Life.. Intervenes…


This started off as my quilting blog. All things quilting with a few family tales stuck in there, as they related. Somewhere in the last two months I’ve lost course not just on my blog but on quilting in general.

I really need some quilt therapy but life intervenes. My Sister wrote her blog this morning and it summed up it up perfectly. But she also posted this video  on my Facebook that had me fallin’ outta my chair laughing! I’m thinking that life is still good. If I can laugh that much, I can still find the pockets of joy I’m meant to find. I really can’t ask more than that, right?

I’m re-arranging my life and finding ways to fit quilting in there. Thanks to Quilt Obsession I have found a way to get my fabric fix even while I am nowhere near Vern. I’ve chosen a pattern to hand piece and will work on fabric choices next. Due to my hand weakness it will be slow going but this really isn’t a race. It’s therapy, meant to sooth and relax.

Life is not a quilt to make but a stitch to be taken. One at a time..



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  1. You’ll love hand piecing. Even with limited hand strength, it’s fabulous therapy.


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