One more thing..

There always seems to be just one more thing to deal with or get done. Right now I’m trying to concentrate on one thing at a time. Okay, actually I have two on my plate right now. I almost put another thing on my plate but stopped just in the nick of time! Yes, I still have the master work list but my list has this quilt and painting the dining room. DH & #2 son are adding to the garage. Somehow a four car garage isn’t quite big enough.. he’s going for five! That’s happening next week, with the concrete truck coming on saturday. We already have more garage than house!

Middle bay is a pull through.. he's adding another under the apartment!

I had planned on finishing the painting today but ya know, I’d rather quilt. I’m really excited about this quilt! You know I changed my mind fifty times on the pattern. Then I came up with this one, I wanted to make a diamond quilt for some time. Sooo, that’s how I ended up back at the fabric store yesterday. I didn’t buy enough sashing fabric for this design! DH thinks Kona solids are expensive!  HaaHaa! If he only knew how much $$ I really have in fabrics! (note to self: Don’t take DH fabric shopping again!)

I’ve got all the strip sets cut and all but eight are ready to sew into nine patches. This seemed to be the quickest way to piece this quilt. Though I could be wrong. Hopefully I will get the colors mixed enough. I only have twelve fabrics not including the border. probably should have had more but again, I planned on a different pattern.

This is the quilt that inspired me. It’s a Fons and Porter Quilt from the Jan./Feb 2011 issue. I didn’t use the pattern from the magazine but I really like the way the diamonds float on the background. I’m hopeful mine will have the same effect..

I’m finding my joy in the little achievements! One diamond at a time! There’s more to the diamond story but I’ll get to that later!!!




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2 responses to “One more thing..

  1. jennyklyon

    I don’t know what happened-I just realized today somehow I unsubscribed? I wondered why I hadn’t seen a post in awhile but I knew you had a lot going on. I’m SO GLAD to be back on subsription. I really enjoy your blog. I’ll have to catch up.


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