Pain as a motivation..


I’m not sure why but it seems the more painful an event is the more I’m motivated. I’ve been absolutely floored by the events happening around me and it makes me want to do something. It seems I’ve been on my knees for so long now that I crave creativity.

I spent the day assembling the top for the memory quilt and of course adding some embellishments. Just a little lace and pearls here and there. I only have my little embroidery machine so I really can’t do the other embroidery I may want. Oh well, I’ll get some close up pictures of the blocks when my camera is charged. I will be doing a little embroidery on the top border today. Then of course the label and it’s time to quilt! The picture really doesn’t do the colors justice.. I love the look and feel of this quilt!

It’s good to be back.



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2 responses to “Pain as a motivation..

  1. It looks fantastic! I’m glad that one of us can get their memory quilt done… Take care.


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