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Stash Busting 101

Yep, I think it is past time to go on a stash busting spree. I can’t buy any more fabric because I don’t have room! (yes, it has spread into the bedroom too!) It’s getting embarrassing!

It’s time for some simple quilts, twin to lap size. I mean really simple! I found a simple celtic knot I’m going to try. Fifteen inch blocks and I’ll need a total of twenty.  I’d really rather keep it small but I’m in a hurry! Let’s see..  I’ve figured out a real quick strip piecing method so .. I know, I did it again, didn’t I?  It just goes against my nature to completely follow a pattern.

So any-hoohere’s the pattern I’m starting with. As you can see by their instructions there are a ba-zillion pieces per block. But I think it lends itself easily to strip piecing! So I start cutting after the holiday and I’ll let ya know how that goes!

Stay safe!


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My kids “get” me!



What could be more perfect? A gift basket of all my favorite things! Quilting Magazine, tequila with a new shot glass, chocolate, and a Jo-anns gift card! Turning fifty-one was a lot more fun than fifty! All my kids and my Mom and the best dinner ever.. Yep Kentucky Fried Chicken!

The only drawback to the day was tropical storm Debby. We were right in her path and she was dumping TONS of rain all day long! We got about twenty inches! Fortunately for us we remained high and (almost) dry but I can’t say the same for some of our neighbors. The river crested and flooded neighborhoods and many had to grab their pets and run.

A leaking roof.. that’s the worst we suffered. We were blessed! Not to mention I had enough KFC for breakfast the next morning! I love cold fried chicken!

I’m going back into the Quilt room today.. hoping to get the blocks finished but ya know, I just don’t see finishing today. I’ve got about twenty more blocks to go and I may be having puppies today!

Oh, did you see how I just slipped that in there!  Yes, PUPPIES! Well maybe, she has woke me up at the crack of dawn yesterday and today. Now I’m having one of those “what was I thinking” moments! My stomach hurts and I’m a nervous wreck! Just the thought of having puppies in the house again!

You just know she’ll get into my batting scrap pile. Maybe I should use this nervous energy to clean the quilt room? Naw, I’d rather quilt!

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Trying to finish up..

I’m almost done with all the diamonds for the quilt top! Isn’t that exciting? Of course I still have to get the borders cut but this is the exciting part when the top comes together. I’m not in any real hurry as I can’t ship it until after Christmas anyway. I’m excited none the less!

I just bought a used Babylock Ellegante. It should be here next week and I’m pretty excited about having another embroidery machine. I may play with it and whip out some simple Christmas presents. I wanted a Duetta but the price stayed just out of my reach.. Oh well, I adjusted.

DH and #2 son have remodeled the man cave for the last two days and having #2 here has been wonderful! Those two are so alike sometimes scares me!

Well I’m off to get things done.. hope this finds you treasuring the moments of joy!


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Black Friday came and went…

It was a fun time had by all.. I just love people watching on Black Friday! Okay I did spend about $100 but it was on sale! I got a 15 yard roll of batting and nine yards of flannel. Okay! Maybe a couple other things!

We also put the tree up and decorated it and yes even the front of the house got a little sprucing up! The cats love the lights!

So let’s see… I finished the memory quilt and shipped it today. I also started on the quilt for my niece.

So all in all it’s been a pretty good few weeks. Of course I would love to have gotten further but I also had to stop and clean up the quilt room from all the scraps from the memory quilt. I also set up a cutting station in my bedroom so I could get it done quicker. Last I figured it will take 408 diamonds to complete this quilt. I’m using 60 degree diamonds.

Have you noticed how delicious a new blade on the rotary cutter is?  I don’t know why I wait so long to change them. I also need to clean the cutting mat I think that’s probably where a lot of my problems arise. Anyone have ideas on how to freshen up a cutting mat? Guess I’ll look it up on Yahoo.

I’ve got a pot of ham bone and bean soup in the crock pot and I’m thinking it’s a good night for some cheesey corn bread..

What project are you working on? I’m planning on making some placemats but nothing due till after Christmas!


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Time to ready the fabric for printing!

I use Bubble Jet 2000 to treat the fabric I print on. All the blocks are ready and it’s time to applique the pictures.. aren’t you excited? I sure am! I’ve been hand attaching the binding on the wedding quilt and I think  may have to finish it with the machine… my hand is swollen and sore and  I’m only a quarter of the way done!


I treated the fabric last night and it’s dry and ready for ironing. Now it’s on to cutting the wax paper and ironing it on to the fabric so I can put it through the printer.

I still have to square up the blocks and cut the sashing and borders too but it’s getting close!


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No surprise..

As you can see I stuck with the familiar. I’ve got two of the crazy quilt blocks sewn. One has embroidery neither have embellishments. Of course there will be lace and pearls! I am really liking the fabrics I’ve chosen for this one! The fabrics don’t show real well in  pictures as they reflect light so it throws some of the color off. Once the picture is appliqued with the framing I’ll cut the excess from the behind. But first all the blocks will be squared up. Only ten more to go!

Yes, the wedding quilt is waiting at my recliner to hand sew the binding.  I also got the blue fabrics ironed and ready for the cutting table! I am moving right along! AND ….wait for it…. I didn’t even have to turn off my phone!

The sashing borders and backing will be faux suede. I’ll break out my old Singer embroidery machine (Cindy, she’s the only girl machine I’ve owned but she’s a beast!) to do some lettering and a few small embroideries. There has to be a spider web and a bumble bee hidden somewhere. (I think that’s a federal law.)

Yesterday was a very good day! I have snippets of thread all over the house and all over me. The smell of starch is in the air.. it just doesn’t get any better than that! Hoping today is half as good


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Image by Margriet PR via Flickr

Don’t tell anyone but the wedding quilt is coming off the table today! Then of course its binding time.. my least favorite part. But seriously I can’t tell you just how relieved I am! I was thinking it may never get finished!

OH wait! I went fabric shopping yesterday! WHOOP, WHOOP! There is nothing like a little fabric therapy (my sister does retail therapy, that’s when she buys stuff for no reason) to get the juices flowing! I got the focus fabric for the blue quilt. How amazing is that?  I stopped to figure out what the pattern is and how many blocks so I’d have a basic idea for what I needed to cut. But the Memory quilt is first and yes I even figured out a pattern for that.  All on the back of an envelope while waiting at the orthodontist for my DD. Bwaahaahaa, I am giddy about cutting fabric!

I sat and watched DD tie dye a bunch of shirts yesterday.. I gave her two of mine to do too. She had a ball! I can’t wait to see how they turn out.. they are still in plastic bags waiting to be rinsed and washed.

Quilt Skipper posted some AMAZING pictures of quilts in the Pacific International Quilt Festival y’all have to see them!

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Hand Piecing Project

InkLingo Flower

inklingo has inspired me .. I am having such a hard time with color right now! Click on that link so you can see a sample of the whole quilt. Yes, I mean now... I’ll wait.

Okay, I’ve always wanted to make a quilt with a black background. So I’m thinking (I know, a miracle, right?) the outside of this part the shape that’s white in this picture as black … you still with me? So that gives me the other two shapes. What colors? I started thinking batik in two color groups. The shape that’s red in this picture as the yellows and the other shape not shown here as reds. Then I went off on a tangent and it’s gotten really ugly now. I’m almost talking myself out of the black background!

For the sewing machine .. I still have to get the blue quilt done for my niece. I’m starting to get excited about it. I’ve lost the pattern but I’m pretty sure I can wing it from memory. I’ll let ya know how that goes. (I heard that snickering!)

I’m still in the middle of mass chaos waiting to see what happens. Although at this point I’m putting one foot in front of the other until ‘whatever it is’ happens. There are signs everywhere of fall but seasons in Florida are a funny thing.

I’m finding my joy in the quiet before the storm..


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Sneak Peek…

Yep here’s a sneak peek at the wedding quilt… this picture you can’t see the signatures so I think it’s safe to post. Y’all can get an idea of what it’s gonna look like..

Wedding quilt lay out… a lot bigger than I planned it!!

It’s been a busy day.. it’s already past 8 pm and I’m just gettin’ to posting for the day! Looks like I’m heading to Ohio the end of this week. Loads to do before I go!

My pocket of joys was finding a backing fabric in my stash! Was yours hiding in plain sight too??


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Momma always says…

“If you don’t wanna know the answer, don’t ask the question!” My niece has spoken or I should say chosen.. she prefers the twister! All blues.. like the black, white and red on my page. Last Years last quilt.. I know, that wasn’t one of the candidates.. who knew?

It’s like the pin wheel so I’m not complaining. I’ve got the fabrics ready so I start the initial cutting probably tomorrow. Have y’all done the twister before? It’s actually a fun quilt, the only problem is room for the first piecing and cutting. I have to do it in phases. I did the last one, one quarter at a time. I also have a little problem.. I’ve lost the template so I guess I’ll have to make up one just for this quilt. No real biggie since I’m going to use six-inch blocks instead of those tiny four-inch ones. That took a ba-zillion pieces! This way it’ll only be three-quarters of a ba-zillion!

Radio Windmill

I found this block on Messy Karens Blog. It’s a neat block but my first thought was using the X-Block tool. It’s like the twister except it does so much more! Okay, go ahead and check it out, I’ll wait… see! I know, I love the ribbon quilt too! Maybe one of my next quilts?

Okay, I’m outta here… I’ve got quilting to do!
Hoping your pockets of joy bring you the giggles today!

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