See what I had to do to make it fit in here?

In my spare time I sold my commercial embroidery machine! I am so close to owning my Duetta I can hardly stand it!  Aren’t you excited for me? No, I don’t really need it. I want it! So I’ve saved up for a year now and taadaa!

My Step-Dad had his first day of physical therapy today after having his hip pinned. We’re hopeful he won’t have to have the entire ball replaced. His dementia has worsened due to the meds and the trauma so it has been a difficult time. Thank you all for the prayers and support. Mom is having a hard time but is still holding out hope.

I’m going to push to move my quilting machine into the apartment over the garage. It would give me so much more room to sew and when it’s time to quilt it will be easier to load them and quilt them. Seriously, I won’t move into the apartment! I’ll keep my sewing machines here in the quilt room and that would be a “studio“. YEAH! That’s it! The family doesn’t think they will never see me again.




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2 responses to “OH YEAH!

  1. jennyklyon

    You need that space for your quilting! And a real studio-I’m so jealous. My prayers follow your step Dad.


    • I know, right? I NEED it! I actually think I may get away with it! It has a kitchen and full bath.. I could nap there too.. coffee pot, fridge with water and ice in the door.. maybe I should put a sewing machine up there just in case…


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