Quilt On!!

Guess what is finally on the table??

Yep, you guessed!! I got the backing finished and finally got it on the quilt table! I know, right! Actually I’m so relieved to get some sewing time I’m almost giddy! Even my DH came in on hearing Vern purring!

Another rough day. I wonder why people think if they speak louder that they can convince you to think their way? It becomes very frustrating to them and annoying to me.
After a few hours of quilt therapy I may be closer to normal again! (okay, I’ll never be normal .. )
BUCKETS of joy!


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8 responses to “Quilt On!!

  1. “You Know You’ve Had Too Much Coffee When You Can Thread Your Sewing Machine While It’s Still Running”


  2. Pink of perfection.
    SEW beautiful!


  3. jennyklyon

    So glad you finally got to quilt-life is better!


  4. Newbie quitler here.
    I can see from your photo that this would be a really good way to manage all of the fabric in my next quilt when I’ve got it ready for quilting. I even have some empty fabric roll inners to roll it roll on to, but where do I sit when I’m working the sewing machine?


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