I know, right?


Image by Tidewater Muse via Flickr

Drama is not fun. Getting old is not fun. Parents getting old? Well that just shouldn’t happen. I know, life should be more like a musical!

My sister makes up songs on the fly.. about whatever she’s doing. She even sings to her dog! Her #4 DD posted one of her diddies on Facebook and the tune stuck with me the rest of the day. It was and still is very funny! 

 Did your fleas all die? Are they hiding on your side? Are they biting you a lot? Are they gone or are they not? (in the tune of do your chains hang low )

See!? It’s catchy! I’ve had a few really funny moments in the last few days. They have carried me through the rough spots. Also some crushing moments but I’m wading through them too. Maybe if I could sing through them it would be a little bit easier? Maybe not easier for who is around me though since I can’t carry a tune.

Our #3 son has decided to join the Navy when he graduates this summer. His goal is to become a Navy Air Rescue Swimmer. As his Mom I couldn’t think of a better suited goal for him. It suits his personality (helper) and his temperament (dedicated) along with his joy (swimming). So why is my heart hammering thinking about it? A sweet ‘sister’ of mine described to me her son joining the Police force with the same issues. So many mothers have children in dangerous professions that I immediately feel like a wimp.

I’m singing through my pain.. just singing through my pain, what a ….. see? I’m already stuck! Maybe I’m just not cut out for musicals?

Finding joy in the silly moments.. hope you are too!



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2 responses to “I know, right?

  1. So funny! I figure that’s like the old song, Do Your Ears Hang Low/Turkey in the Straw. We have to find humor through times of trial. Good luck to your son on the rescue swimming.


  2. That’s the song! Watch out it sticks with you all day!!


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