Doin’ a little jig..

I’ve got all pictures ready for printing for the memory quilt. One is a really bad quality picture but I’m sure it was chosen for a reason. So I smoothed out the grainy.. I had to take a few days off from sewing ( I know, already?) I did something and my arm/hand swelled right up on me. DH is convinced it was all the sewing that did it. But I think I slept on it wrong. Whatever it was it is better now.

Today I’m going to lunch with two childhood girlfriends. I’m just amazed by how small the world has gotten with the internet. Friends lost in our youth can be found again! So in an hour or so I’m off for Margueritas and laughter..  I’m the one on the right in the picture above..

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for #3 son. The District swim meet.. it’s an all or nothing type thing. Last year he missed eighth place by a half second. He has to place in the top eight to go to Regionals. This is his last year so the pressure is high.. though I think his Dad and I are more nervous than he is! Ya know in the grand scheme this isn’t really that big. After this he signs his letter for the Navy, that’s when the ‘fun’ really begins!

I’ll be back sewing on sunday and should have the blocks through the first phase. I also picked up some new metallic thread to try.. it comes in a big spool so I’m hopeful it lays down like the Coats n Clark I love. I liked this color. Have you seen their thread choice chart?  I wish I had seen it years ago! 

It’s time to get dressed and start my day.. I’m running a bit behind already!




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2 responses to “Doin’ a little jig..

  1. Love the photo! I hope you will be better soon.


  2. Thanks.. feeling better already though I’m so excited I can’t sleep! HUGS@!


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