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Still stitching…

So here it is.. the top and back are ready.. still waiting for a name!

I’ve also still been hard at work making pebbles. As you can see I still need a lot of practice!!I’m trying to make sure the pebbles aren’t all the same size but some are coming out oval instead of round..  Oh well.. maybe I did that on purpose? HAH!

Yesterday was full of cooking instead of quilting. I made three gallons of spaghetti sauce and four gallons of Chili. I freeze it in one gallon increments so it’s ready for the days I don’t want to or can’t cook.  I should have made more spaghetti sauce but didn’t have enough italian sausage.  

My grand dog made it through his neutering and it has been close to impossible to keep him calm since coming home. He wants to play! It makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it! One more day in the life.. My zucchini is blooming and so are the green beans.. I’m eating strawberries as fast as they ripen and snack on radishes as I weed the rows.  The yard cats have killed two of my tomato plants or at least I think it’s them.. I’ll set a trap to find out tonight! They broke the top of the plants off! I may have to look into putting naphtha out there but I’d rather not .(It stinks!)

Hoping this finds you getting through your days with pockets of joy found in places that surprise you!


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Spring Ahead

But, what if I didn’t want to spring??? There’s probably a good reason for the time change to still be messing with our internal clocks. I don’t know what it is but I’m sure there’s a reason. Even the dogs seem off their game today.

I’m going to spend some quality time today watching the garden grow.  It’s very relaxing. Of course I want to spend some time in the quilt room too. I’ve gotten a pretty good rhythm going. It get almost hypnotic.

I cut the fabric for the puppy quilt and am starting to sew my strips. I changed direction on the pattern.. lets see if I like how it turns out. More quilty pictures tomorrow.. that is if I actually get anywhere!  I’ve found I can only sit and quilt for about fifteen minutes at a time before the spasms start so I have a couple of projects going so I move a little in between.

Go ahead and Spring.. you’ll get used to it!


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Micro Handles

I’m not sure how I’d be able to do all these pebbles without the micro handles DH made for me.

These are the ones you can order from Tin Lizzie.. I’m sure I told y’all about my hands..

I can rest my palm on the ball and I don’t get the cramping that a handle sends me to.  With all these pebbles I’m grateful I have my handles instead of theirs!

 I’m having fun.. I still have a bunch to learn (or re-learn). I forget more than I remember but I am loving the process!

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So many events…

Through the Chaos

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The last six months have flown by.. I’m disappointed I haven’t been able to keep y’all up to date.

Loads of drama, but that’s not anything new really.

In a nutshell here’s the highlights..

  • We finished the body work on DD’s truck and DH got it painted. It turned out very pretty but now she wants a little sports car. I think DH may have had a hand in that decision.
  • #1 son starts his last year of College next month and should be back from teaching in Wisconsin in three weeks. He may have a job lined up in Tampa.
  • DIL got a job in Atlanta and will be gone next week. So it looks like they will continue their long distance marriage for at least another year! ARGH! (hard to get grand kids that way!)
  • # 2 son has a new girl in his life and she is a doll! Smart, funny and she tolerates him! What more could a Mom ask for? (it helps that he’s smart and funny too!)
  • My mom is being divorced. Can you say ugly all day? It has been a crushing experience for her and watching it has been devastating for me. I don’t know if she will come out of this.
  • #3 son signed with the Marines! Yes, I said the Marines! I have some very not nice words for the Navy recruiters here. All they wanted to talk about were video games.. uh, HELLO? Seriously? He tells them he wants to sign up and they talk video games? After taking the ASVAB and scoring quite well he just wanted to “talk” to the Marines.. yes, that is what he said. I know he wanted to sign with them when this started but I wanted Navy. So there ya go… I am a mother of a Marine! Pray for me! He leaves October 6th.
  • I am just now putting the binding on that diamond quilt I am making for my niece. Yep I’m still working on that quilt and no I didn’t set it aside to make anything else.
  • The garden is growing nicely after planting it the second time. We had a hard freeze the second week of February and there was no saving it. I spend at least an hour a day just watching it grow.
  • We finished the upstairs bathroom. It turned out nice. We got the tile and cabinet in last month. Of course now that we’re close to finishing the big projects around here we’re talking about moving.. where depends on whether there are grands in the making…

So there ya go.. I’ve already missed two quilt shows.. I’m hoping that life settles down soon so I can get back into the quilt room. I think I may have settled the tension problem I was having with my longarm. It turns out it wasn’t me!  When I moved it got knocked out of whack! !  Yesterday I traded the Babylock Ellegante in for a Duetta.. so there’s a new machine to play with. Oh and it looks like I have a grand puppy coming soon! So you know I have to make her a quilt!


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Quilt is off the table!

The binding is attached I just need to finish it up and attach the label. Then I throw it in the washing machine and I run out the door and jump in the car! So I’m just running a bit late now. Not too bad considering.

There are two four leaf clovers hidden in the shamrocks!

All in all it was a pretty quick quilt. If I didn’t get sick and have to take time off I would have been a few days ahead of schedule.  But by attaching the binding on the table it saves me at the least a couple hours.

I also remembered to buy the cream fabric for the signature blocks for the other wedding quilt. I’ll have to prep it when we get there.
all I gotta do is… finish and pack and load the car then I’ll be driving from Florida to Ohio..
I’m excited! I’m going to see my SISTER!!


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Down to the wire..

The label is ready and I still have a few more passes on the longarm to get the quilting done. Then to attach the binding. I’m happy I learned the trick of attaching it on the longarm!

Binding on the LongArm.. saves time!

I wish I had already cut my binding and had it ready and I could have done the binding as I quilted! That picture was the last quilt where I was practicing attaching. With every quilt I learn something! I’m still a single fold binding person. It’s one of those preferences like “prewash fabric or not“, you have reasons but sometimes they only make sense to you.

I really wanted to be out of here by tomorrow morning. I’m not sure with all the other errands that it will be possible but I’m still shooting for it! You never know, it could happen! DD has cleaned the car so we have a clean slate to start with. Of course we know how messy it will be when we’re done! Yes, I’m taking a sewing machine and supplies. I thought I’d start on a crazy quilt while I’m there. You know, in my spare time! I should have had that redwork ready, but I’ve never been one to prepare ahead of time! SHOOT! I still have to run get the fabric and get it ready for the signatures! Yes, today! It has to be prewashed (let’s not get into that debate now) and treated ( I use bubble wash) so the signatures won’t fade much. Then I iron it to freezer paper so it’s easier to write on and the ink won’t accidentally bleed on another block. Then I’ll cut the blocks from the big sheets.

Gotta run.. lots to do before I sleep..

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Why didn’t I practice?

Timmy is ready to GO Baby GO!!

Before loading the quilt on the table?  Why didn’t I practice with Timmy more? I mean seriously I used to have a tester quilt loaded just to spend time with Timmy. But that was years ago.. instead of making all these quilt tops that’s what I should have done! (You’re wondering who Timmy is? He’s my Tin Lizzie I name everything, just about!) You guessed it. I have the wedding quilt loaded on the table and now… I have cold feet! I spent an hour doodling yesterday just to see which patterns I would be able to get my hand to do.

As you can see my hand is really shaky...

 It was pretty shaky so I hoped by getting some rest and getting up fresh would help. Nice try .. unfortunately this is as good as it’s gonna get. The last few quilts I did, I went really slow and had points to hit marked. I may have to do a bunch more marking just to make sure this one flows right. I’m using a variegated green thread and it’s going to show up on the white. I did leave tails on the borders to test tension so I’ll play a little there first. I will also be attaching the binding while it’s up there.

It would be easier to echo quilt the green squares. I have a straight edge to help, maybe I should do that instead of meandering. See! I’m driving myself nuts here.

I’m learning to accept my limitations and while pushing my limits.. hope you find your happy place today!


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Longarm Supplies…

Extension Table

I ordered the needles for metallic thread that fit Timmy.. they should be here by the time I have all these bubbles finished. I was also thinking about getting a circle template so far I’ve done everything freehand but I’m thinking it sure would be nice. But then so would a bed extension. It’s shopping fun? I started out just needing needles and now I have a list of “stuff” I gotta have!


Of course I have a stack of acrylic stock so I could have DH make it for me.. yeah that’s it.. NOT! I had to make the extension bed for Vern, I gave up waiting on him to make it for me. I used to be pretty good with power tools. Maybe I’ll invade the man cave and make up a set. Yeah, in my spare time when I’m not quilting and painting the house! That’s back on my work list. I plan to tempt fate and get up on that 28 foot ladder! ARGH! But in his defence, his work list is a lot longer than mine.

Well, I’m gonna get back to making a ton of circles if I want to be ready when those needles get here.

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Making Bubbles.. tiny bubbles

It’s a good thing making bubbles are fun! I have a ba-zillion more to go! It’s a fun little foot attachment but not as accurate as I hoped. I may try the brother attachment just to see if I like it better. That one looks a lot more sturdy and like it will be more accurate.. of course it should be since it costs so much! (I’m just sayin’)

I’m pulling the colors from this fabric..

I finally decided on colors. Well it went quicker once that was the only thing to do before I could make bubbles.

It takes longer to get the hoop under there and back than to sew them. Yes the shorter hoop slides really easy but is smaller so I had to re position the fabric for each circle. Okay so I’m a lazy today! 

I really want to go get some real bubbles! I love to watch them float away.. now this is a huge bubble!

Just look at the colors in this bubble!

This picture is close to what I was thinking with the colors. I think my big bubble fabric reflects it and with metallic quilting thread I may just make it. I may have to do a bit of thread painting which is slow work for me. But very calming, so that’s a good thing.

Do any of y’all use a longarm? I have a Tin Lizzie and finding needles is not an easy task. I have not found a metallic needle for it. Any of y’all have any suggestions?


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Scatter Brain or Genius?

With me it’s usually when I am at my most scatter-brained that inspiration strikes. Unfortunately I don’t always remember what it was I came up with. I really need to start carrying a note pad around with me.. but then I’d lose it so.. I’m stuck in this vicious loop!

I was surfing for quilting patterns and found this link to quilting fillers. It was so much fun to watch the slideshow I just lost a half hour. I’ve got errands to do this morning but pretty much after that my day is set aside for getting that quilt onto the table.  I wanted to have the top marked with the general scheme and of course the basics so I don’t forget where I am during the quilting process. Once I get the batting loaded it will be enough for a few quilts and that’s a relief.

Yes, he had his own couch too! He was such a blessing!

So where’s the genius part you wonder? ME TOO!  You’d think I would have some.. somewhere? I have come up with some scathingly brilliant ideas in the past. But they usually had to do with home remodeling. And since I no longer weild a saw or hammer you’d think I’d have some having to do with quilting. I’m still waiting for them. In the meantime, I am watching for them lets hope I find my notepad!


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