Photo updates..

So here’s a few quick pictures..

The Diamond Blues…

Metallic Bubbles.. first try at “thread painting” .. still got a lot to learn! Not to mention I have to change needles and thread between quilting cotton thread and metallic!

I’m gonna get back at it.. more updates tomorrow! I gotta figure out the whole needle change thing! I’m planning on pebbling everything outside the metallic thread.




Filed under quilt, thread painting

3 responses to “Photo updates..

  1. The Diamond Blues is gorgeous!! Congratulations!


  2. I had a simular problem, a client wanted bubbles in a art quilt. I was wracking my brain, how., how? I tyred organza, not what I wanted. I finallty painted them in irridesant pink paint, lightly. put a few glitter highlibhts, then thread paint ever so lightly around edges and into part the bubble. Yours are looking good. That was such a brain teaser.


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