Garden Time again..


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It’s time to ready the veggie bed again. You should’ve seen the look that statement got from #3 son. He was not happy to hear that phrase! Since I don’t see him turning down any of the fresh veggies, I’m putting him to work. It’s time to work some more clay into the soil. Maybe one day it will be soil instead of the sand we have here!

The chickens love garden time since they also get their share. They’ve just about finished molting. At least I hope so! They look pitiful!

I know, I have a few things on my “to do” list . Why put one more on there? I just can’t help myself! I love fresh veggies and getting my hands in the soil is another form of therapy for me.

I’m hoping to get the wedding quilt finished up this weekend or at the least off the quilting table. Then to clean the quilt room and start on the ordered quilt. It’s a pictorial memory quilt this time. Yes, I still have to finish painting inside.. and drywall upstairs.. and yes the outside of the house sides and back.. and now the garden.. guess I should get off the computer and do something!




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