Nearing the finish..

about 30 inches to go..


Yep it could actually happen! And maybe even this year! Little less than a third to go on the quilting.

Of course I’ve got the binding to do after that and y’all know how I feel about binding! (gag)
It’s been an interesting few days. But I choose to dwell on the positive. I’ve got another two walls painted in the family room and part of the kitchen. Yes, I still have a big job ahead but I’m chipping away at it!
Maybe this weekend will see other projects coming along too? It could happen! I still have a huge project in painting the inside of the house by Thanksgiving and yes, I still have to finish that drywall upstairs. It looks like since it’s taking me so long DH will be doing the tile up there. I’d like to get more done but I only have a little energy each day. I’ve also set aside time for naps .. I really don’t want to get worn out and end up sick!
But for my sanity I fall back on quilting.. finding joy in the tiny stitches..


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2 responses to “Nearing the finish..

  1. I hear you about taking care of yourself. That is one reason why I quit working. I was wearing myself out! Now, if I’m tired, I take a nap. I didn’t sleep well on Thursday night, so I took a nap yesterday afternoon, and didn’t do anything last night. Laid on the couch until 8:30 then went to bed. Didn’t get up until 8:00 this morning! Slept like a baby. Glad you are able to do some quilting. Painting would probably do me in!


  2. Yep.. painting is doing me in but it has to be done! You just can’t depend on teens to do things , they have lives too! Not to mention I’m a little tired of the whining!


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