Did you miss me?

she finally got a pillow pet! It is the little things!

I sure missed y’all!~  It looks like I completely blew the blog a day 2011. But at that point it was my mind or my blog.  Dad transferred to another rehab in Tennessee.. Mom’s heart is broken.. not to mention we have her doctors appointments with the cardiologist, stress tests and monitors going on this week. She asked a good question. With all that is going on won’t that skew the results of all these tests? Who knows… And at the same time we had birthday parties for #1 son (28) and DD (16).

I’m still trying to get some kind of routine back. Yes, I picked out the quilting design and started quilting the wedding quilt. Hearts, tons of hearts surround everything. I have to start a memory quilt for a friend too. She sent pictures for it two weeks ago. I should have already completed it! I love making memory quilts! I’m looking forward to making the blue quilt for my niece too. It’s been a cathartic experience  having quilts to work on and plan.

I just got Quilt Skippers’ blog update. You have to see it! Daisies! I love daisies! I can hardly wait to try my hand at them! She always makes everything look easy .. and ya know it probably won’t be as hard now that she made the tutorial! THANKS!

Finding  joy sprinkled throughout my day..


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One response to “Did you miss me?

  1. jennyklyon

    Thank you for the compliment! Daisies really are an easy fill and I think it’s pretty versatile too. And yes, I did miss you yesterday! I hope all goes well with your parents-this is such a difficult time, and all that while you’re celebrating birthdays. Stand strong!


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