5am is not the new 7am

Close-up of chicken wire used in a chicken coop.

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What is it with 5am? Why does my body think that is the time to get up, even when I’m not rested? Well I showed it! I stayed in bed for another two hours anyway!

My list today is long but then when isn’t it. I hope to get some pictures so I can post them tomorrow. Both the quilt off the table and maybe a couple of the garden in the process. But it’s monday which means house blessing day. Dust and straighten the rooms. That’s high on my list as I have neglected it for so long.

Did I also mention I have rats invading my chicken coop? #3 son and I caught about twelve of them and re -homed them about a mile away in the woods. But now we must find the rest of them and get them outta here. I am getting one of those sonic repellant thingys. I’ll let ya know how it works. I’m also gonna put out more moth balls.. it turns out they don’t like them. That must be what kept them away so long. I put them out for the first year we moved here to keep the cats outta the yard.

But onto happier news my sister is coming! YEAH for me! She’s a fixer and planner and gets stuff done. Gotta love that! 

Looking for joy in the everyday tasks..



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2 responses to “5am is not the new 7am

  1. jennyklyon

    Re-homed rats?? Wow, you’re kinder than I! Hope you sleep in tomorrow.


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