Just when you think it’s safe to get something done!

I was on my third load of laundry.. had the backing to the wedding quilt almost big enough for the table and then … the phone rang! Yesterday was the first day of school so we were up at 5:30am.

she tried to keep a bored expression but failed!

Actually the phone rang off the hook all day! But I got the call that my step father had fallen and broke his hip. SO I rushed to the hospital and talked surgery, rehab with the Doctor then talked to my Mom and step sister..  I got back in time to see the kids , #3 son started his online class and I got dinner on the table.

I was back at the hospital by 7:30am  today did some errands for Mom.. waiting to see if  surgery would be today. Found out late this afternoon it’s tomorrow! WHOOHOO! I did get Mom to eat something. So that was a huge feat!
Meanwhile back in the quilt room.. the wedding quilt is calling to me! I’d love to say I’ll have it on the table tomorrow but it seems like it’s going to be a few more days. The shower needs to be caulked and drywall is still waiting to be finished. DH did get the pieces inside the stall area finished. SO there’s still a list of projects on my plate but I promise I’ll get to them!
Finding joy in the small tasks I’ve been able to get done!

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One response to “Just when you think it’s safe to get something done!

  1. So sorry to hear about your step-father. Prayers… Hope everything will be ok! I love the photo. Reminds me of my two. Have photos of some of their first days-miss those days!


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