They’re amazing creatures.. they share your childhood but they have a different perspective. In my case I am blessed beyond measure. My sister is a fixer. She is take charge and detail oriented. We have come to the point where we can agree to disagree. I know it’s not going to cause grief. Yes, sometimes it gets frustrating but hey.. she can’t be right all the time…

Yall know I’m physically and emotionally drained and my brother is plain worn out too. My sister is here and we have relief. She is getting stuff done! Of course it does make me wonder why we couldn’t get things done. But I’d drive myself crazy if I went down that road.

#3 Son had his last school swim meet last night. (Conference, District and State Meets start this saturday) It was the night they stop to recognise the seniors. Each had the opportunity to share their favorite memory and future plans. Two are going pre-med, one to the Navy one to the Airforce, one as Physical Therapy major and the last not sure of her major.

My first practice.. I thought I was gonna die! I had never competed in any sport before and now I knew why!  But that day changed my life. Swimming has become my future, thanks to Coach believing in me and expecting more from me every practice. From that practice to today He has shown me that I needed to work that hard every time No, I didn’t die and yes, I kept getting faster but it’s more than that. It’s the endurance; it’s the one more lap, one more race, or in his own words “just swim”.      Dan

Today is a fun day! (Just say no to drama!)Fabric shopping is going to be featured somewhere in there, I just know it! Oh and food has a major role too! Well I was just checking in.. hopefully I’ll get back to quilting soon! I’ve got the hand pieced quilt picked out but have not decided yet on fabrics for it.. maybe I’ll find them today! 


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