Finding my Happy Place..

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Oh My Word! Reality is sometimes not what we need to be hit smack in the face with twenty-four hours a day. How ’bout some fantasy for a change?

My fantasy world has a huge quilt room with a delicious cutting station that has an ironing surface. My “Timmy” has room all the way around him so I can do pantographs if I want to. My design wall is king-sized. It’s the same house (I secretly love this house, shh.. don’t tell anyone) but all the painting is done.

The alarm on my phone isn’t going off every six hours telling me to take my meds. In fact my phone is not ringing at all. My kids do their chores without me nagging. My DD is in a good mood and makes her wonderful meatloaf as a surprise.

My DH comes in from the garage that finally has the additional concrete floor poured and finished. He is beamin’ because his “Sally” has a new space. All his “stuff” is organized and he has his floor fan. He now has his ‘man space’.

Okay, that’s enough fantasy. Other than the meatloaf dinner and alarms only time and effort stands in the way. I know, my quilt room isn’t going to expand over night but I will move Timmy to the apartment and yes, there’s tons of room then.

Finding joy in dreaming…


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  1. Send pictures after move! Be nice to see you spacious quilt room.


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