One more thing

Heart-shaped cloud

It seems to be another “just one more thing” .. I think I’m numb now. Or maybe not facing reality? Whatever I’m doing it’s working . Now my second mother is in another hospital ICU with CHF and kidney failure.

More than anything I’m grateful to have so many second family members that are this important to me. Adopted family members.. men and women that have stolen my heart (okay, I gave it willingly). My brother’s wife lost her father yesterday they are now on their way to the storm torn area of Connecticut.

My Mom asked me yesterday if I believed in old wives tales. We had three things that had happened and she was relieved that it was over. I didn’t answer her.. I always thought things happened in fives. So I’m sitting here waiting for the next phone call. Isn’t that silly?

I actually woke up thinking about doing some drywall finishing and maybe the backing for the wedding quilt. We both know that’s not going to happen. But that it was my first thought on waking is kinda scary. Reality sank in quickly. I hope to get some kind of schedule set soon but for now I’m going with the flow and looking forward to drywall and quilting!



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3 responses to “One more thing

  1. jennyklyon

    You’ve got a lot of life happening in a short period. Thinking about “normal life” stuff gets us through tough days. There’s gonna be joy in there somewhere!


  2. Just caught up with your blog from Aug. 22. Sorry to hear about your Step-dad. You’ve been going through a lot lately and my heart goes out to you. I know what your going through and glad your have such a positive spirit and faith to get you through. My prayers are here for you and you Mom too. My Dad is still fighting his infection, it seems to come and go, not really over yet. Had a week of not eating much, and weak. I have to just Praise God though the storms.


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