt after all!


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Trying to finish up..

I’m almost done with all the diamonds for the quilt top! Isn’t that exciting? Of course I still have to get the borders cut but this is the exciting part when the top comes together. I’m not in any real hurry as I can’t ship it until after Christmas anyway. I’m excited none the less!

I just bought a used Babylock Ellegante. It should be here next week and I’m pretty excited about having another embroidery machine. I may play with it and whip out some simple Christmas presents. I wanted a Duetta but the price stayed just out of my reach.. Oh well, I adjusted.

DH and #2 son have remodeled the man cave for the last two days and having #2 here has been wonderful! Those two are so alike sometimes scares me!

Well I’m off to get things done.. hope this finds you treasuring the moments of joy!


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One Block at a time..

I’ve got about fifteen more 9 patches to go but as you can see I can not fit it all on the design wall. But it does give me a better idea of how it’s going to look. I really like it! I actually like diamonds!

Nope, I didn’t get my dining room painted yet. I had the intense pleasure of spending yesterday in lines at the local junior college with #3 son! We started in the first line at 6am and finished with everything by 2pm! Doesn’t that sound joyous? Dual enrollment is definitely worth it so believe me I’m not really complaining! I just didn’t figure the whole day into my schedule.

DH is almost done with the Christmas shopping.. I am so blessed he likes to shop! It’s one of my least favorite things to do! I do have to make us a new tree skirt.. the mice got into it! Fortunately it wasn’t something special, I bought it years ago and it had seen better days! Does anyone have any fun ideas? I need inspiration!

It’s almost Christmas cookie time too! DD and I made eight batches last year and it looks to be about the same this year. The family favorite is oatmeal raisin chocolate chip.. I love making the fudge! But of course we make the shapes so we can decorate them. Our gingerbread cookies last year looked pretty sad but they tasted good!

Looking forward to time spent with family…


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Image by Margriet PR via Flickr

Don’t tell anyone but the wedding quilt is coming off the table today! Then of course its binding time.. my least favorite part. But seriously I can’t tell you just how relieved I am! I was thinking it may never get finished!

OH wait! I went fabric shopping yesterday! WHOOP, WHOOP! There is nothing like a little fabric therapy (my sister does retail therapy, that’s when she buys stuff for no reason) to get the juices flowing! I got the focus fabric for the blue quilt. How amazing is that?  I stopped to figure out what the pattern is and how many blocks so I’d have a basic idea for what I needed to cut. But the Memory quilt is first and yes I even figured out a pattern for that.  All on the back of an envelope while waiting at the orthodontist for my DD. Bwaahaahaa, I am giddy about cutting fabric!

I sat and watched DD tie dye a bunch of shirts yesterday.. I gave her two of mine to do too. She had a ball! I can’t wait to see how they turn out.. they are still in plastic bags waiting to be rinsed and washed.

Quilt Skipper posted some AMAZING pictures of quilts in the Pacific International Quilt Festival y’all have to see them!

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Seams to me..

Inching Along...

Image by Jennuine Captures via Flickr

That… it’s the seams that really matter, consistency that is. As a new quilter I fought exact quarter-inch seams. It took time to realize that if they were all consistent that was the important thing. Mine is a hair under the quarter-inch rule.

Consistency is such an important issue. Actually if you think about it.. it holds true in other areas too. I don’t like it when others aren’t consistent in their actions or words. It makes it hard to square up and match seams. It makes things wonky, ya know?

When you have more than one person helping to make a quilt and you all have different seams.. well, the blocks don’t match up! It’s frustrating! But rather than un-sew we have to find other ways to get the blocks together into a quilt. That’s when it becomes time for creativity.

It’s the result we’re working for.. we have to find ways to work together to make it work.. even in the worst circumstances. We all have different visions of the end result and some of us will be disappointed. Usually when many quilters are working on the same quilt it is for someone else. The ones we are working for are our first priority.. it’s time to set aside our bias and just get it done to the best of our ability.

This is especially true when you’re comfortable working with another quilter.. you trust their seams.. y’all match up! Then more quilters are in the mix and poof no one matches up! It’s time to stop and just make it work!

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Finding my Happy Place..

The Creation of the Two Trees figured in Tolki...

Image via Wikipedia

Oh My Word! Reality is sometimes not what we need to be hit smack in the face with twenty-four hours a day. How ’bout some fantasy for a change?

My fantasy world has a huge quilt room with a delicious cutting station that has an ironing surface. My “Timmy” has room all the way around him so I can do pantographs if I want to. My design wall is king-sized. It’s the same house (I secretly love this house, shh.. don’t tell anyone) but all the painting is done.

The alarm on my phone isn’t going off every six hours telling me to take my meds. In fact my phone is not ringing at all. My kids do their chores without me nagging. My DD is in a good mood and makes her wonderful meatloaf as a surprise.

My DH comes in from the garage that finally has the additional concrete floor poured and finished. He is beamin’ because his “Sally” has a new space. All his “stuff” is organized and he has his floor fan. He now has his ‘man space’.

Okay, that’s enough fantasy. Other than the meatloaf dinner and alarms only time and effort stands in the way. I know, my quilt room isn’t going to expand over night but I will move Timmy to the apartment and yes, there’s tons of room then.

Finding joy in dreaming…

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Red and White Quilt 2 | Virtual Quilter

In my opinion this woman is the Electric Quilt Queen!

About Virtual Quilter

I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.

Mix up a collection of red and white 9 patch blocks and see what happens.


via Red and White Quilt 2 | Virtual Quilter.

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Quarter inch feet are not alike!

I’m still plodding along on the 9-patch quilt.. I’ll tell ya what, that is a bunch of seams to match when sewing the rows together! I made a rookie mistake. I have to tell on myself so I can get from being mad to finding the funny in it. Half way through the quilt I changed my quarter-inch foot. Well I changed it to a see-through quarter-inch foot. No harm no foul right? WRONG!! No I didn’t sew a test seam in between. That was the rookie part!

Come on! Yall are not supposed to be flinching here! You’re supposed to help me to find the funny part!

I noticed as I sewed more rows together. Yep, knew instantly what happened. Got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.. that’s what experience does for me. I can recognise a mistake after I make it for the ump-teenth time. Nope, doesn’t stop me from making it again I just don’t have to think much about it when I see the results of the mistake.

It’s an eighth inch difference in the width of the quilt. Not huge but I know it’s there. You’d be able to pick it out too! As I look at it, it is screaming at me! But I’m not going to re-make 120 9-patches un-sew then re-sew so I trudge on.

I’m sure we all make them. I got ahead of myself. When stripping I like the metal foot I know I have to set the needle over to .8 and for pieceing tops I like the clear foot that I set at .5 and if I switch between them it’s usually only at those times. Which would not effect the top.

Well all I can say now is WHOOPS! One thing I am is adaptable.


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9 Patch Pile-up!

Pile-up, stack-up.. whatever! It just means I am getting there!

I am actually getting pretty jazzed about this quilt! Despite the fact there is 2016 pieces in it! Instead of Batik Bubbles I may name it 2020! Am I the only one that counts pieces?

Basic design Batik Bubbles

 I’m not sure why I do it but I can’t help myself! When I designed the borders on #1 son’s wedding quilt I figured out I had more pieces in the border than I did the quilt top. So of course, I had to tell everyone! I thought it was pretty amazing! Now I count as I go, just to see… and yes, if I’ve been to your blog and seen your quilts, I have counted yours too! Numbers are soothing to  me.  Sure way to calm myself down is to figure yardage for a quilt. Then block counts and pieces…

I think it’s one of those trivia things. Useless information we store for no reason what-so-ever! I still remember the first quilt I saw that was over 5000 pieces. I was in AWE! Back-in-the-day they cut each piece individually, there was no strip piecing. I have an english paper piece that I am working on  (in my spare time) that I hope to make at least that. Don’t ask why, just because I want to make one like they did and many still do!

My self imposed challenge has had its intended result. I want to experience quilting! Yet I’m way behind so I better stop talking and get back to piecing!

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