Only seven blocks to go…

The memory quilt is coming along. I was having thread issues and broke four needles last night. That was very frustrating! If I hadn’t made so many unintelligent mistakes I’d be further along. But that comes with the territory! Fortunately I have a gross of needles on hand just for this type of emergency. I figured out what caused it and no, it wasn’t the thread.

I use Coats and Clark (don’t roll your eyes at me!) metallic gold. It lays down like liquid gold. I’ve tried other brands and they really aren’t the same. There is such a visual difference I’m sticking with them. It was the thread stand, yep it’s behind the machine and the thread had fallen off the stand. It only took four needles to figure it out!

 Mo-Jo and Lola have settled into their ear chewing routine this morning. They are not adapting well to the return to the quilt room! I’ve already had to rescue two spools of thread. Why do they think thread spools are chewies?

It’s been a good couple of days. I’m hopeful for more but grateful for what I have! It’s time to feed the critters and start my day!



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5 responses to “Only seven blocks to go…

  1. simply amazing, I made a quilt once and believe it or not I wore it out. I had to put it into the trash, and I took photo’s so people believed me. Yes, I had to rid of it. 😦


  2. The quilt looks lovely. Thanks for the prayers. We are making it but it is already a long week. I love those 2 precious faces! You can’t possibly stay mad at them for taking your thread. Take care!


  3. I hate it when I break needles more than once in a session. Very frustrating but I always seem to move on. Hope you finally got your quilt done. A lot of work but always worth it in the end. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new creation!


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