Swim Meet Night

This is our last year.. it’s been a fun ride. Only five more weeks and we’re done.

Dad is doing a bunch better and is nearly done with rehab.. but he won’t be able to come home. He will be going to a care facility. Mom is getting a bit stronger but we still have a way to go with her. There are still a few doctors appointments and tests for Mom to go through so we can get a plan for her. She is more ornery each day. My friend (second mom) is still in ICU but we’re really hopeful.

I’ve had a few days to rest here and there so I’m not wiped out like  was. Of course there is still major changes to my routines so that’s something I’m going to adapt to. I’m still trying to figure out my quilting schedule and of course there is still home improvements that must be finished. 

All in good time. It’s not as over whelming like it was at the beginning. Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers. I’m still finding my pockets of joy thoughout the day! I hope you’re finding them too!



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One response to “Swim Meet Night

  1. Glad to hear things are a bit better even if leveled off. Change is never easy to grasp-not for me at least. Prayers will continue for all. We are having some more health challenges lately so it’s been a bit rough here, too. I’m not sure if it is cooler there, but we have had some gorgeous days (and nights). Remember small progress is good news and enjoying the time together is a blessing. Take care!


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