Seams to me..

Inching Along...

Image by Jennuine Captures via Flickr

That… it’s the seams that really matter, consistency that is. As a new quilter I fought exact quarter-inch seams. It took time to realize that if they were all consistent that was the important thing. Mine is a hair under the quarter-inch rule.

Consistency is such an important issue. Actually if you think about it.. it holds true in other areas too. I don’t like it when others aren’t consistent in their actions or words. It makes it hard to square up and match seams. It makes things wonky, ya know?

When you have more than one person helping to make a quilt and you all have different seams.. well, the blocks don’t match up! It’s frustrating! But rather than un-sew we have to find other ways to get the blocks together into a quilt. That’s when it becomes time for creativity.

It’s the result we’re working for.. we have to find ways to work together to make it work.. even in the worst circumstances. We all have different visions of the end result and some of us will be disappointed. Usually when many quilters are working on the same quilt it is for someone else. The ones we are working for are our first priority.. it’s time to set aside our bias and just get it done to the best of our ability.

This is especially true when you’re comfortable working with another quilter.. you trust their seams.. y’all match up! Then more quilters are in the mix and poof no one matches up! It’s time to stop and just make it work!


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  1. Important words that can also be an analogy of life. We do what we can to make it work. Take care.


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