Yeah for me!!

I finished quilting the wedding quilt and it is off the table! Two more sides to attach the binding and it’s time to sit and sew! Oh yea! It’s really happening! Can you tell I’m excited? Oh yeah, look at my shirt!! DD got them all rinsed and washed!

While I attach the binding I’m thinking about the next quilt.. you know, the photo memory quilt. I’ve just about got all the details worked out. I had to get more fabric to print the pictures on. But I think the design will work out well. I always did crazy quilt style with loads of embroidery but I think I may do a pieced traditional for this one.

Well it’s been almost three months since chaos broke loose around here and other than completing one pink and brown quilt for a dear friend I haven’t spent much time around fabric. In fact my quilt room is seriously trashed! #3 Son has been doing his college work in here and I can admit that his mess is nothing compared to mine! Oh my word! How did I let it get this nasty in here?  Should I stop to straighten up? Naw… that can wait, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to sew. And I sure don’t want to waste any precious time cleaning!

As soon as I get the binding ready I’ll start pulling fabrics for the memory quilt. I’m still going over it in my head and really need to get some graph paper out and doodle some more. If only I could figure out how to use Electric Quilt! But since these are all different size blocks it’s too much to try to learn now.



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  1. Mine was getting cluttered too, so in order to get it back in order it is now trashed even more. As soon as we move things around in the bedroom, and bring more from it into my art room, hopefully I can organize the mess into workable space…I hope!


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