Another day another disappointment..


Another twelve-hour day. I am just exhausted by the medical community. It matters not what you think is the best treatment plan for your loved one. It only matters what the doctors want to do. What is convenient to them.

Nurses and nurses aides are under paid and over worked.  I have not met one who did not truly care about the patient in this experience. My spirit is buoyed by these people!

On the other hand my father has been sent to one of the leading rehab inpatient treatment centers that do not have services for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. He was transferred against our wishes at 9 pm at night. We followed by car and when we got there we were expected to stay to watch him, we were told by the hospital that transferred him that we could only visit one hour a day. When we got there they told us he would have to push a button for help, they checked on patients every two hours.

Wait for it.. the transfer stated that there was no hip surgery he was transferred for strengthening. The staples are still in his hip. Well, the staples he hasn’t already pulled out are still there and yes, he pulled the drainage tube out too!

We don’t live in an area that only has one rehab facility. They are everywhere! I mean come on! We live in Florida! The one the doctors insisted on is the one that did not have services … Sorry I am on a rant. I’m frustrated and saddened that this has happened.. I’m sitting here waiting for the phone to ring.

Thank you all for the prayers.. I am sure they are the only reason we are still putting one foot in front of the other.




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7 responses to “Another day another disappointment..

  1. Chris Wells

    If you have a Power of Attorney over his health care you can move him. Find a faucility that will treat him with the care he needs. Dementia is a hard disease to deal with and I feel for you. Good Luck. Chris


  2. My prayers follow you that you “will not grow weary” and peace for your Step Father and your Mom.


  3. I so feel for you because you can see when your loved one is in pain, confused, and sometimes there is little you can do at that moment (and I know exactly what you have gone through in this situation). I have had similar experiences and could write a book with so many things that should not have happened. We all make mistakes, but over and over? I have seen many ‘caregivers’ who did not care-were only there to receive a check. They give the people who really care a bad name.

    I’ve spent a good portion of my life being a caregiver for my family-mom, grandmother, etc. I feel for you and will pray harder. I pray for your father-in-law. May he find peace from pain and confusion and I pray for strength for you, your mom, sister, and family. Please take care!


    • It is frustrating.. we are fortunate that we found some treasures in the nurses and aides.. he is settled in and though we are not completely at ease.. he is watched like a hawk there now that they are aware and is fast becoming a favorite patient. He is trying very hard so he can “go home’…


  4. It is mind-boggling to me that the health community doesn’t understand the need of an Alzheimer’s patient. My mother was sent home from the hospital after bladder surgery with a catheter in. I tried to explain to the discharge nurse that this was not a good idea, but they have their orders too.
    My prayers go up for you and your father.


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