Swimming.. records broken!

Were havin' fun now!!!

 #3 son did not get to swim the 500, which to me was a let down. But coach wanted him in the relays so… then they broke the school record for the relay! It was set in 1984 and they finally beat it!

#3 cheering on his team mates

 Our schedule is full but not too full to spend the evening watching swimmers. It was an adventure with Mom but she lasted the whole meet!

#3 off the block

 See! His feet aren’t together! How’s that for critical ? Actually this is a pretty good off the block. His times were impressive in that he would not swim all summer. Maybe that’s why coach wouldn’t let him swim the 500 tonight?

Still no quilting but I did get to visit Dad today! He loves Rehab and is getting stronger everyday!  It is so awesome to visit him! I’m doing a happy dance

Mom is getting rest and eating (under duress) but still has a way to go. She has all her medications so I hope to see improvement soon!

Thanks everyone for the continued prayers! Pockets of Joy were found everywhere today! Hope your joy was as easy to find!


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