A day off…


I took a day off from reality yesterday. Okay y’all, be nice, I do too know what reality is! My brother is on duty running Mom to and from yesterday and today. Yep that means another day off! Okay they aren’t really days off they’ve been catch-up days. Yesterday I spent four hours at the pool with #3 son timing laps and talking lap times. #3 wants to knock 36 seconds off his 500 time. That’s a pretty big deal. After swimming for four hours he still wasn’t that tired! I, on the other hand, was exhausted! That sun is brutal!

Today there’s more laundry to do and some chores to catch up on. I may even get to treat myself with an hour of sewing! But now is not the time to get ahead of myself!

I’ve got a rat visiting the chicken coop so it’s time to lock the dogs in and let the cats out there. Circle of life and all that! The chickens caught one and put it in the bucket for us. I wish I had gotten that on video!

Y’all have a blessed day!




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3 responses to “A day off…

  1. Glad you got some time off! By the way, you have some well-trained chickens.


  2. Mrs Bunny’s Day off…..find it, read it…..my all-time-favorite 🙂


  3. Wish I could loan you a couple of our dogs. Of course, they would terrorize the chickens as well as the rats!


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