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Scrappy makes me happy!

Disappearing Four Patch:

This was one of my quick quilts. It just wasn’t scrappy enough for me even though I used all different green fabrics.

D4P Quilt

It’s time for the borders!!

I like this version better!

I’m thinking maybe I’ll try it this way next with two complementing colors with white? As you can see I’m already planning my first quilt of the year. I’m sure I’ll change my mind a dozen times. But this is the fun part!


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Making Bubbles

Another 6 am wake up.. I’m gonna be (more ) silly stoopid if this keeps up! I told you about my grand dog (the one with Addison’s.) She’s staying here for the next few weeks BUT she thinks it’s time to get up when she hears any noise!  I have five (yes, real-life) dogs sleeping in my bed and it is a very delicate balance to keep them all sleeping.

I’m heading back to the quilt room to play with thread. I finally got the pebbles down but they are time-consuming. I think it’s worth it though.. I love the look of them! I still have to figure out the metallic bubbles, I may spend some time looking at bubbles today!

It’s getting a bit frustrating trying to figure out what I need to do to get this concept into the thread.  But then I saw this (the pink bubbles) and I SEE!  Do you see what I see? I can do this!

Oh, the needle changes have become second nature now.. although I did have to put nail polish on them to color code them.. I kept forgetting which was which. I won’t tell you how many times I put the same needle back on that I took off!

Well I’m missing yet another quilt show this weekend but it can’t be helped. I looked into going to the Paducah Show but finding a hotel room this late was impossible. I guess it ‘s not going to be my year for quilt shows. No worries, I’ll use my free time to make more quilts!


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Curved Piecing by Hand — Lots of Photographs « Quilt Obsession


You have to check out her blog and don’t forget to take a look at her patterns! All of her piecing is by hand! She is amazing! 

Curved piecing is a lot easier than it looks — at least by hand it is. I have never tried it on the machine, but then we all know how little I use the machine! I’m told it is just as easy on the machine. All the pictures in this post can be clicked on for larger versions so that you can see the detail a bit better.

I thought I’d do a little tutorial on hand piecing curves. Lester is here to exert his calming influence.

As I have oodles of apple cores printed for the Red Delicious apple core quilt, I chose two of those for this.

I think on this next picture, if you click on it to make it bigger, you will be able to see the lines. There is the one long slightly curved concave line which is the stitching line, and which matches a curved line on the convex curve on the black piece to which I will be joining this white piece. The other little lines are the matching points — and they are also matched on the black apple core. The first thing I do is clip between the matching points on the piece with the concave curve, almost to the stitching line but not quite.

via Curved Piecing by Hand — Lots of Photographs « Quilt Obsession.

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I vaguely remember being 13

I’m starting a quilt for my niece and I’m already stuck! She’s at that age.. you know the beginning of the teens. I told her I’d like to make her a quilt. She didn’t say a word then a day later, she walked up to me and said ” I like blue , oh and I don’t like flowers”. That’s probably more than she had spoken to me the entire week before.

So, I’ve got a few dozen blues and was going to do something scappy or I could do a two color blue and white. HELP!  Bow Tie is my all time favorite. Tennesse Waltz Quilt                         But I love the look of the triangle in a square.  Then of course I remind myself she is probably more contemporary.

Instead of using the Twister I thought maybe something like this?

Maybe mark a template and use the scrappy blues and a white then border it in a blue?  Well I’ve got about a day to decide then it’s time to start cutting! I keep reminding myself it’s not for me.. sort of like all those black and white quilts I made last year. It’s got to suit her. 

Well I’m getting the backing ready for the wedding quilt and yes, running out to get ink. Then it will go on the quilt table. I’ve chosen a rambling heart pattern for the quilting. I’ll outline the signature squares first. Wish me luck!

Sometimes it’s the small pockets of joy in the little things that truly surprise you!


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Play Day and Prep | Quilt Skipper

You’ve got to go visit this site… right now! I’ll wait.. okay did you see her kleenex box motifs?  Is she the most inspirational person ever or what!?

It was so nice to have a play day. I’ve been working hard to prepare for two upcoming events. I’ll be presenting my qualifications on July 20 at the Northern California Quilting Council’s Meet the Teachers Day, where there will be a room full of guild program chairs, shop owners and others who are looking to hire teachers and presenters. I hope they like me and hire me!

I’ll also be doing a demonstration at International Quilt Festival-Long Beach during the Saturday Night Sampler on July 30. I’m going to be demonstrating “Ordinary Objects, Fabulous Fills”. That is all about looking at ordinary objects in your everyday life, finding designs in them that please you, and making those designs into free motion motifs.

One of the richest sources of fabulous design I’ve found is…Kleenex boxes! Those Kleenex people must have a talented staff of design people to come up with those pretty boxes. Here is just one example of a pretty fill using the Kleenex motif as inspiration.

via Play Day and Prep | Quilt Skipper.

Today is a nap day…I took off two days in a row and I follow it with a nap day!  Well that’s what happens! All that fun is tiring!

Okay I’ll get back on the thread mill of life on monday.. I did check a few things off my list this morning so that’s something. Oh and our church service was great this morning!  The kids went with Grand to a water park so I’m off the hook! Good thing since I got a quite enough sun yesterday!

Dinner is in the crock pot and I’m off to bed!


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Summer Quilt Whisperer 101 Class Offered! « Feathered Fibers

Visit Feathered Fibers Site for the rest of the story…

By popular demand, another session of my Quilt Whisperer 101 Online Class will be taught from July 11, 2011- July 30, 2011. Course description and details are below.

Registration begins on Monday, June 27 at 7:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. Details will be posted on this forum, my blog and by email by signing up for my class info newsletter.

Quilt Whisperer 101 Online Class

This is a quilting design class created by professional machine quilter, Carla Barrett, which features 3 weekly online lessons, creative exercises, videos, live meetings, and an interactive forum to learn Carla’s unique method for “quilt whispering” or designing a quilt top for the quilting. In addition, Carla shares her favorite feather designs, fills, sashings, and borders designs, too. This class is jammed packed with helpful information about quilting and how to approach and design any quilt top! In addition, you will have access to the class and course material for at least 6 months once the class is finished.

Bonus!!: Students may send quilt top pictures to Carla to design and include in Lesson 3. Details are provided upon registration.

Quilt Whisperer 101 is a class for beginning to advanced Quilters, Art Quilters, and Machine Quilters. Class is appropriate for domestic machine or home quilters, as well as machine quilters with a stand up quilting system.

via Summer Quilt Whisperer 101 Class Offered! « Feathered Fibers.

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Is it the process or the results that keep you quilting?

Twenty finalists were chosen for McCalls Design Star and nope I didn’t make it.. not surprising but yes a bit disappointing. I have already picked my favorite and am voting for them to win . You know I’ll be asking you nicely to vote for them too.

Thursday evening I spent a few hours looking through an old quilt book “The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America, by Carrie A. Hall and Rose G. Kretsinger”. It’s one of my favorites even if it’s just to read and look at the blocks. Just for fun I graphed out a couple of the blocks to get a feel for them.

I added the star centers but that isn't sure yet.It's the block set on point in the top left..

I thought it would look best with different colors for each dark rectangle the centers being the same (background color) and then adding something to the centers. I tried out the stars first but it could be any applique. I even thought of making them all dominoes.. I know corny but I was still pretty sick then!

It's the block set on point in the top left..

 I also graphed out another and tried way to mix it up but couldn’t come up with anything exciting with it. I have seen this block done and it is an amazing quilt so maybe I don’t need to change it.

Garden Maze.. it would look good two color or scrappy!

 I had a lot of fun playing with these blocks. Even when I can’t sit and quilt I usually have something my mind is going over or trying to fit into a quilt.

Yes, I starting quilting the wedding quilt. It was a rough start but it is actually gonna be a cute quilt pattern. I may have come up with a system that works for me. Lots of marking but that’s part of the fun. I went with the meandering shamrocks and large row of shamrocks for the border.  Unfortunately I had a bit of a set back yesterday. Seems I had adverse/allergic reaction to some of the medicines I have taken for my cold/flu combined with what I’m already taking. So I’m back on bed rest for a few days.. I may not be able to travel next week after all.. But whatever.. I’ll be there in time for the wedding and that’s the important part!

Hoping that you enjoy the process as much as the results!! 


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