So little time…

Dried green paint

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Quick update.. the wedding quilt is finished and shipped. The memory quilt is still in the works and I haven’t gotten another thing done. (No huge surprise there!)

We went with #3 son to the conference, regional and district swim meets. He placed fifteenth in the last. His 5:33 in the 500 was his personal best. He took the ASVAB on friday and will go back and talk to the recruiter again when the results are in. Hopefully he does well enough the first try to be offered a contract. Then the serious training will begin! We had his 18th birthday party yesterday.. in fact the boys are still up playing video games! Do you remember what you did on your 18th birthday? Well I wasn’t hanging out at home playing video games. (okay there wasn’t any video games waaayyy back then, but still!) There’s a story there but I’ll get back to that later…

I finally got the drywall finished in the rec room. We still have to tile the bathroom and put in the new cabinet and sink then finish off the closet upstairs. But I did get the walls painted too. The dining room has two coats of paint on three walls (one to go… ) but I also have to paint the molding in there. We have wicked crown molding!

My Mom is doing a little better but not out of the woods yet.  We’re still taking that one day at a time.  There are still so many ‘what ifs’ there that we have to deal with. Huge story here too but again more on that later…

So as you can see life has interrupted again. My first Grand dog (Twinkie) died suddenly she was only 10 and it has thrown our world off kilter. Isn’t it amazing how much dogs impact our lives? It just takes my breath away. As y’all know my “precious” died two days before the wedding last year and somehow that is again haunting me. Some dogs are special and even though I have three other dogs at home now there is still a void.

My "Precious"

None of this has to do with quilting. Except that it does. These are the stories behind the quilts. They inspire and motivate me, they drive me into the quilt room for therapy and the quilts that are made become my memories of these times.  



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3 responses to “So little time…

  1. So much going on. I’m sorry about your doggies. It is amazing how pets are wielded and interwoven in our lives. Congratulations on your accomplishments–sometimes the smallest are the most important. You remain in my prayers. Take care!


  2. Sorry to hear about your baby, I just imagine ours all together frolicking around heaven, and I feel better. I’m sure yours are too. But yes they leave snugly little voids in our hearts.


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