Another Day in the life..

Green common beans on the plant.

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Quilting and Gardening.. that’s my goal for today.

#3 is at the Marines fitness readiness day and DD is sleeping in. DH is talking to me from the other room but I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about, my mind is elsewhere. I just keep saying uh-huh when I hear him pause.

Still attaching bubbles!

Ya ever have one of those days? I’ve been thinking about the Bubbles quilt I had to set aside before Christmas and now that Timmy (Tin Lizzie 18) has his tension problem fixed I’m getting excited about finishing it! I really want to try my hand at thread painting! But to do that I must first finish the binding and get my Nieces’ quilt shipped!

The weather has been beautiful here 70’s at night and 80’s during the day. I’ve got a row of tomatoes setting fruit and another row of tomatoes about four inches tall. The okra have their second set of leaves and zucchini is getting ready to flower. The corn and green beans still have another month and the cukes are right behind them. By summer the watermelons and cantaloupes should be in full swing. I’ll be making Homemade horse-radish next week. I pulled one and took a bite yesterday and WOW it cleared my sinuses in one bite!

Well I’m burning daylight and I’ve got to get dinner in the crock pot fast!


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  1. It’s good to see you back at blogging. I can’t believe your garden is that far along but then I can. It’s getting close to time for us to start whatever we are doing this year. Take care and may your day be blessed.


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