Picture Day


Getting ready to paint the last two walls!



Well I did get loads of cleaning done yesterday. Not to mention some organizing. The back wall there will be a cherry red when I’m done. Just cause I love red!

As you can see still lots of work to be done!

We had planned to go to Sams today to stock the freezer but our front door knob broke.. the kids stood there looking at Dad.. saying it won’t open. He looked at it and said “it’s broke”. So they asked ” we have to go out the back door?” Haahaahaa! Duh? No, I think you’re stuck here for the rest of your lives.. in this house! Now that’s just funny! It turns out, you can get in but you can’t get out. Oh stop it, you know he let them go out the garage!






You’d think with these mousers around we wouldn’t have a rat problem? These are not my cats on the front porch. They came from two separate litters and they showed up out front. There is also a gray mottled one, that one is a girl. These are all boys. I actually got to pet one yesterday. They usually run away.

This is the Hen House. There is a door and window cut in the side that leads to their run.

Walking around the house was daunting yesterday. It reminded me of all the things that need to be finished or re-finished. Now we start a list of fixing things we already replaced? Isn’t home ownership fun!?

The hot tub is cleaned and has bromine.. DH finally got it hooked up in June. But as you can see he hasn’t finished the benches and tables around it. No matter the water is hot.. that is what really matters!

I’m off to get something done today.. hope you find new ways out of where ever you end up today.


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